Google’s gets new Avatar with its first playable Doodle to celebrate PAC MAN’s 30th Birthday




Hello people just check out Google's new Doodle. This new doodle has the PAC Man game inside it. It’s Google’s first logo which is a game itself. The I m Feeling Lucky button is replaced by Insert Coin to let two people play the game at same time with keyboard and mouse.




So check out your Google page now!! and if you are gettin’ bored and have nothing to search then start playing now. It’s for 24 hour only … So be quick and move you ass up and start playin’.. :) he he..



Chill and Enjoy…


Thank you GOOGLE!! we love YOU!..



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Apple iPad revealed! Is it really worth it?


Steve Jobs showing the iPad. Finally on January 27 2010, the much hyped Apple tablet which was already named by the people as iSlate, iTablet,etc was launched in San Francisco, USA. It’s named as Apple iPad very similar to ipod, where ‘o’ is replaced with ‘a’. Everybody was eagerly waiting for Steve Jobs Apple CEO to come on stage and announce the magical product with his amazing and beautiful presentation skills. And yes everybody was delighted to see another revolutionary product from Apple. Many websites like Gizmodo were broadcasting the event live and web got flooded with news of Apple iPad. Apple iPad is very different from the Kindle by Amazon as there are many comparisons made between them.


The Apple iPad is going to be available after the end of March.Though this tablet is not a full fledge PC, but its being called as a bridge between Smart phones and laptops which is true. It looks like a stretched and a fatty version of iPhone on high protein diet he he :) lolz. Here are some important facts about the device, you should know about:


 Slim and light weight  iPad onscreen keyboard  


  • First of all a 10 inch glossy screen which is just like the one we see in the iPhone, with superb response and multi touch enable. It has 178 degree viewing angle.
  • 0.5 inches thin and weighs only 1.5 pounds.
  • Apple Ipad will come in two Versions, One with Wifi(will be available worldwide) and the other with Wifi plus 3G(will be available in selected countries only).
  • Flash storage with capacity ranging from 16 GB, 32 GB and 64 GB.
  • 1Ghz A4 processor.
  • Accelerometer, Proximity and Ambient light sensors, Digital Compass, similar to Apple iPhone. iPad running iBook application
  • Apple IPhone OS 3.2
  • Built in Speakers, 3.5mm headphone jack and sim card tray.
  • It will run all the applications which is said to be around 1,40,000 !!.
  • Good Battery time of upto 10 hrs(on web surfing).


What is MISSING ! ?


  • A Camera , how could they miss that????!!
  • The web browser Safari is not Flash enabled yet, you will not be able to view many flash enabled websites.
  • No USB ports.
  • No Multitasking.


Price ranging from US$499 to US$899, is it really worth it?, you decide.


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Why and How to use labels in Blogs


How to on Using Labels in Blog


Labels are great way to sort and mange the posts on your blog. When I started this blog, I was also not aware of what is the use of labels and how to use them.But they are one of the essentials in your every blog post. If you are also not using them then trust me you are missing a big thing in making up your blog.


Why and How to Use Labels ?


As the number of posts grow it is very difficult to show them up on your main blog page because your blog becomes to bulky to be opened up by a browser, so here comes the labels. They allow you to put different posts under different categories with specific words you choose. So whenever a person searches for any keyword on your blog then the posts with the same labels or keywords are showed up in the search results. This lets the viewers surf your blog in a very easy manner. For example the person search for posts related to Apple on your blog then all the posts with label apple are shown in the results.



Using Labels in Blogger blogs:


  • Open up your blogger account on
  •  newMake a new post.



  • Now after you finish writing your post, put the labels in the field “Labels for this post:”
  • Then click onpublish publish post.


Setting Labels in Blogger blogs:

  • After you have logged into your blogger account



  • Go to Page Layout.


Click on Edit.

  • Under Blog Posts click on Edit.


Check the Labels..

  • Make sure that labels is checked so that the labels are visible in your blog posts.


  • Save and exit.



You should also show up the labels in your blog through tag clouds, i have found an amazing flash animated tag could @ you can use it easily and it looks beautiful too!.Always try using main keywords for labels like technology for gadget articles, news for latest news posts and so on. So if you are not using labels then start using them now.


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IE hole was the reason for attacks on GOOGLE !



It was the Internet Explorer hole which helped the hacker to attack on Google and many other companies Microsoft confirmed on Thursday. These recent attacks raised the question if Google will survive in China or not. Now after Microsoft has found the problem they are trying to rectify it as soon as possible to prevent such kind of incidents.


Microsoft told that Internet Explorer 6, 7 and 8 of all their popular operating systems like Windows 7, Vista, XP and Windows Server 2003,2008 are vulnerable to such kind of attacks. It was also found that the attacks were also made on companies like Adobe, McAffe including Google.


The fix to this will be included in the next patch by Microsoft which will be released on February 9.


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Google may shut down in China !


Google Recently Google made it clear that they may shut down their Chinese version soon. According to Google, the reasons behind it are Hacking attacks over Gmail accounts of Chinese human rights activists and the Google itself through some kind of malware. These activists are from US, Europe and China itself. It is also said that similar attacks were made on many other organizations in China. As a safety guideline Google asked its users to not click on suspicious links in their emails.


