Free Pinging & Posting Software for Bloggers


Joseph Tierney is offering free Blogging tools like Blog Pinger & Blog Poster to it's visitors. These tools are great for a blogger who posts very often.


Blog Pinger : This is a tool which helps you to ping your Blog to Major sites like technorati, MyYahoo & many more. You just need to add the weblogs you want to Ping into the blogs.txt file which you get with free download & the pinging sites in the ping.txt file You can also set the time interval to which you want your Blog to pinged. After this just send pings & you don't even need to go to any site.


Blog Poster : This is Blog posting tool with which you can post the articles directly to your blog without logging into your account. You need to add blogs in the text file & you can post simultaneously upto 10 articles on different blogs. This is not a full fledged software like Windows Live Writer but still it is better than logging ot your account & then post. Although you may prefer to create your post in Wordpad & then easily pubish it via Blog Poster.



Link Grabber : This allows you to snatch all the links of a particular web site . You just need to enter the web site address & the software will grab all the links from the weblog.



You just need to enter your e-mail in the box & you will get the download links to the software free of cost. For more you can through the site at .

Giving Liquid Metal Effect in Photoshop


Create Liquid Metal Blobs with the Photoshop.


Watch & learn through this video tutorial..


Create Liquid Metal Chrome Mercury Blobs Using Adobe Photoshop

Some Cool Ajax Scripts for your Blogs.

2 Comments is a great mine of Small & light ajax scripts for your weblogs. These scripts can be embedded into the Site layout which can make your Blog eye catching & beautiful. The scripts aren't heavy so that they can't even hamper you Blogs loading process.


Here are some cool scripts from the MiniAjaxs inventory :



Heatmap Script : It displays a heat map of your site in the sense that where there are  clicks, the places get colored red, green & blue.





Reflection.js 1.6 : It gives reflection effect to your images. All you have to do is just enter the URL of image in the box & you get the image with reflection in the coded form which you can save & use on your Weblog!




Slideshow Alternative : With this script you can show your image Slide Show with cross fade effects.




TJPzoom : It allows you to Zoom on the images & view them with more clarity. The zoom moves wherever you move the cursor on the Image.




Loupe.js : You can add a magnifier Lens to your web page & zoom on the content. This is really an amazing script you must watch its demo.




Browser-based instant messaging client : This helps you to embed an Instant Messenger to your Web site & let's you chat.



This is not the end of scripts , you can get many more at .

Serious about Savings then visit WaMu


May 28, 2008



WaMu is a Bank for all those who are earning & are serious about their savings for securing their Future. The Bank has many branches all over the United States & help customers to their best. The bank deals with the customers just like friends & all talks are made clear to the point in straightforward way. It is the bank which pioneered first Home Loan in 1890 & this shows that the WaMu bank  has experience of more than 100 years dealing with it's customers.


The Bank provides you a Certificate  of Deposit (CD) which help you meet  Saving goals thus empowering your future. The bank offers many Savings Accounts for its customers, which are as follows:


  • Online Savings
  • Statement Savings
  • Traditional CD
  • Online CD
  • Liquid CD



Online Savings : This account offers customers online services which help them manage their savings on Internet. No matter where you are, you can get access to your savings account anywhere in the world. It uses advanced technology which safeguards the information of customers.


  • WaMu Free Checking is another account which provides free checks, free check safekeeping.


Statements Savings : Its a basic Savings Account which comes with WaMu Free Checking service giving dual benefit. Moreover you can also get Online statements or on Monthly base.



Traditional CD : The account allows you to select high Certificate of Deposit interest rate & helps users add more funds to their CD. The users can also adjust high interest rate with Bump Rate Feature. All this is accompanied online by the users.


Online CD : With this account the users get High Certificate of Deposit Rate. It gives you Personal Online Banking feature & online account statements.


Liquid CD : This is the ultimate saving account which offers the users high CD rate, unlimited add on deposits & easy dynamic access to the account.


All these Savings Accounts are better based on providing the users maximum comfort & help secure their future needs in an easy & manageable way.

Show up your Page Rank




Hi guys, I have given below a PageRank Widget with  which you can check your Web Page's page rank.



Check Page Rank of any web site pages instantly:
This free page rank checking tool is powered by Page Rank Checker service



After checking give your site address & the page rank in the form of comments.


Let us see which page rank do the majority of people have?

When to use JPEG & GIF format for images on Web



These little but powerful tips can help your Weblog to load instantly & with maximum Compatibility with all the browsers. It discusses when to use GIF & JPEG image formats for the images which you use on your Website layout & Posts.


Use JPEG Formats :


  • When uploading Photos , Wallpapers & sceneries.
  • For applying Backgrounds of usually 1024 x 768 sizes.
  • When you need high quality & don't care about the Loading time.
  • When you need to make buttons & tabs with images.
  • For images which contain many colors, as JPEG can store more than 16 million colors on one image.


