Why your Technorati Authority is Falling down !! Errrrr!!!!



I was quite worried for a few days as My Technorati rank was & is decreasing due to decreasing Authority. Many of you like me must be thinking about this, & YES! his a question of concern for everyone who Blog to earn money as Technorati Rank Matters a lot.


Finally I found the reason why this is happening. We all know technorati authority is the number of Blogs linking to your Blog. More the authority more the Technorati rank of your Blog.


The Technorati counts the number of Blogs in last 6 Months linking to your blog. It is clear that as the links become older than 6 Months, they are neglected & not counted in your Authority. Finally your Authority drops down & the same happens to your Technorati Rank.


This keeps the database of Blogs linking to yours fresh & helps reduce load on Technorati too!.


You can learn : How to Increase Technorati Rank / Authority , Click Here!


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Compact & Feature full Vehicle Tracking Key from Land Air Sea Inc.


June 21 2008


Tracking Key Logo3


Vehicle Tracking means to track the location of vehicle having a GPS device present in it. Vehicle Tracking is one of the latest technology in GPS based systems & has given a new direction to the way the GPS tracking units work.


Land Air Sea Inc. is the pioneer in this technology GPS Tracking systems , as they are the first one to introduce this technology to the common man. Moreover they have also made these systems so compact that they can be handled & used easily. With help of their latest Vehicle Tracking Key, now tracking of vehicle is much simple.


GPS Vehicle Tracking Key



Land Air Sea Inc. have been successful in making a small compact GPS Vehicle Tracking System which is the most powerful feature of this great device. The device can scale any vehicle with good efficiency . The device receives signals from the 24 satellites orbiting the earth every second & gives the detailed information of the vehicle.


Vehicle tracking key has an inbuilt computer which helps to track down any vehicle within 2.5 meters range & give a complete information about it. Its computer is so efficient that the vehicle activity is fully synchronized & the updated details are given every second.




What can this Vehicle Tracking key do ?


The device can give following information of the vehicle in which its placed :


  • Distance Traveled by the Vehicle
  • Speed or Velocity at which the vehicle is being driven.
  • The direction of the Vehicle in which its traveling & the orientation of vehicle.


The device is made with superior quality material that is durable for longer use.



Specifications & Features


  • First of All, the device is small & compact.
  • It uses only 2 AAA batteries for its power.
  • The device can easily be placed & hidden in the vehicle which is to be tracked.
  • It has a Strong Magnet which helps you to place the device underneath your car.
  • Vehicle Tracking Key is water resistant can be placed even in any liquid containing container for hiding.
  • Google Maps : You can plug the device as USB into a PC & can find the location using Google Earth or Maps.
  • Smart Inbuilt computer : The internal computer gives exact details about the vehicles & with maximum accuracy.
  • It gives detailed information of Vehicle at every stop.
  • Provided Software : The software helps to check the car driving on screen maps.



Made For Parents !!


As you know now the device can easily be hidden & placed in car. This helps parents keep a check on the way their Child drives the car & also gives them details of where he/she goes. Its a must have for parents whose Children are new to driving.


Today this device is being used by many people including Common Man, Police, Army & many more. This device is tested perfectly & fully by professionals to ensure accuracy & efficiency.




GPS Vehicle Tracking Device helped Police solved even a Murder Case :


George Ford was arrested in the case of Murder of 12 year old Girl with help of GPS Vehicle Tracking Key. When the Police came to know that George has a GPS in his car, they bought a Tracking key & used it to determine the location of his car. Finally he got arrested when the Police got his cars location.


Here's the video Presentation of this Great Device:



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Tracking & Moderating Comments in Blogger blogs




Tracking Comments


If you are new to Blogging then you must be keen to see some comments on your Blog. The comments on main Page can traced easily & but If you are concerned about the comments on older posts which are no longer being shown on main page of your Blog. Here's how you can trace the comments on Blogger Blog : -


  • Login to your Blogger Account.
  • On Dashboard screen, Click on Settings link of your Blog.
  • Now click on Comments Tab.


  • Scroll Down to Comment Notification Email setting & add your Email address.