After considering the scope of attacks which are being made from last one year , Google came to the conclusion that the target of these attacks is to limit the free speech on web. The Search Engine Giant has decided to not to censor the results in coming days which means defying the Government of China. So this may ultimately lead to shutting down of operations of Google from China.


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Google Nexus One a short review


Google Nexus One

Finally the rumors were over, on January 5 2010 Google released their first phone called Nexus One and stepped into the market of mobile phones.

Though the phone is not completely built by Google, we can say Google has assembled the phone with some parts from its own hood. And it is not surprising that the OS running inside it is Android which is also under Google. In my opinion this phone is the true competitor of Apple’s Iphone. This is my first time that I have compared any gadgets, so check them out.


Google Nexus one v/s Apple Iphone


I was just comparing these phones and I found that Google Nexus One is really giving a tough competition to Apple Iphone.





Size and Weight





115.5 mm



62.1 mm



12.3 mm


130 grams

135 grams

Bluetooth 2,1 (EDR & A2DP)












Screen Display

3.7 in

3.5 in

Screen Resolution






Multi Touch










4GB included expandable to 32GB

16GB or 32GB


5.0 MP

3.0 MP

Video Recording

20 fps or more depending upon light

30 fps






$499 (8GB) & $549 (16GB) (under no commitment Pricing from AT&T)


From the above comparison its very clear that Google Nexus One is really a good alternate to iPhone, but can it beat the sales of Apple Iphone, time will tell..


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How to make a Twitter Background and increase followers !


How to make a Twitter Background

Twitter is spreading like fragrance all over the blogosphere these days, and if you are blogging than a twitter account is must for your blog. It help you shout for the updates you do on your blog. And these updates make impact only if your Twitter account has a large number of followers.


How to increase twitter followers ?


Although you can start following multiple people in a day on Twitter but that will not bring those interested followers to your account which are formed naturally. To bring those natural interested followers to your account, one way which I have seen on many successful bloggers accounts is their gorgeous looking Twitter Background.


How to make a custom Twitter Background ?


A twitter background should be like an overview of your website so that a follower can understand what you write about. The custom background can also act as a Business Card showing your personal information.


For a twitter profile i would suggest you to make a background of resolution 1024 x 768 px. In twitter your background overlaps with your profile, if the resolution is decreased.

Here’s how profile overlaps on different resolutions


When viewed in 1024 x 768Viewed in 1024 x 768

  When viewed in 1280x 800 Viewed in 1280 x 800


To tackle this you always have to make sure that your profile looks perfect in 1024 x 768 screen resolution. If the twitter profile looks good in this resolution then it is obvious that it will look perfect in bigger screen resolutions.


Layout Plan of Twitter . Twitter Layout Plan


Make new file with a resolution of 1024 x 768 px and then you should design the background within 150 to 155 pixels from the left edge. This is my approximate value from where you should design it will look perfect when applied on twitter and viewed 1024 x 768 to any resolution.



In this 150 pixels design space, start designing from top left corner. Here  you can show your blog logo, you web address and write a short description about you web site like i did on my background. Always show your URL on the background as it matters the most.


And finally save your image in GIF, JPEG or PNG format and apply to your background.


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How to add Related Posts widget in Blogger blogs


blogger-logo If you are searching for a blog widget which help you display the related post on your post footer then you are on right place. I have found some real cool widgets for Blogger blogs which can be added to blogger blogs with ease. These widgets are of great use as the reader spends more time reading your blog and you get the maximum benefit. They are the best way to make reader explore your blog in easy way.


Some of the best assorted widgets are below, so check them out :



1. Linkwithin Widget :


linkexaple You can go to and get this widget by filling up your Email, Web address , your blogging platform and the number of posts you want to show up. No sign-up is required, just fill up the  details and you will see a new page opened with complete instructions on how to install on your blog.



1.1 In the first step click on install widget.


blogger window

1.2 A blogger window will open then click on add widget.


1.3 That’s it now the widget is added on your blog layout .



1.4 Just move it to the post footer and click on save, now the widget should be visible on your post footer.


2. Blogger Widget :



This widget is from, it will also display the post the same way Linkwithin widget did. It’s based on displaying the posts accrording to the blogger labels that is the posts related to the same labels are displayed only. This widget is added by editing the html code of your blog. To start applying it open up Edit Html of your blogger blog by signing in to the blogger. Click on the Expand widgets template to open the complete template. Now you have to search for some code and then copy and paste the widget code into the template. You can follow the post here . Just like the linkwithin widget you can also set the maximum number of post to be displayed by changing the value in this line of code :


var maxresults=5;


So these were the two widgets with thumbnails, there are also other widgets which display only text links to the related posts but I think they do not have much impact on the reader as the ones with thumbnails is more attractive.

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Twitter profile redesigned !


Before ( The Same old boring profile)-> AFTER !! ( Gorgeous looking NEW profile! )

A very happy new year!! , it’s 1st January 2010 and I was trying to design a good looking twitter page for my blog. Here’s what I have got ! but i will try to improve it more and more. I will also tell you how to redesign your Twitter profile in my future post. So stay tuned !.


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