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Do you know today most of my blogs traffic come from 3 main sites Entrecard, MyBloglog & BlogCatalog. BlogCatalog contributes about 35 to 45 per cent of my blogs traffic. When I joined it I found it very similar to MyBlogLog but as I went inside the deep world of BlogCatalog I found that it has many more great things which can help your blog make a boom in the Blogosphere !.


Lets have a look at the features of BlogCatalog & see if it's worth joining for you ? So here is what you can do at BlogCatalog :


  • It's a social networking site like MyBlogLog & you can make good friends there.


  • Groups : Just like MyBlogLog's communities you can also create your own groups. I too have a one it's called the Blogger Unit Big Grin.



  • There are many groups on BlogCatalog which can help your blog get a lot of exposure
      • If you are on Digg then you can ask for Diggs to your posts .
      • You can get your blog faved on technorati & make a large fan base.
      • You can exchange blog links with others.
      • Get your posts Stumbled on StumbleUpon.
      • Entrecard users can get drops on Entrecard groups.


    • When ever you ask for anything there at BlogCatalog always reciprocate too! so that others always give you what you need.


  • When you register your blog at BlogCatalog directory your blog starts getting ranked based on the star rating . Mine is ranked at 64.4 out of 100 at present .


  • BlogCatalog has a Google Page Rank 7 , so getting your blog listed there is worth it.


If you want success in your blogging then I think BlogCatalog should be one of the first ingredient of your Blogging career. If you spend even half an hour daily on BlogCatalog then I think you really can get good number of unique visitors to your Blog.


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Which Credit Card to choose for your Business


August 16 2008



extracc_1 Everybody today wants to extend their business & make more & more money. Its a must requirement in today's world to have a Credit Card in your wallet so that you can purchase anything anywhere anytime. It helps you keep pace with the fast moving world . Now you don't have to carry any cash in your pocket as the small & slim Credit Card has took over that job.


If you are running a Business no matter it's on a large scale or small, a Credit Card can help you a lot in your field.


You should know that if you are Blogger & trying to earn money through it then this is a Business too! . We all bloggers know how many opportunities there are today for us which require Credit Card access so that Money may get transfer into our account when we complete an offer. In this way Credit Cards have also fasten the way we received money.


If you are confused in choosing a Credit Card for your Business then you must visit Extra Credit Cards. Their main aim is to help you learn how to choose a perfect Credit Card for your business. The site shows great deals to its customers to help them choose the one which is the BEST.


They offer great offers for Credit Card which give their users extra bonuses including Travel rewards & many other benefits. You can find extensive range of Credit Card deals at Extra Credit Cards. You can also get low APR Credit Cards which saves you from high interest rates.


At Extra Credit you can also contact them personally if you are not getting the right offers for yourself.


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How to make money through Forex Currency Trading


August 15, 2008


Everyday there are new ways invented to earn money . Forex is a great way of earning money which is getting popular globally & making news daily.



What's Forex ?


Forex is the marketplace where people sell or buy different currencies with one aim that is to make Profit.



Do you know ?


Today Forex Market is the largest trading market in the whole world with over 1.8 million amount of currency daily traded.


Lets take a simple example to help you understand how currency trading help you generate profit -


A person buys $100 US Dollars for Indian Rs.4400 @ Rs. 44 per dollar  & the second day the rate of Dollar changes to Rs.45 per US dollar & therefore he's able to make Rs.100 or US $2.22 by selling US $100 after the price change.


Fab Forex can help you a lot if you want to understand the secrets of forex trading. The simple articles at Fab Forex can really help you make money from this business.


Everyday there are changes in the rates of currencies in comparison with our native currency. Therefore this market is very delicate or random & anything can happen at any time. As from the above example you saw how even a small change can earn you big.


If you want to go into this business then one most important thing which you have to be aware is the market updates. If you are able to understand & can keep track of the latest fluctuations of the market then you will be able to generate a good amount of income through this business.


Today this trading has totally gone online , one just has to sit in front of computer with Internet connection & should have access to his bank account online. And the person is set to go. You can exchange at low rates, can simply trade the money with a single click & get profits. It has made the trading fast & easy.


In the end I would like to say that a risk factor is always there in this business but if you have knowledge of what's going on in the market then your success is for sure !!