Use GIF Formats:


  • When you want upload those images which have only some lines & contain one color type within large area.
  • You need to make Thumbnails, like avatars .
  • For images with less colors, GIF can store only 256 colors.
  • When you don't need quality in your images & wants them to be loaded as fast as possible.




  • JPEG should be used when Quality matters for you.
  • GIF should be used when you want web pages to load fast.



Technorati Tags: ,,

CSS Text Wrapper for HTML Text any Shape !



CSS Text Wrapper is a tool that can be used to give any shape to your HTML text. The default shape we have is Rectangular but with this tool you can give Zigzag , curves & many others.


The shape is given by moving the Green buttons in the text body. With this tool you can give your text a new & impressive look which is also very beautiful.


For wrapping the text you have to DO:


  • Write the text
  • Chose width & height of text area.
  • Chose a desired Preview style by modifying some of its settings like Text Align , Font Family, Font Size, URL of Image.


When you have finished wrapping your text then you have to chose a method of applying it to your website, which includes 3 options:


  • Method 1.  Inline CSS/XHTML : This is a easy , you have to copy the code & paste above your Text Content, but this method is bulky & slows down the speed of you site.
  • Method 2. XHTML w/ Classes : You need to have Style sheets for applying this method.
  • Method 3. Javascript: This is the method i recommend everyone, because this is not heavy & loads up easily , you just need to put JavaScript file in to your site.


Here's a screenshot of an example created with this tool:




Click Here to go to CSS Text Wrapper ! . Thanks to Idea Shower for this great tool.


Enjoy Wrapping your text in to figures you like!

How I got Answered on


Hey guys yesterday I asked Jeremy about his blog history in few words & he came up with an Answer::

Below is what I asked

''Hey shoe! i am very new to blogging & have came to know about you & your site just now a days , i wanna know about the history of your almighty Blog, How does it get started , please give me a brief answer if you can?? PLZZZZZZZ….''


Jeremy replied:


''ShoeMoney: Sure. I started a personal blog where I could vent my frustrations and views on the industry''


thanks once again Jeremy... Here's link for the Page of Questions . You too can ask Jeremy any questions in coming Questioning Rounds.. 


So you can surf his site & know How he transformed this blog into A Money Making Machine ...


Now that's a true Blogger..smile_shades

Easiest way to Promote your Blog on Large Scale !!



May 26,2008


You all know how there's a Blog Revolution going on all over the Internet. Every Blogger is searching a magical way to promote their blog to get readers attention & of course, to Earn Some MONEY $$ .


You all must have heard the word Blog Roll. Yeah that's right it's a one of the most popular, genuine & a Cost Free  way to promote your Blog. You just display other peoples blog on your site & they give a free link back to your site too!!.


Well, guys this is a Manual Work & one have to edit the list to add new links to your Blog Roll.


How would it be, if you don't have to that day after day & You get tons of Traffic for Free! ?


Then here's a new service for all which is being offered by - FREE Blog Roll TEXT Link Exchange.(1:10) ,

A free automated Blog Roll service for Blogs. The website gives you Blog Roll Widget to display on your site. This Blog Roll widget contains 10 blog links which automatically gets updated from time to time.


What's Special ??

When you signup with, you add up your Blog to get listed randomly & earn 1000 credits just for signing up & placing the widget on your site. After your widget is placed your site gets appearing randomly on the widgets of other Blog who have added this Blog Roll widget to their Blogs . In this way the Blogs start cross promoting each other.


When someone click on any of the Blog listed on your Blog Widget, you earn 10 credits which means that your Blog will be shown on 10 Blogs who are using the - FREE Blog Roll TEXT Link Exchange.(1:10)  widgets on their site. So, more the credits you more your Blog will get rolled on other 10 different Blogs, WOW!!. You can also earn credits if you refer other to this site for sign up. Your site will be displayed on those blogs which comes in the Category you chose like Technology.


The - FREE Blog Roll TEXT Link Exchange.(1:10)  widgets are available in 15 different styles & you chose them according to your Weblog color.


Embedding the Code:


  • After your Blog setup is complete , gives you a JavaScript code.
  • Just copy the code & open your Blogger account.
  • Then click on Edit Layout
  • Following it click on 'Add Page Elements'
  • Then Chose Edit HTML/JavaScript .
  • Paste your Code
  • Save the Template.


After this your Blog Roll will be displayed on your site & you will  start getting traffic. HURRAAAAHHH!!!


Your Blog Widget would look something like this :



If you like the post , you can subscribe to my Feed & get regular updates easily Click below to subscribe to feed!.

Earn Money for each Post with



After watching their reviews on many sites i finally decided to join the site The site helps you earn money for each & every post. You must have heard the website name if you blog a lot & surf other peoples blog. Many bloggers have changed their blogging habit into a source of full time income & this site has a big role in this. If you are in search of a good income program then YES this is the right !! program. 


So what You have to DO?

