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Hey Bloggers! I have found a cool Search Engine paying for Search! Seems Crazy..but it's True.. The Site is called Slashmysearch.com I have collected following information about the Search Engine

Use SlashMySearch.com as your primary search engine and earn money!
All pages and features on SlashMySearch.com count towards your activity.

>3 levels of commissions! Refer other people and earn even more money.

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If you have enough time than please Watch this Video:

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Everything You Need To Know About ! SPAM !


I wanted to start with this topic because i myself was considered Spam by One person on Mybloglog.com & i was frightened from this word & was curious to know & tell you about this.

Before I talk about SPAM, I would like to mention about the consequence of not knowing what is SPAM.

The Consequence

If you do not know what is "spamming" and if you are, by any way, involved in online business, you will hamper the growth of your business or will damage your reputation and shutdown your business one day.

Even if you are not involved in a business online, but have some business dealing with someone through internet (as a customer or a subscriber), without the knowledge of what is spam, you could put them in trouble (unknowingly)!

Well, I know you are surprised to know this! Finally It can even lead to Heavy Fines
or Penalties & you would have no choice but to Pay for your unknown crime. Many People have already been Fined & their accounts had been closed due to Spam.

Well i am not one of Them.. :)

What is SPAM?

In simple terms I would define it as "providing irrelavant (commercial) information to someone (or a group of people) when he/she has not requested you for such information".

If you are one of them Plz leave it Today as Now you know it's Consequences.

So, I hope you found it Interesting &
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Read More About Spam At
My Friends Blog http://cotojo.wordpress.com

Setting Up GOOGLE ANALYTICS ( Video)

Traffic Tracking is must for Every Blog & i Think non other than
Google Analytics is Best For BLOGGERS.
Learn How to Add Google Analytics From This Video...

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Adding GOOGLE Adsense To your Blog....

Hi Friends, This Video is for Beginners generally but if you haven't added ADsense then this is a good way to learn it.Adding Google Adsense to Your site is quite easy,Just Watch This Video & Discover Earning Potential of your Site :)

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Automating The Blogger Posts..

Hi Friends this is 2nd Video Linked by Me...
You Can Learn How To Automate Blog Posts From this Gr8 video.

Another Video linked by Me :D

Happy Money Making :)


Getting Your Blog Post on GOOGLE's 1st Page!!...

Hi Friends,Check this Video out! It Will Help You a lot in the field Of Blogging.
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Entering Mybloglog.com ........


Hi! Guys you All must be Posting in your Blogs for a long time but not getting any traffic to your Blog & no Comments… I also got frustrated in the same way. Finally , I have found the way to get traffic on my blog & my traffic is increasing day by day. The Success lies behind the Mybloglog.com , YES! It’s True…You must take this Site into consideration . This Site helps to overcome the mighty Problem of Traffic! …


I will show you how to get traffic from this Site in 7 Easy Ways

1. At first log on to http://www.mybloglog.com/ & Register..

2. Then fill in the following fields:

3. Now login into your account , create your profile & build your community( Name of your community should be attractive).

4. Select good pictures for your Avatar & a good screenshot of your Site.

5. Now after building your community,
You must leave messages (like Praising their site & praising them) on other
peoples communities & must join them .

6. Do this regularly .

7. You will see the traffic growth in a week or even in few days! if you are doing it Sincerely.

So follow these steps , increase your sites traffic & make more $ Money $ From Your Site....

Revealing the Google Adwords.....

What is behind the ‘GOOGLE Adwords’?

Adwords is keyword based advertising programstarted by Google . In this program the advertiser chooses certain keywords which are related to his/her Website. When a Google
user searches that word the Website of the Advertiser is shown on the page at Right Side Column or the top of the Page. In Adwords we generally bid for the keywords. We set the
cost per click (CPC) of the Keywords , the higher we pay more often our ad is displayed in Results & more the traffic we get to our Website…

How to Start?

This Program offers 2 editions :--
1. Starter Edition.
2. Standard Edition.
1. Starter Edition is for those advertisers who have single service or product. This Edition is generally for Beginners. The sign up process for the Starter Edition is easy & simple.
Here you fix your monthly Budget & pay Google in your local currency or
in US Dollars.

2. Standard Edition includes all the features as provided in Starter Edition & in addition to
this it includes a number of tools. Here ads can be given in Multiple Regions or In multiple Languages whereas in Starter you can give your ad only in one Region or Language.
The most god advantage of the Standard edition is that you can set the pricing of your
Keyword & hence your money is spent in proper & strategic way.

Finally I Would like to say is that the Google Adwords is the Prefect Solution to increase the selling of your Product or For increasing traffic to your website hence making it Popular
& EARNING Money…
By : Bob Matharoo

Money Making Was not so Easy Before..........


