How to recover data from a crashed hard drive, Getting data back from Abyss!


Head Stuck! on platter


Just a few days ago my laptop hard drive crashed and  I already knew all my data is gone for ever. My laptop was making a ticking noise from last few months and I had a small feeling that this was going to happen with my laptop and finally it did happen!! Sad smile. So then started the quest to find a way to recover my data from that crashed hard drive. I searched a lot on the web and found that it was possible and it can be done by simply enclosing the drive into an external hard drive case which makes hard drive to be able to connect via USB port to a PC. But this was not all because my had drive was making a strange noise when it was there in the laptop, so I was sure that its going to be a mechanical fault.


Operating System not found !

Operating System Not Found! error during boot time


As I was browsing and searching on web for a solution I came across an interesting page Lazy (Men's) Electronics: Recovering Data from Hard Drive Failure . This person was also having the same problem as I went through his page, I got an idea of that it might be the problem with my drive too. When I opened my drive I found that fault was due to head stuck on the platter of hard disk which was not moving even when the platter was rotating. This was why the hard drive was making such a strange noise and my laptop started showing an error message ‘Operating system not found’ at boot time and my laptop was dead. It was not able to boot and load Windows. So I also checked the bios to verify if my drive was being detected and what I found was no drive detected which made me worried as all my data was gone.



Buying a new Hard drive to replace the faulty drive:


Seagate ST9250827AS

Failed Seagate Momentus ST9250827AS 250GB 5400.4 RPM

Seagate ST9500420AS

My new Seagate Momentus ST9500420AS 500GB 7200.4 RPM


To bring my laptop back to life, I researched over web and found that the same Seagate Momentus 250GB 5400.4 RPM drive was costly at around $85 and slower than Seagate Momentus ST9500420AS 500GB 7200.4 RPM which was faster, so I ordered the 500GB one  for my laptop for around $72 on . I also made sure that the new drive is compatible with my laptop motherboard which is an Intel PM45 Mobile chipset and found that it supports higher capacity drives. The drive came within 5 days and YES! it was compatible with my laptop and got installed successfully.


Now the only thing I wanted was my data. So I ordered a USB enclosure from EBay just for $4.00 and got it shipped from Hong Kong. It took around 20 Days to ship to Canada and I waited patiently for it.


SATA USB 2.0 Enclusure for 2.5" Hard Drives

USB 2.0 Sata Enclosure for Laptop 2.5” Hard drives.


Data Recovery:


Now after it came I started the operation Data Rescue :


First I loaded the drive into the USB 2.0 2.5" SATA HARD DISK DRIVE Enclosure and then plugged it into my laptop for recovery but again the same sound came and now there was only last option left for me that was to open the drive and to see if the head was stuck on the platter. Then I opened the drive which had some 7 small screws with a T7 Screwdriver .


Removing Screws

Opening screws of the hard drive


After I opened the drive my guess was right the head was stuck on the platter and I just carefully moved it into its resting location.


Head Stuck on Platter & its original position

Image showing Head stuck on platter and its resting location


With my fingers crossed, I put it back into the USB enclosure and son of a GUN! there’s the data!, my laptop detected the drives. So I started copying the data as soon as possible because I knew its going to be dead soon as the drive was making ticking sounds. So I waked up until 2:00 AM to recover all of my data and then I decided to turn off the computer after I was done. I was able to copy about 90-95% data from my drive, some of the data got corrupted. But luckily all my important files were intact and were copied safely to my new drive.


Next morning when I waked up and again tried to connect the drive to get some songs and other stuff, the drive finally gave up.


My Seagate Momentus ST9250827AS Head fail


So how much did I Save! $$


I found that if I wanted to get my data recovered from a professional company it was going to cost me more than $1000! and the price of new drive is not included.


However I got the recovery done for just $4 which is the cost my USB enclosure from Ebay Smile.


