Awesome! Blogger Templates / Themes ( Part 1)


Here are few Cool templates i found on Net, check them out.....
Bneoneon :- Download

Minyx :- Download

Integral :- Download

Emire :- Download

Blogy Aqua :- Download

Stay Tuned for More!

Bob Matharoo

How to stop Low Disk Space Warning?


OS: Windows XP

When anyone of the disks space is below the minimum level the warning starts appearing which is very irritating, to get rid of this warning follow the easy steps below :-

  • Open registry Editor(regedit.exe) in Run Under start menu.
  • Navigate to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Policies\Explorer
  • Create a new value & assign a value i.e. 00 00 00 01
  • Then close the Editor
  • Restart your PC

Eureka! you finally got rid of the warning!!

Note: Have a backup or System Restore Point Before applying this Registry Change...

Bob Matharoo

Graffiti Drawing Wildstyle


Hey Graffiti fans , here's a video to help you learn Graffiti drawing.....

Bob Matharoo

Graffiti Art (pArt -3)


I hope you will like this Too!!

Bob Matharoo..

Graffiti Art ( pArt -2)


Thanks for the response guys, Here's another one!!

My Graffiti Artwork!


Hope u like my artwork!! ma waiting for ya comments......

I will post more in the future...

Bob Matharoo

Change the Download folder for ActiveX Files...


Operating System: Windows XP

By default ActiveX Files are stored at C:\WINDOWS\Downloaded Program Files .You can change the location by following these steps....

  • Open registry Editor(regedit.exe) in Run Under start menu.
  • Navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Internet Setting
  • Change the Location under the value ActiveXCache to the folder you want..
  • Then just restart the IE to make the changes take effect...

Note: Have a backup or System Restore Point Before applying this Registry Change...

Bob Matharoo

How to install DirectX 9.0c on XP SP2....


Are you not able to play hi fi games on Windows XP SP2 because you have DirectX 9.0b & you can't upgrade to DirectX 9.0c.This problem is being faced by many people who are using Windows Xp SP2. Now i will tell you how to uninstall DirectX 9.0b & install DirectX 9.0c. To do so you just need to install a tiny software.

Download the software here : Click here to start

Just uninstall the DirectX 9.0b & then install Direct 9.0c to play your favourite 3D games & to run your loved applications..

It's quite easy to install..

Bob Matharoo

Apple iPhone a Closer look!


One of the most popular gadget & the buzzword of this year! the Apple iPhone's closer look ...What's more this video had been viewed about 6,366,382 times, take a look at this feature rich Phone.....

thanks to CBS at for this video..

Bob Matharoo

Change default Download directory of Internet Explorer..


If you want your Internet Explorer downloads to be saved to the location you wish, then use this tweak to setup a default download directory for Internet Explorer.

  • Open Registry Editor (regedit.exe).
  • Navigate to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer
  • Then change the location under the string value Download Directory to the location you want your downloads to be stored by default.
  • Then close the registry editor & Reboot your PC

Note: Create a System Restore Point or have Backup before applying this Tweak..

Bob Matharoo

Photoshop Tutorial: 'Transform Path' by: johnnyvtc

Learn how to tranform a Path with Adobe Photoshop..

Thanks to johnnyvtc on for this good Video..

Bob Matharoo

How to get fast & easy access to Blocked Sites ?


I am writing this post after experiencing, that how it feels when you can't access some of your favourite sites. Yesterday after i posted my last post, i was not able to see that how my website looks or was there any mistake in the article but when i typed my website address in browser , my blog was not loading up, then i tried to visit any other blogspot blog like Digital Inspiration, then the same thing was happening with this Blog, then i finally, came to know that my ISP has blocked all the blogs hosted on So i thought something must be done to access the websites & now i came up with a solution to access these sites...

To access the blocked sites is very easy. There are some sites called Proxy Sites...these sites hides your IP & shows off there IP in front of yours & the world sees your IP under the shadow of Proxy Sites...& you can get desired access to any site blocked in your area,office & any other place.

Following are some of Proxy Sites i found....

Just put the site which you want in the tab on these sites & start surfing....The thing which i came across surfing these sites is that the Google Adsense ads don't work...well it doesn't matter against the Big plus point of these Sites....So Enjoy..

My Blog's Screenshot Opened with Proxy Site..

Bob Matharoo

Windows Live Writer 2008 ! Blogging Made Easy..


