Compact & Feature full Vehicle Tracking Key from Land Air Sea Inc.

June 21 2008


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Vehicle Tracking means to track the location of vehicle having a GPS device present in it. Vehicle Tracking is one of the latest technology in GPS based systems & has given a new direction to the way the GPS tracking units work.


Land Air Sea Inc. is the pioneer in this technology GPS Tracking systems , as they are the first one to introduce this technology to the common man. Moreover they have also made these systems so compact that they can be handled & used easily. With help of their latest Vehicle Tracking Key, now tracking of vehicle is much simple.


GPS Vehicle Tracking Key



Land Air Sea Inc. have been successful in making a small compact GPS Vehicle Tracking System which is the most powerful feature of this great device. The device can scale any vehicle with good efficiency . The device receives signals from the 24 satellites orbiting the earth every second & gives the detailed information of the vehicle.


Vehicle tracking key has an inbuilt computer which helps to track down any vehicle within 2.5 meters range & give a complete information about it. Its computer is so efficient that the vehicle activity is fully synchronized & the updated details are given every second.




What can this Vehicle Tracking key do ?


The device can give following information of the vehicle in which its placed :


  • Distance Traveled by the Vehicle
  • Speed or Velocity at which the vehicle is being driven.
  • The direction of the Vehicle in which its traveling & the orientation of vehicle.


The device is made with superior quality material that is durable for longer use.



Specifications & Features


  • First of All, the device is small & compact.
  • It uses only 2 AAA batteries for its power.
  • The device can easily be placed & hidden in the vehicle which is to be tracked.
  • It has a Strong Magnet which helps you to place the device underneath your car.
  • Vehicle Tracking Key is water resistant can be placed even in any liquid containing container for hiding.
  • Google Maps : You can plug the device as USB into a PC & can find the location using Google Earth or Maps.
  • Smart Inbuilt computer : The internal computer gives exact details about the vehicles & with maximum accuracy.
  • It gives detailed information of Vehicle at every stop.
  • Provided Software : The software helps to check the car driving on screen maps.



Made For Parents !!


As you know now the device can easily be hidden & placed in car. This helps parents keep a check on the way their Child drives the car & also gives them details of where he/she goes. Its a must have for parents whose Children are new to driving.


Today this device is being used by many people including Common Man, Police, Army & many more. This device is tested perfectly & fully by professionals to ensure accuracy & efficiency.




GPS Vehicle Tracking Device helped Police solved even a Murder Case :


George Ford was arrested in the case of Murder of 12 year old Girl with help of GPS Vehicle Tracking Key. When the Police came to know that George has a GPS in his car, they bought a Tracking key & used it to determine the location of his car. Finally he got arrested when the Police got his cars location.


Here's the video Presentation of this Great Device:



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