  • Save Settings.


Now you will be notified via Mail whenever someone leaves a comment on your Blog. You can also add up to 10 Email addresses where notifications can be sent.



Comment Moderation


It means editing the comments left by people on your Blog before showing them on the site. This helps reduce Spam & abusive comments easily. You can set on the Comment Moderation setting by following these steps :


  • Under the Same Comments Tab as above.


  • Scroll down to ' Enable comment moderation? ' setting.
  • Choose ' Yes'.


  • You can also add up your E-mail Id to get notifications when Anonymous Users leave comments.


After you choose Yes, a link will appear on your dashboard whenever there are comments to review.


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GUD the Great Print / PDF Magazine


June 16,2008

dreadbob blogspot dreadbob dreadbob blogspot com


GUD also stands for Greatest Uncommon Denominator Magazine. Its an American Literary Magazine which is published by GUD Publishing, Inc that came into existence by the combined effort of Mike Coombes, Sal Coraccio, Kaolin Fire, and Sue Miller.


As of today the present Editors include the following people :


  • Kaolin Fire, Issue 0; Spring 2007
  • Sue Miller, Issue 1; Autumn 2007
  • Sal Coraccio, Issue 2; Spring 2008
  • Debbie Moorhouse, Issue 3; Autumn 2008
  • Julia de Caradeuc Bernd, Issue 4; Spring 2009


The magazine contains Fiction, Information, Poetry ,literary & Art. The Magazine also features great Authors & Artists from all over the world. The GUD Magazine is published twice in a year which contains 200 quality pages of Art & Writing.


The GUD PDF Magazine is an online PDF version of the Magazine its downloadable & can be bought & accessed easily anywhere. The GUD PDF Magazine will also have the 200 pages content & will be just like the real hand book version. The GUD Magazine is also published in 5.5" x 8.5" journal version which can also be bought from leading bookstores.


The previous issues of the GUD PDF Magazine were successful & were liked by he people throughout the world. The issues were


  • Spring 2007 which was the 1st issue
  • Autumn 2007
  • Spring 2008
  • Autumn 2008
  • The coming one! Spring 2009


The GUD publications are now accepting articles for this new issue that will be released soon. You too can give your article for Publications on GUD PDF Magazine & can get yourself on the magazine too!. Just take care that your work is genuine enough to be accepted for publishing.



Here's what their Issue 1 Spring 2007 contain :


Issue 1 comes to life with Darby Larson's "Electroencephalography" where an experiment in robot-building goes terribly awry. And if you've ever woken up with an unexpected physical deformity—say, an arrow in your heart—you'll truly enjoy the next story.

There's also a smattering of flash fiction and psychedelia; a straight-out story where things aren't what they seem, poetry that takes you from the perverse to the sublime, some magic realism, science fiction, and a few letters to another species thrown in for good measure. We haven't forgotten those of you with a literary bent.

In addition, the artwork in this issue is particularly strong, with oil paintings, watercolors, photography, and photo illustrations complementing the words with which they are paired.



You can look for more issues click here!



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Beautful City of London offering Garages for Rent!


June 15,2008


London is the capital of England, the country of British Empire. London the royal city is known for its history & the beautiful weather. The city is one of the buisness, financial & cultural centres of the world. The living standard is high in this city, as many big brands are settled in this part of the world.


If you are interested in owing a piece of this beautiful city then I have found some cool offers for you people, which are available for rent. You can check them at Garages in London .


The Parklet.com is offering these great deals to cop with problems like


  • Stealing of Cars
  • Rush in the car Parks even in Early Morning.
  • Less security in the Car Parks & and many more.


But Parklet.com used a simple idea to tackle them, they just started giving extra Security for small extra income, this brought a lot of offers to them which made them unique . Today they are offering great prices for the Parks & which are worth it. If we look at their service the price can easily be neglected off.


Now they give a full & easily readable description of their offers, & all these at very attractive price. This an really experienced firm & with a good customer base. They have a positive customer feedback which is strengthening them with each new day. At present they are largest agent for garages & parking spaces.