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VLC player the Ultimate Multimedia Solution


videolan-logoIf you are sick of installing different players on your PC for playing different formats then you must try VLC Player. It's an all in one solution for playing your multimedia files without any errors or so.



Few days ago I brought some Music Videos in.Avi format from my friends & then I tried to play them using Winamp & Windows Media player , but sadly both of them were just playing the sounds but not the video, so I decided to install VLC player & it easily played all of my videos without any hassle.


The best advantage of this player is that you can play variety of Formats on the same player. Some of that common formats played by VLC include .Mov ( Quicktime ), .Avi, OGG, MP2, MP3, MP4, DivX , Wmv & the list goes on.... The player is also customizable with different skins if you don't like the default skin.


This player is a must download for anyone who wants to play videos..


The latest version at present is VLC 0.8.6 .. Check it out !!


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How to protect your Blog Content


imagesEvery blogger has his or her own writing style which he/she wants never to be copied by others. But many out there exploit other peoples content by simply copying the whole matter from others blogs to theirs. This not only affect the SEO of a blog but also the reputation of blog is affected as the copier write their own name in the end & show them as their very own creation.


Although the problem is not solved completely at present but you can follow these tips & can prevent those suckers! Devil from stealing your content :


Copyscape : Copyscape is a web site where you can get badges for your blog that gives warnings to others & can help prevent copying of your blog. You can also search for copies of your web pages at Copyscape & can sue the copier. Moreover the banners can really help you

Page copy protected against web site content infringement by Copyscape

defend your site a lot & make the people prevent & think before copying material from your blog. Here's how the banner looks after installing on your site....



MyFreeCopyright : MyFreeCopyright is very much similar to CopyScape. But I would say that this is more real than the CopyScape as you manually create your account , configure your blog by entering the url & then a badge with unique code is given to you for embedding on your blog. I have one at my blogs footer just like this ; Registered & Protected .


Look at the image below which explains the MyFreeCopyright method more clearly :




About Page of your Blog can also help you save content of your blog. You can set rights for your blog & can give a do's & dont's list on your Blog.


No Right click Method: This method involves disabling right click on Web Page. All you have to do is add a small code inside body tags of HTML code of your blog. This prevents users from selecting & copying text & images from your Blog. Read More at


Link Back requirement : You can set a simple requirement in about page or at front page of your blog that " users copying anything from this site must give a link back to their site in the end of their copied material " . This line can help you gain popularity & you can get full benefit if someone copies anything from your site.


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Understanding Ad Channels in Google AdSense


google_smMost of you who are using AdSense & don't know what are those Ad Channels Right !! Ad Channels which you see during the setting up of an ad for your Blog or Web Site. The same question was in my mind when I started using AdSense in June 2007 last year. But I got the answer at that time & started configuring them every time I set up an ad.


Now its time for you to understand the Ad Channels in AdSense which is really a great feature of Google AdSense. First of all you should know that Ad Channels have nothing to do with ads display .


So lets understand them in a simple & a short way..


When ever you setup an ad in AdSense, Google asks you to create an ad channel for the ad. The Ad Channel you create helps you to track the performance of ads which come under the channel.




Performance of ads includes the number of clicks the ads get. Always name the ad according to the size & the location where you are going to place the ad on your blog. For example- I am going to use 468x60 ad on right top of my blog, then I would give the name to the ad like '468x60 Top Right ad' which will help me check them better.


This will give you a better idea of the location of Ads on your site where they get maximum clicked or attention. This can also help you get rid of extra unwanted ads on your blog which are just occupying your precious blog space.


I would reccomend you to first experiment & then choose where to place ads so that you get maximum profit. So by configuring ad channels you can earn big, if you follow it properly.

Featured Entrecard Status... Does it Work? Result is here!!


 featured-dreadbob[4]Hi guysz I am sorry for delay of this post in which I decided to tell you about the result of Entrecard Featured Status item after a week as I bought it.


So here is what I got :-


It helped my blog reach 512ec/day price for a 125x125 ad on Entrecard widget. Though the price is not same at present or may be same if you check but it really helped me cover those 750ec easily which I spent on buying Featured Status.


Moreover it also helped me improve my blog's popularity rating which I think was impossible for me if didn't used Featured Status.


What I Recommend


Featured Status is really worth it.. A must buy item for bloggers at Entrecard!

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