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Real-time HTML editor


HTML is one of the first steps towards learning some basic computing. Back in old school days it was the first thing which I learnt and I guess many of you too!. But at that time all we were taught was just the introduction and some other basic things. Today HTML is quite popular and is the foundation of Internet today.


Practice makes you perfect, and if you want to learn HTML or any other Computer Programming language then you need a good tool to practice. I found an amazing tool yesterday while I was going through some random sites, it’s a real-time HTML editor.


Go to http://htmledit.squarefree.com/ and you’ll see that the screen is split to 2 parts, editor and preview screen. The amazing thing about this web app is that you can instantly view the HTML you code in real-time on the preview screen below the editor. While you type the HTML code in the editor, the preview of the code is shown instantly on the screen below.


Though you cannot use it to create new webpages but it’s a great tool to preview how  your HTML tags and code works instantly. I have checked it on Mozilla Firefox 5 and I hope it works on almost all other browsers.


So go ahead and learn HTML the easy way.


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