They are also helping people sell or buy parking spaces & providing easy solutions at a very attractive prices.


For new offers! you can visit Garages in London . Big Grin

This Blog costs only $149,620, Wanna Buy?



How much money is your blog worth?


Hi guys I recently checked how much my blog cost at MyBlogValue.com , & it came out to be $149,620 only , So wanna buy it! Devil .


MyBlogValue.com is web site which claculates your Blogs Value based on the 19 questions. Just answer those quesitons & you will know how much your Blog's worth it.So check out how much your Blog costs & sell it if you can!Big Grin

How to get maximum diggs! to your posts




Digg.com is a web site which helps you make your posts popular & give your post opinion of public. The web site has changed the way the people used to read the articles & has allowed them to give their views about in a most simple that is Digging the post. If your post is interesting then your post would definitely get digged! by many, if not then no Diggs!!.


Many people has asked me about increase the number of dggs on their posts, so I have finally come up with some tips, hope they help you get maximum of Digg.com.



  • Latest Updates : Try writing about the latest news. Its a fact that Latest News get more viewers & hence the posts will automatically get more diggs! & will become popular.


  • Unique Content : Always write the posts yourself, that is don't copy the content from other blogs & hence your blog will get more unique & will be liked by more people.


  • Add Videos : You can add videos with your posts, which allow people to read , as well as watch the thhings related your posts.


  • Add Images : Embed beautiful images which can explain the idea in your every post. Now on the Digg.com whenever you Digg any story, you can add images which are inside the post. This attract a lot of readers, which give you a good number of diggs!


  • Using BlogCatalog.com : There are many communities on BlogCatalog.com which gives you Digg Exchange, you just have to digg their posts & they will automatically digg yours back too!


  • Make Friends : You can make friends on Digg.com & many other social bookmarking sites & then these friends can be asked about digging your posts & then you do the same too! .


  • Blogging about Wordpress : As you have noticed in my earlier posts about i have told people how  Wordpress affects your Technorati, Alexa & similarly you can get too many diggs for your post mentioning about the new Wordpress Theme or plugins. Wordpress is a popular blogging platform & i would say about 65-70% bloggers are using it today!. So, any post which provide people any new wordpress stuff become popular among people easily.




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OpenOffice.org 2.4 an alternative to Microsoft Office that's free!!




From the heading itself you must have understood about what I am gonna talk today. The Software is called OpenOffice.org & I think if you cant afford the expensive MS Office suite then this is what you are searching for. Its a Free to use office suite which can complete all your requirement & of course its a license free software.


The suite is a great software not only because its free but also the documents, presentations & worksheets made by it are easily compatible with all other office suites as the file format is recognized by them easily. With this suite you can also save the files in MS office formats like .doc, .xls & .ppt.


Contents of Open Office Suite :


You will be surprised to know that the Open Office offers all the tools which can completely replace Microsoft Word, Excel & Powerpoint. With addition to this it also offers two more applications, Draw & Base.



  • Word : Open office Word is just the MS Word, in first look you will be surprised to see that even the interface is just like the MS Word. It offers all the tools like Formatting, Tables, & everything MS Office Word Offers.

word writer


  • Calc : This is similar to MS Excel in which you can use formulae & make worksheets easily.

excel calc


  • Impress : Its the Open Office Powerpoint with which you can make stylish presentations with animations & other effects.

powerpoint impress 


  • Draw : With this, you can express your ideas with Tree format using arrows & even in 3D.



  • Base : Open Office Base is the MS Office Access, which offers you all the tools you need to create databases & more.




Although Open Office suite doesn't provide all those tools which MS office gives to its users, but if you need a Free of cost alternative for your non professional work then this is the Best.



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LandAirSea GPS Tracking Systems helps track Anything Anywhere Accurately!




What's GPS ?


GPS is Global Positioning System, which is widely used these days in many vehicles & many mobile devices. Its mainly used for tracking location of the vehicles on roads & let them find their paths. This technology is not only used for tracking but also used for measuring velocity & direction.


Today, many companies are providing their GPS systems, but it is to be noted that most of them lacks accuracy due to inefficiency of computers in them.


