How to make a Twitter Background and increase followers !

How to make a Twitter Background

Twitter is spreading like fragrance all over the blogosphere these days, and if you are blogging than a twitter account is must for your blog. It help you shout for the updates you do on your blog. And these updates make impact only if your Twitter account has a large number of followers.


How to increase twitter followers ?


Although you can start following multiple people in a day on Twitter but that will not bring those interested followers to your account which are formed naturally. To bring those natural interested followers to your account, one way which I have seen on many successful bloggers accounts is their gorgeous looking Twitter Background.


How to make a custom Twitter Background ?


A twitter background should be like an overview of your website so that a follower can understand what you write about. The custom background can also act as a Business Card showing your personal information.


For a twitter profile i would suggest you to make a background of resolution 1024 x 768 px. In twitter your background overlaps with your profile, if the resolution is decreased.

Here’s how profile overlaps on different resolutions


When viewed in 1024 x 768Viewed in 1024 x 768

  When viewed in 1280x 800 Viewed in 1280 x 800


To tackle this you always have to make sure that your profile looks perfect in 1024 x 768 screen resolution. If the twitter profile looks good in this resolution then it is obvious that it will look perfect in bigger screen resolutions.


Layout Plan of Twitter . Twitter Layout Plan


Make new file with a resolution of 1024 x 768 px and then you should design the background within 150 to 155 pixels from the left edge. This is my approximate value from where you should design it will look perfect when applied on twitter and viewed 1024 x 768 to any resolution.



In this 150 pixels design space, start designing from top left corner. Here  you can show your blog logo, you web address and write a short description about you web site like i did on my background. Always show your URL on the background as it matters the most.


And finally save your image in GIF, JPEG or PNG format and apply to your background.


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Fyzal said...

nice info.. thanks.. but still this moment.. i still have no heart towards twitter.

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jj-momscashblog said...

Hey Bob, Excellent post about Twitter's background, and it being like a business card. I must agree with you there, I've seen some Twitter backgrounds that are just beautiful with a water falls over rocks, a bridge with trees all around it,and it's a make money blog!? This is another chance for us to make an impression on what our blog is about when people look at our Twitter background, it's our brand, it doesn't have to look like our blog's theme but it should give the readers a chance to see what we have to offer. Thanks for a great post. jj

dandan said...

What a great idea im off to do it straight away .. thanks.

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