Software Giant Microsoft launched it's newer version of it's Windows Live Writer. It's software used for posting on your Blogs. This a very useful software for a Blogger as it saves a lot of Time...some of it's features are below :-

  • It supports many Blogging platforms like Blogger,TypePad,LiveJournal,WordPress, & many more.
  • Attatch photos,videos,maps,& anything else easily in your posts.
  • Preview your posts before posting that how will they look like on your Blog.
  • Live Writer understands your Blog Template & allows you to publish according to the layout.

According to me it's a worth try, if you got habit of it ,then i am sure you are not gonna leave it.

System Requirements:

  • OS : Windows XP SP2 or Windows Vista
  • Ram: Minimum 128MB
  • Microsoft IE 6 SP1 or later
  • Microsoft Net Framework 1.1 or later

Version: v12.0.1277.0816

Download it Now!!

Enjoy Blogging!!

Bob Matharoo

Download YouTube Videos Easily!

Well I know this topic seems to be old as most of everyday users of internet know it..this post is dedicated to all those who are still floundering on the net to know about it... now simply focusing on the topic, YouTube has millions of users & most of the users want their favourite videos download from the site..there are many programs which are able to do this but before you search & install the software , i wanna tell you that there are many sites which providing the free feature of downloading the videos direct from & many more sites.. I reviewed one such site which has a simple user interface & it's easy to download Videos from it.. is a site where you can easily do it.
  • Just copy the link of your favourite video from
  • Then the site will generate a download link for the video.
  • Download the video by placing the link in any Download Manager & or just simply click the link.

Bob Matharoo..

Track your Hard Disk Performance..

The best software for monitoring & maintaining your hard disk performance is HD Tune. It's a Freeware which is extremely useful in tracking the performance of hard disk in extreme conditions. It has the quite a useful features which make it a must have. With this software you can also track the performance of Memory cards, USB sticks, iPods, etc.

Benchmark with HD Tune:-

Get Hard disk information

Know about your Hardisk Health

Scan for Errors


Download it Now!

System Requirements
Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows XP 64-bit, Windows 2003 Server

(must be logged on as an administrator)- 10 MB of free disk space- a SCSI, SATA or IDE hard disk

Version: 2.54

Download link Below

Don't forget to check out EFDInspector.

Bob Matharoo

Build your own WAP site!


WAP Sites are those site which are specially made to load on Mobile Phones. Having your own wap site sounds good!. The sites look very small when loaded in IE or any other browser for example :- check out the . is a site where you can create your own tiny wap site easily in minutes. To make it first of all you need to create your account on the site, then you can get your own site under the format . After that you have to tag your site under any section like music site under 'Music & Radio' . To make your site you don't even need to know any language like HTML or XHTML . The site is build under a WAP site maker online which has a very friendly user interface. The site is given small space of about 1.0MB which is enough to hold about 20 small software of mobile phones & other stuff.

The site also offer a lot of downloads like java games & software. Build your own site at . Enjoy!!

Bob Matharoo

Ping to 50 Search Engines for !Free! at same time!


What is Ping ?
Ping means to send a message to the Search Engines & Blog Directories that your Blog has updated. Bloggers should ping whenever there blog is updated, this helps to maintain a constant traffic to a Blog..

Best Pinging Engine
The best pinging engine on the web at present is Pingoat. The best thing about this Engine is that you can ping to 50 Engines at same time..this help you to make your blog popular & increase traffic.

Few search engines to which your Blog is pinged are listed below:

" " and many more.....

Here's the screen shot of the site.. ( click to enlarge)

Don't ping so often as the goat needs some rest after every Ping! ....

Bob Matharoo

How to create Glass Orbs with Photoshop ?


Learn how to create Glass Orbs with Adobe Photoshop easily with this video tutorial which i found on . You can use these orbs on your site & make your site beautiful with different coloured orbs.

Thanks to the Person who shared this video on Web..Enjoy

Bob Matharoo

Optimize your RAM easily!

Ram Optimizer is an application which frees RAM by sending some of it's contents to the paging file & defrag the memory for improving the performance of your system.

BySoft FreeRAM 4.0 is a such kind of software which will help you to free the RAM.When the amount of Free RAM is very low then use this program & see how it frees & improve your system Speed.The best part of this gr8 software is that it's a Freeware.

Version: 4.0 Freeware!
Size: just 495 KB !
OS: 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP

Download from the link below :

Bob Matharoo

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