But there's one company which has just changed the way the whole system works & has given these devices an accuracy & smartness with its new cutting edge technology.


Its called the LandAirSea Systems, Inc. So lets see how they have changed the way the whole GPS system working.



LandAirSea GPS Tracking Systems :


It all started in 1994 when LandAirSea Systems, Inc was founded. Since then the company is the leading manufacturers of GPS Tracking devices throughout the world. All the equipments made by the LandAirSea Systems, Inc are perfectly engineered & are passed though various tests before selling in the market, in this way the probability of errors in these devices is just zero. The GPS Tracking is used by many people as well as by the Governments all over the world & this technology is today coming in many mobile devices too!.




GPS Tracking System 3100 - EXT :




This GPS unit is so compact that it can be placed anywhere in the vehicle. It comes with an external antenna for tracking location of vehicle & it also has power jack which can be used for tracking the vehicle at longer distances. The device internal computer is very efficient & gives the most accurate details about the vehicles.



Uses of GPS Tracking Unit :


  • Vehicle Tracking : It give exact location , velocity & direction of vehicles like trucks,cars, airplanes, etc.


  • Mapping tracks : These devices help people find their destination via inbuilt maps


  • Asset Tracking : Just like vehicle tracing the GPS Tracking systems also helps in tracking assets.


  • Teen Tracking : Do you know the most cause of Teen deaths are car accidents ? But with this LandAirSea GPS Tracking Unit the parents are able to keep a check on the driving habits of their children & hence it can help in preventing future accidents. The benefit of this technology is this that the parents don't even have to be with their children to look after them.



Here are the Features of LandAirSea GPS Tracking Units which makes it the best product in the Industry today :


  • They are compatible with Google Maps which is one of the best features in this device, you just need to get Google Maps & it easily help you reach your destination. Moreover you can view the maps even in 3D way which simplifies the task to the most.


  • Interface of these devices is very user friendly & easy to use. Everybody can program the device easily without any problem.


  • GPS tracking Key is small sized device that determines the GPS location of the device within 2.5 meters and records detailed travel activities every second. All this is done with the help of inbuilt Computer with maximum accuracy. It receives 24 hr signals from the Department of Defense satellites.




  • The tracking key is easy to hide & can trace anyone anywhere.


Tracking Key has even helped the police in fighting crime. One such story came to light on 14 November 2007 when the Murderer of 12 year old was traced with this tracking key by the police . The criminal was having GPS based tracking key in his car which the police came to know from his wife & then the police bought the Tracking Key from Land Air Sea Systems which helped to trace the criminal & put him behind the bars. Read More....



Here's the video how this GPS Tracking device helped the Police:



So this is the way how the LandAirSea Systems, Inc has changed the way GPS Tracking devices were used & has given a new direction to this technology.



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Win cool Market Leverage Stuff Bag at JohnChow.com




Hurry up!! guys MarketLeaverage.com has started up a Contest in association with JohnChow.com. The web site Is offering a Bag which contains very hot stuff only for the readers of Johnchow.com.



Here's what the bag contains :


The bag will have a Market Leverage T Shirt, golf shirt, jacket and cap . But that's not the end, It will also be carrying an


  • Ipod Nano engraved your Blog Name & Market Leverage.
  • Flip video camera
  • $200 Market Leverage Amex Rewards card
  • USB drive that is also a pen


And the total value of bag is $500 .


Here's the screen shot of delicious items of the Bag:




Entering the Contest :-


There are 2 ways to do this:


  • 1st Way :- Just comment on the JohnChow.com post about this contest. This will give One Entry point.
  • 2nd Way :- You can blog about the post, just like the way i have done. In the post you should have Link to JohnChow.com  & MarketLeverage.com . After you have posted, comment back on the JohnChow.com about your Post & this will finally give you 5 Entry points.


The contest is taking place worldwide, so no matter to which country you belong, just rush to the JohnChow.com & grab that Damn Hot!! bag.