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Buy Attic accessories for your Home at best prices


May 27,2011



Attic is a space or a room found inside the roof of house, the space inside the triangular roof of a house. They are of two types, Unfinished Attic : some people use them to store goods and other stuff . They are also used as living rooms and are called Finished attics. So they need to be well maintained inside your house.


The unfinished attics inside a house can be transformed to a good bedroom and can be renovated to use the space effectively.


Where to buy?


If you are trying to find a place to buy attic accessories for your house then is a great site to help you find the best things at best prices like attic stair cover which covers and seals the stairway opening, to sealing off attic and blocking the transfer of air and moisture which helps in protection of your stuff.


It has been found that majority of heat loss occurs from attic due to bad insulation and covering which further leads to increase in electricity consumption as more heat is required to heat up the house. So a good insulation is must for attic.


At you can not only easily find attic stair cover but also all related accessories like attic tents, attic stair insulator cover, spray foam sealant, insulating foam sealant, foam sealants and all of them at great prices to help you insulate the attic better.


Attic Accessories

Buy Attic accessories @


Attic tent covers are specially engineered, patented insulator designed to create an air transfer barrier between attic and living areas.You can easily find the products you want to buy for attic at buy as they are listed in categories which helps in easy navigation. You can buy attic stair cover and attic tents, all the insulation stuff and get them delivered at your house.



They also do a free UPS shipping of products if the order is above $50. So shop easily from the comfort of your home..


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How to choose from best web hosting services for your website


May 25,2011



Are you thinking to launch a new website or blog then you might be confused about how to choose the best web hosting service provider. This is indeed a big decision because you should always go for the best because the web hosting service should be good enough to host and manage your website well in good times as well as they should have good disaster plan in case of any incidents.


So how to choose a web hosting service?


Reading reviews is a good way to judge a service provider. is a great place to help you choose a good service. This website has many reviews like hostmonster review which is running at first place and you can get Unlimited Disk Space, Unlimited Bandwidth, Unlimited Domains,FREE Domain Name! and all this just for $3.95/Mo. This is one of the hottest deals at the website right now. is a great place to check and compare different web hosting services. The website provides Ranking, features and their price straight all on one page which gives you a clear idea of what to choose.


They also have detailed reviews of various services like Hostmonster, Bluehost, iPage, and many more. For example: Alreadyhosting’s hostmonster review is one such review which gives you a detailed explanation and review of how is the service, the facts about the service, their tutorials, the pros and cons of the service and much more. All this lets you have a great understanding of what the service will give you.



A view of hostmonster review at


The website also gives you coupon codes which can be used to get discounts when you sign up.


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Hear 3D sounds on your ordinary earphones!


Check this amazing websites where all you have to do is just sit back keep the volume full and hear the sounds which go all in 3 dimensions around you..


The Matchsticks:




This is really amazing.. The good thing is that you can hear them on you ordinary earphones or headphones. You can hear the person walking all around you and shaking the matchsticks.


Amazing Barber Shop:




This one is also a real 3D immersion sound called the virtual haircut. It feels like you are getting a real haircut. WOW!



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Beautify the aura around you with Scentsy candles


May 19,2011



Have you ever heard of Wick less candles! YES the candles which don’t have wicks. It sounds strange but yes there are candles without wicks which also spread a fragrance all around which makes an aura inside your house that is so beautiful. These special candles are produced by Scentsy, a company started by two stay-at-home moms who began selling decorative warmers designed to melt scented wax with the heat of a light bulb instead of a traditional wick and flame.


How these Candles Work ?


How Scentsy Candles works?


Scentsy sells different kinds of great and beautiful candles to suit different moods like one of their Campus collections offer various scented candles of different Universities like Florida State University and many more, these candles are the perfect way to show your team spirit—and they make great gifts for the alum or sports fan on your shopping list!


Campus Collection


If you are searching for some catchy things to beautify your living room then you can check out the Art, Imperial and Classic Collections, etc which have some decorative candles to chose from. There are many other collections also like Island Collection, Miracle Collection, Patriot Collection and more delightful range of candles.



