An easy way to check how secure is your Password !


How strong is your Password ?


Are you worried if someone might hack your password which you are using for your Facebook, GMAIL,etc.


Here’s a cool website called which can help you to see how strong your password is. So all you have to do is just type in your password and it tells you instantly how much time would it take to hack your password. The longer the password more Strong it is.


So how strong is your password?


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Idea swap gives you funny and sometimes great ideas!


Idea Swap


I just came upon a great funny website called ideaswap which can help you discover what next you can do, if you are idle or have nothing to do in your life lol.. Just click on swap again button and it will give some crazy ideas which you can consider to do or not to do Open-mouthed smile. Sometimes it shows some real things which you never thought of and you can think of trying.


The ideas shown randomly are added by people like you and me. So go ahead if you have some real weird things to share.


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Where to get cheap ticket deals of a favorite upcoming game or show


Am I going to get tickets ! for the show! ?

Suppose you have been eagerly waiting for your favorite game or a concert show, then you would definitely not like have some nasty surprises like Tickets sold out! or high ticket prices!. But what if it happens then its for sure that you are definitely going to feel bad.


But don’t worry guys, I just found a cool website which is definitely going to save your day, because you will be able to book the ticket right  from the comfort of your home. So it means that no more standing in queues and waiting to get the tickets and that too just before the show!. I know that nobody would like to stand, wait and take risk for your lovely day. is a great place to buy cheap tickets..Its called, it’s a great place to find some cheap and reasonable tickets for an upcoming game, shows, concerts and more of your favorite singer and band. They have tickets of almost all kind of shows and games, like NFL,NHL, NBA, Boxing,etc. Here are tickets of some of the games & shows you can find on this website :


  • Avril Lavigne Tickets : Just click and get the ticket deals for the famous singer Avril Lavigne’s latest upcoming shows in Kamloops, Kelowna, Edmonton and various other Canadian Cities.





  • Barry Manilow Tickets : Get tickets for the Barry Manilow’s shows at Las Vegas, Windsor and many other venues.



Finding cheap ticket deals

It is pretty easy to find great deals on this website, for example if you are looking for a game of NHL then just go to NHL games and there you’ll find the team you are looking for, just click on it and then they will show you the games of that team and the ticket prices. When you buy ticket they also show you the layout of rows and seats on the map which is also useful. So go and grab the tickets for cheap prices before they are sold out!.


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Why Apple iPhone 5 may have the same design as iPhone 4


iphone 5 ?The rumors of next generation of iPhone after the iPhone 4 have been surfacing all over the internet for quite a long time now. Now there’s news that a new device which may be iPhone 5 was spotted and it might have screen like HTC’s EVO mobile device and the design is also different and not the same as iPhone 4 or iPhone 3GS. But all these are just rumors and nothing is confirmed from a credible source.


So, why Apple iPhone 5 might have same look as iPhone 4, the answer lies inside the video of the apple’s new iOS 5 which is to be launched in September 2011 soon. As everybody is saying that apple will launch iOS 5 loaded into their next generation iPhone which may be iPhone 5.


Well if you have watched the video of iOS 5 then you must have seen that they are saying that you will be able to click photos with the volume buttons which I guess indicates that if Apple will be showing up their new iPhone 5 with iOS 5 then we can expect the design to be same as only then iPhone would be able click photos that way.


Click photos with Volume buttons on iPhone

With iOS 5 you can click photos from you iPhone 4 via volume buttons


However this is just my small point of view which I think indicates that the next iPhone will have same design as iPhone 4, but just like everyone else I am also expecting it to be different and with some new cool features because that’s going to be my next phone! cheers..


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Learn and practice HTML in real-time on web


Real-time HTML editor


HTML is one of the first steps towards learning some basic computing. Back in old school days it was the first thing which I learnt and I guess many of you too!. But at that time all we were taught was just the introduction and some other basic things. Today HTML is quite popular and is the foundation of Internet today.


Practice makes you perfect, and if you want to learn HTML or any other Computer Programming language then you need a good tool to practice. I found an amazing tool yesterday while I was going through some random sites, it’s a real-time HTML editor.


Go to and you’ll see that the screen is split to 2 parts, editor and preview screen. The amazing thing about this web app is that you can instantly view the HTML you code in real-time on the preview screen below the editor. While you type the HTML code in the editor, the preview of the code is shown instantly on the screen below.


Though you cannot use it to create new webpages but it’s a great tool to preview how  your HTML tags and code works instantly. I have checked it on Mozilla Firefox 5 and I hope it works on almost all other browsers.


So go ahead and learn HTML the easy way.


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