The contest is open till 20 June & winner will be announced on June 21. So All the Best my friends. Wave


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Apple Iphone 3G launched its Cheaper & better



Steve Jobs launched iPhone 3G on June 9 2008 , a great device which will bring a revolution in mobile industry Party. It will be available in about 22 countries from 11 July, & will be available in 70 countries including India, Argentina, Singapore & many more later this year.


With addition to the last Iphones features, the iphone 2.0 version contain many more New! features. The Apple has also worked on the phones look, now its more thinner, metal buttons, white/black Plastic cover at the back.





Here are the specifications of this Hot device:


  • New Iphone 2.0 software.
  • 3G - which offers fast downloads anytime & anywhere, its said to be about 3.6 times faster than the EDGE.
  • Maps with GPS helps you find your locations, easily by combining the power of WiFi.
  • The gorgeous 3.5 inch Multi Touch Screen adds 5 Star to its beauty.
  • Will be available in 8GB & 16 GB models & the device blends the feature of all time famous Ipod.
  • New Iphone will be available in 2 Colors White & Black.
  • New Text Suggestion feature when typing SMS makes the task easy.
  • Fast browsing with inbuilt Safari browser.
  • YouTube feature allows to watch videos on YouTube directly & flawlessly.
  • Now you can plug any headphone with the iphone in the new jack.


I felt something strange with coming new apple device that is the Microsoft Exchange Active Sync, its a bit strange that Apple is using a feature of its RIVAL & COMPETITOR Microsoft.





Now the most Exciting thing about this Awesome device is its Price.


The 8 GB will be available for a straight price of $199.Applause

And 16 GB will be availabe for $299.Applause



Now the most Exciting thing about this Awesome device is its Price.


The 8 GB will be available for a straight price of $199

And 16 GB will be available for $299.


So,until then Wait for 11 July to come! Wave



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Best ways to increase Technorati Authority / Rank


What the heaven is the Technorati Authority ?


It is the number of total blogs linking to your blog. The higher the number, more is the Technorati authority of the blog.


Technorati Authority is what affects the Technorati rank of the blog. If one has a high Technorati authority, obviously its rank will be more. It is to be noted that web sites like TextLinkAds.com & ReviewMe.com select the web sites on the basis of Technorati Rank, if a blog is well established on Tecnorati, the sponsorship of blog increases greatly.



So how to increase Technorati Authority :


  • The 1st way : I would suggest you is to get listed in the Blog Roll of any blog registered with Technorati. You can do so by often commenting on ones blog & gaining some attention of the  blog owner. This also makes the owner visits your blog. Then he may include your blog in the blog roll or you may also ask him to ass yours.


  • Spending some time on Technorati : Technorati tracks updated & new blogs on Internet. You can find many blogs related to your blog & hence can check them out & repeat the same as in 1st point discussed above. I am asking you to do this specially, because your technorati rank will only be affected if you are listed on others blog which is already thereon Technorati.com


  • Faving on Technorati : Faving others blog is a very good way to gain attention of the blog owners. Just surf & fave the technorati blogs related to your content & it would help you get some Skin!!.


  • StumbleUpon : Well guys, the concept of stumbling is unclear to most of people, even I am one of them, but  after all I have some conclusion about this & I think it'll help you. As we all know how much popular StumbleUpon is, & when ever we stumble any site then others who also come to review the site via stumbling often have a look at the stumbler & visit his site. Whenever you update your site then stumbleupon is a good tool to announce your sites updated content. This attract visitors to your site & make your site popular.


  • Commenting : Try to comment on most of the blogs & comment in a routine that is whenever there is an update on the Blog, try be the first one to comment. And another thing to keep in mind is that always put your Blog link in the  space for entering Web URL.


  • Social Bookmarking : You can add Technorati bookmarking icon to your blog posts. This helps you spread your blog posts, as the visitors add the posts to technorati favorites & this creates a chain of readers.


  • Post labels : Always label your posts with the exact keywords which explain your blog post. You can also add technorati tags to your blog & tell users what are the main keywords & what your blog is all about.


  • Wordpress : Prefer writing about Wordpress, for example write about Wordpress themes & plugins, try writing about the latest.


