How to add Related Posts widget in Blogger blogs

blogger-logo If you are searching for a blog widget which help you display the related post on your post footer then you are on right place. I have found some real cool widgets for Blogger blogs which can be added to blogger blogs with ease. These widgets are of great use as the reader spends more time reading your blog and you get the maximum benefit. They are the best way to make reader explore your blog in easy way.


Some of the best assorted widgets are below, so check them out :



1. Linkwithin Widget :


linkexaple You can go to and get this widget by filling up your Email, Web address , your blogging platform and the number of posts you want to show up. No sign-up is required, just fill up the  details and you will see a new page opened with complete instructions on how to install on your blog.



1.1 In the first step click on install widget.


blogger window

1.2 A blogger window will open then click on add widget.


1.3 That’s it now the widget is added on your blog layout .



1.4 Just move it to the post footer and click on save, now the widget should be visible on your post footer.


2. Blogger Widget :



This widget is from, it will also display the post the same way Linkwithin widget did. It’s based on displaying the posts accrording to the blogger labels that is the posts related to the same labels are displayed only. This widget is added by editing the html code of your blog. To start applying it open up Edit Html of your blogger blog by signing in to the blogger. Click on the Expand widgets template to open the complete template. Now you have to search for some code and then copy and paste the widget code into the template. You can follow the post here . Just like the linkwithin widget you can also set the maximum number of post to be displayed by changing the value in this line of code :


var maxresults=5;


So these were the two widgets with thumbnails, there are also other widgets which display only text links to the related posts but I think they do not have much impact on the reader as the ones with thumbnails is more attractive.

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Benjamin Auffarth said...

Nice explanation of the linkwithin installation.

I agree that related posts with thumbnails are more attractive and probably have more impact. I think the linkwithin widget is very nice, however, at least when I tried it about 2 months ago, it had several quirks. It did not update often enough, relevance of articles was often not clear, and it was sometimes slow. Maybe it has become better.

The other widget, when I tried it did not display images. I saw in the linked article that it now supports external (i.e. hosted outside of blogger) images, maybe that's the fix.

The related post widget I use is very fast, I can determine update frequency (daily), and it's only based on labels. It is text-only, however, I am afraid, because I display it below the posts, if its impact is too great, people will not comment any more ;).

You can find my short review of related post widgets and my explanation of the widget I use in my post on a related posts widget for blogger.

Bob Matharoo said...

Yeah i agree with that however sometimes the linkwithin widget does not show the related posts according to the labels, but it still allows the reader to check out other old posts. Anyways the user can try the Blogger Widget and it shows the related posts accurately!!..

fazrul arhan said...

Nice hack,i love this trick.

Sanjiv Sinha said...

This article makes my job easier.Thank you for this nice post.

dj Goddessa of Funk Sanctum Radio said...

Hello, thank you for the clear-cut explanations. How does having this widget affect the page-loading time of your blog? Will this result in a penalty for having too many pictures on my site?

Thank you for your help.

djGoddessa of Funk Sanctum Radio

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