Hi Guys, I have found a cool Website help people to earn a lot of commission & Money through the placing of links . The Website is Money Cosmos (http://www.moneycosmos.com/ ) . The Website provides a Genuine Money Making program which is FREE to join . Trust Me, this website is one of very few websites which is Providing Genuine Money Making Program . The Website have had already paid $38286.00 or Rs. 1,721,071.99 INR in commissions! & the count is on Increase…

$$ How to start earning through this Website? $$

Registration is very simple just visit http://www.moneycosmos.com/register.php then fill in your details then your Password will be sent on your E-mail ID. Now login to your account on this Website. Then You Will be given many links which you can place on your website or Blog. When Someone clicks on those links then you will be given certain specified commission. The program also offers Pay Per Click links which can be placed similarly, the only difference is that you will paid a certain amount on specified number of clicks. You can also earn by referring people to this website.

Many people are Earning their living through this Website ,Proof can be seen where the Photo of the people earning is Published……….

So what are you waiting for Just register Today it’s FREE!

Hope you find the information Useful......

By: Bob Matharoo

Taking INSPIRATION............

Hello Friends if you are new to Blogging you must be thinking that how can you make your Blog Popular. At this state you the only thing which helps the people is ‘INSPIRATION’. Taking Inspiraion is sometimes very much helpful to people as they learn how to Achieve their desired goals . Most of you must be thinking that I have written this article to make people inspired by my own Blog but in that sense you are XwrongX .I have found some very good Blog which can give you very cool ideas & by observing these Blogs you can take a lot of INSPIRATION.

1> http://www.sepiamutiny.com/sepia/
2> http://www.labnol.blogspot.com
3> http://www.queenofsky.journalspace.com
4> http://www.gauravsabnis.blogspot.com
5> http://www.internetbazaar.blogspot.com/
6> http://www.moneymakerinfo.blogspot.com

After going through these Blogs you can learn How they do it? & the way the lay stress on the topics. Remember INSPIRATION is the key to Success.

Happy Money Making $$$

Bob Matharoo

$$$$ Joining TEXT LINK ADS! Earn BIG CASH $$$$

There was once a time when very few people had their own Blog Or Website but these days about 60% of Internet users have their own Blog or Website & this %age is rising day by day. This change has brought a revolution in the Internet Market. Then after this many Sites were started to help the Bloggers convert their Habit of Blogging to a Profession which allowed them to Earn heavy MONEY with their Blogs. A similar site came into existance called Text Link Ads which is helping millions of people to earn money through their Website or Blog.

How 'Text link Ads' Works?

This site provides a publisher program for Bloggers in which they have to place Ads of Text Link Ads. When an other person sees & clicks the AD then the
the owner of Website or Blog earns $25 if the person further joins their program.

Signing IN?
Click http://www.text-link-ads.com/?ref=68358 & then following page will be opened & then click on Create Publishers account . Then give your setting & you are ready to go!!



Hey Guys after surfing & reading so many books I have finally PUBLISHED the list of some Important websites only for Bloggers.... You must check them out :-

1. http://www.weblogs.about.com/
2. http://www.useit.com/alertbox/weblogs.html
3. http://www.useit.com/papers/webwriting/
4. http://www.davidco.com/store/catalog/
5. http://www.photoshopsupport.com/tutorials/jennifer/blog-templates.html
6. http://www.designshack.co.uk/
7. http://www.mandarindesign.com/
8. http://www.ibibo.com/
9. http://www.blogskins.com/
10. http://www.blogger-templates.blogspot.com/
11. http://www.tinyurl.com/y87hg3
12. http://www.tinyurl.com/v993x
13. http://www.blogtemplates.noipo.org/
14. http://www.resources.turtelina.net/index.php?cat=40
15. http://www.blogbuisnesssummit.com/
16. http://www.theblogresource.com/blog
17. http://www.bloggerjobs.biz/
18. http://www.bloggersforhire.com/
19. http://www.blogginghelp.com/
20. http://www.dollars2blog.com/blog
21. http://pagead2.googlesyndication.com/pagead/ads?client=ca-pub-3069416796348361&host=pub-1556223355139109&dt=1175522270859&lmt=1175522097&format=fp_al_lp&output=html&url=http%3A%2F%2Fdreadbob.blogspot.com%2F&cc=100&u_h=768&u_w=1024&u_ah=738&u_aw=1024&u_cd=32&u_tz=330&u_nplug=15&u_nmime=201&kw_type=radlink&prev_fmts=468x15_0ads_al&rt=ChBGEQtgAAOYrApuASRstEMlEghCbG9nIEFEUxoIpWzbqMQ4dm8oAQ&hl=en&kw0=Blog+ADS&kw1=Monetise+Blog&kw2=Money+Blog&kw3=Blog+Adsense&okw=Blog+ADS

Hope You Will Find Them Useful..........

Bob Matharoo...

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