  • Ping your Blog : Always ping your blog to technorati whenever its updated. You can use web sites like Pingoat.com & PingOmatic.com





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How to create PDF files using Photoshop CS3




With many new features Adobe Photoshop is promising to be the all in one tool for everyday users. Instead of image editing for web & family photos , working with 3D models & much more the Photoshop has also a GREAT feature of Creating even PDF files!!.


Although PDF files are not created using text files as we do in the Adobe professional, with Photoshop you can only create the files using images.  As we all know the how much the PDF files are stable & are being used today. This can be of very good use if you want to make your own presentations for your business needs.




Creating PDF files using the Adobe Photoshop CS3 is quite easy, just have a look at the following steps :


  • Open Photoshop.
  • Click on 'File', then click on 'Automate'.


                           { Click to Enlarge }


  • Now under automate click on 'PDF presentation'.
  • Then click on 'Browse'


                           { Click to Enlarge }


  • Now choose images you want to include in your presentation.
  • Then choose Presentation under Output options in the 'Save As' option.
  • You can choose the background as 'White,Black or Gray'.
  • After that you can choose some options like including filename, title, author, copyright, etc.
  • You can also set Presentation options which include Adding transition effects & looping.
  • Then Click on save.
  • You will also offered options for setting the compatibility of PDF with adobe readers different versions.




In this way your images will be exported into PDF file which serve as a great format for showing up your presentations.



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Making money with Clickbooth Affliiate Network



June 10, 2008


Clickbooth.com is a leading company on the Internet today. They are one of the best CPA affiliate networks, with vast experience in today's market & is providing publishers the best solutions & help them in monetizing their Web sites. Clickbooth is dealing with industry's big advertisers like 'RealArcade', 'America Online' & publishers like ' YAHOO Inc.' 'Google'.


Clickbooth offers publishers CPA advertising on their web sites which in turn helps in generating revenue for the publishers.


What is CPA in Clickbooth Affiliate Network ?


CPA stands for Cost per Action. The publisher gets paid when the visitor click on the ads & then do a specific action which includes Buying, Downloading software, Signing Up with sites, etc. Now you must be having the idea of how advertiser pays publisher in the pricing model.



Benefit of CPA in Clickbooth Affiliate Network 


Now a publisher don't have to depend on the number of clicks which sometimes lead or not leads to any conversions, moreover publisher gets paid just according to the visitors action. This helps to generate good amount of revenue from your web sites.




What are benefits of Clickbooth Affiliate Network to Publishers :


  • It helps in increasing the revenue generated from their web sites with great looking ads .
  • The code which Clickbooth gives to its publishers is very easy to apply on the web site.
  • As already told the Clickbooth Ads provide highest payouts to its publishers.
  • With the use of Advanced tracking technology the Clickbooth pays for every genuine click.
  • You can choose higher payout ads from the huge inventory of Clickbooth.
  • Clickbooth has also started their Twitter page which helps their users stay updated whenever there's any change.






Signing up with the Clickbooth Affiliate Network:


  • To sign up you just have to fill up the form like the one given below :



  • After completing the form then click on Continue & in the next step,you will be asked to give your phone number, after submitting you phone number you will receive a call which will tell you a pin code. Then fill the code & you will see a new form on which you will give information regarding your web site.



  • When you finish filling the form, your web site will be sent for review by the administrators & you will receive call about the status of your web site between or after 72hrs of submission web site .





What's different in Clickbooth Affiliate Network which   makes it separate from others : 


  • Clickbooth is the only company that has a very high payouts for its publishers which helps publishers a lot.
  • Clickbooth provides top brands for advertising on your web sites.
  • The blending of Clickbooth ads with the content gives easy search engine access & content synchronization .
  • There are new updates in the clickbooth industry which brings branded advertisers to your web site.
  • You get access to new offers daily & you choose them accordingly.
  • The clickbooth team is available 24/7 which helps users anytime & anywhere.
  • It is the only comany which gives full fledge international service to its users.
  • You can opt for payment options accordingly.


Clickbooth Affiliate Network is an all rounder solution for publishers all over the world, if you own a web site then you must sign up.





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