How to choose a domain name



These days we are seeing a boost in Internet users all over the world. Now most of the people want to get recognized by their own web sites. Moreover the web sites can also be seen as the future money makers as the blogs have a lot of earning potential inside them if written properly.


If you are also one of those trying to get a new web site for yourself then always try to consider these following tips when choosing a domain name for your web site or blog :


  • My most important recommendation is that always try to get a dot com ( .com ) domain. Its a fact that we remember the web site name with dot com easily rather than those or , .org & others . It also helps in preventing confusion in web site names. Domains like dot co dot uk ,us,in ,etc are suitable if you have a web site representing your Business. Moreover dot org is suitable for those web site related with organizations or institutions.


  • Short Domain name : Big web site addresses are difficult to remember & to type too as there are mistakes often. But short names are easy to share & remember.


  • Do not try to get a domain name which is an intimating address of some other web site like to or something else like that . Hey I suggested a new name .. he he:) . Try to get your own unique name.


  • If you are having a domain name in your mind then you can check for its availability at web sites like Check Domain & get it registered at the earliest.


  • Try to use short form of the name which is in your mind & then try to apply it as domain. It results into better & shorter  domain name.


So hurry !! up Cowboy Internet Revolution is taking place register your domain name before some one other grabs it.


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