Design your Candle with these themes and many more..


You can also use their DIY packs which let you design and modify the look of these candles. They can be bought for around $10.




Start your own Business! with Scentsy!




Scentsy is spreading a lot in Europe and other continents and is being loved everywhere. You can also be the part of this family by just selling their products directly to customer. If you join today and become a consultant then you also get a free website for three full months (and just $10 (USD) per month after that), a free online Workstation to organize and run your business, free credit card processing, no inventory to manage, no credit card fees, and free shipping on orders over $150! (Discounted shipping rates are offered for deliveries outside the contiguous U.S.)


You can join Scentsy now for just $99 (USD), plus tax and shipping charges, Scentsy will mail you a Starter Kit that includes everything you need to run your Scentsy business—and it all fits conveniently in one shopping bag.


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Google restores my Page Rank again!


imageToday I just checked the page rank of my blog and guess what? My blog again got a page rank. This time its 3. From the last couple of months it was stuck at zero and before that it was 4. But anyhow Google again considered my Blog and gave back its PR.


Page Rank is a good metric which is given according to the quality of content your blog have. I know it’s not the same as 4 it used to be when I started my blog but believe me it feels good if your website has a page rank. And I am so proud that my Blog has again got a Page Rank. Wohoooo!!…


You should also check your blog Page Rank again and see if it’s changed because google seems to have updated the Page Ranks…


I will post back some more useful stuff regarding Page Rank metric for blogs soon, so stay tuned…


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Buy great mobile accessories and improve your device’s health


May 16,2010


Buy Mobile Accessories

If you are searching for all in one place to get any type of mobile accessories for your handset then the wait is over, I just found a great online store which can help you in getting any of the mobile accessories whether it’s a new Screen, some cool new skins or cover to protect your mobile phone and much more.At MyTrendyPhone you can get mobile accessories at a catchy price than other places on internet which help you save some bucks and your satisfaction will be guaranteed.


The website is called Mytrendyphone, there are a lot of goodies for you mobile device in the online store:



  • All mobile phone brands like Apple, Nokia, Samsung, HTC…



  • ipodsPortable Media players like  Apple iPods(any generation), Sony Walkman..


  • Tablet PCs like Apple iPads


  •  Laptop Accessories for Sony Vaio, HP, Apple Macbook..


  • Accessories for Cameras and Video Cameras like Sony HandyCams, Cannon…


  •  Console Accessories fory our XBOX360, PS3 and more…



Finding the right product for your device is really easy on this MyTrendyPhone :



For example if you want to buy Skins for your Apple Iphone 4 then just go to :


Mobile accessories and then type the name of your Device or choose from the list. After this all the accessories available for the device are shown up and you just select and buy!


Payments: The website accepts different payment methods for the customers like VISA, Mastercards, Paypal,etc.


If you have any queries than the Customer support helps you in solving them easily. The customer support is available from 9:00AM to 9:00 PM. Right now they are also offering a 7% discount for new customers, so go join today! before it ends and buy great and cool mobile accessories for your devices.

Microsoft to acquire Skype for $8.5 Billion Dollars ..


Microsoft buys Skype

Microsoft is going to acquire Skype for $8.5 billion dollars !. Skype which is the world’s leading software enabling users to have voice chat and video calls over internet. This deal means a lot to the future of Microsoft as it will help them to compete with other leading voice chat applications from tech giants like Google, Apple & Yahoo.


Both companies aim to bring new breakthrough in day to day applications. With this deal its guaranteed that we will be able to see Skype as windows component in future Windows version, Windows Mobile, XBOX 360, Microsoft Office integrations and much more. We can also expect to see names like MicroSkype as a windows mobile version of Skype Open-mouthed smile. Lets see what new both of them will bring in and will it be good enough to compete with Google and others..


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