  • All you have to do is join the program & start accepting offers & then what you do is Blogging about the offers.
  • The offers includes writing reviews about the things like Websites, Software & many other things just like you Blog everyday.
  • You will receive offers according to the indexing of your Blog in the categories you specify during signup like 'Computers & Internet' , 'Entertainment', 'Science' & many others.
  • Then you have to write a review about the Product in more than 200 words & giving description of the special features mentioned in the offer.
  • You also have to give link to the site about which you are reviewing. The advertiser give you the link & specifies a word which should contain the website link.
  • After you accept an offer you are give a time length under which you have to complete the order. Try finishing the order as soon as you can because the advertiser can also reject your post before deadline is met.
  • Try to post in a way that your article focuses directly on the features & write in a good & impressive manner to attract visitors attention & to avoid rejections of your post.
  • Also add picture of the product in your post entry, to gain attention of visitors & simplify the idea of your Post.


Your Blog Requirements 

  • A Good User base.
  • High Alexa Ranking
  • High Technorati Ranking
  • A good Page Rank.
  • Beautiful Website Design


If your Site meet these requirements then you will start getting offers very fast & even with higher Price. If you want to increase you site ranking & traffic you can check my previous posts or can search the posts..


Hey guys even I have started receiving offers & have started Earning through this program , So why can't you lightbulb

I think you must check it out !! once.

Embed Flash Games in your blog !!



Blogs can be made even more entertaining & addicting with Flash games. Games not only attract visitors to your Web site but also force them to spend more & more time on your Blog. Blogging with these flash games helps you interact with your visitors in an enjoyable way, as both share each others score, experiences & ask for help like when they get  stuck at any level & want some cheat codes !! smile_wink is one of the flash game sites which allows you to play on the site. Moreover the thing which is interesting is that , they allow you to paste those games on your own site too! The site offers Hundreds of games under many categories like:


  • Action
  • Adventure
  • Fighting
  • Strategy
  • Driving & more...


Embedding the Games


The way to embed to these games is very much similar to embedding a video.


  • Copy the code of the game.
  • Go to your Blogs settings & under ' Edit layout' click on the Add a page element.
  • Now click add a JavaScript/ Html code & paste the code.
  • You can also add these games into your Blog posts ,by just copying & pasting the code.


Here are some more site which offers free flash games for Blogs :



So have some games on your site & let your visitors enjoy your blog..

Happy Gaming! smile_teeth

Sony Xperia X1 ( a quick look )



Will it be an Iphone killer? that's the question which will come in most of the minds after watching it . If we compare the features of both of these phones then you will find that Sony dominates. But what you will find after seeing this video is that besides the features what Sony lacks is the processing speed of their phone. Have a look at this phone & give your opinion...



Sony Xperia X1 will be released in late September this year in UK first . It will come packed with the  following features:



    UMTS/HSDPA/HSUPA 900/1700/1900/2100
    UMTS/HSDPA/HSUPA 850/1700/1900/2100
    EDGE 850/900/1800/1900



    3 inch WVGA 65,536 color TFT display


    Key features:

    High quality video recording and playback (VGA 30fps)
    Web feeds
    Touchscreen user interface
    Multiple inputs and navigation: Touch, QWERTY, Optical Joystick, 4-way key
    Windows® Mobile® 6 as Operating System with Outlook Mobile and Office Mobile
    3.2 megapixel camera
    Handwriting recognition !


What do you think about this device thumbs_down or thumbs_up .Do give some comments .....

Giving Aqua Effect to Sphere in Photoshop


If you remember my last tutorial on how to create those beautiful orbs , then this is also a must watch for you , as you can learn how to give water effect to those orbs..


Graffiti Wallpapers (part-5)


Check out these new wallpapers I found on Internet ...

Download Internet Explorer 8 beta 1 ....


Microsoft has realeased the new version of Internet Explorer which is available for Windows XP SP2 & Windows Vista. This version is under beta 1 & we hope it will soon be available for public download.. Microsoft has realeased this version especially for Web developers , so that they can check their website compatibilty with this new version ...

Here are da Downoad links if you want to test it:

How to stop those annoying Beeps in XP ??


OS: Windows XP

This a small registry hack for those who don't like the irritating beeps made by the CPU & want them to stop right NOW!. So here's the method:---

  • Open Registry Editor(regedit.exe) in Run under Start Menu.
  • Navigate to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\Sound
  • Edit the string value named Beep & change it to 'No' , that's it! you are free from those beeps!!.
  • If your mind changes & want the sounds again then change the value to 'Yes'

Note: Please have a Backup or save a Restore Point in your Computer before applying the Hack..

How to disable shutdown in XP ?


OS: Windows XP

This a registry tweak by which you can prevent others to shut down your computer. This can be useful when you are doing some work & don't want your PC get shut down due to interference of other person. If you own a server then this is a tip which you must use as you will not want your server to get down. To apply this tweak follow as given below :

  • Open Registry Editor(regedit.exe) in Run under Start Menu.
  • Navigate to :-HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Policies\Explorer and to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Policies\Explorer
  • In both these locations create or modify the Dword value 'NoClose' & set it to 1. This will prevent windows from shutting down.
  • If you want windows to get shut down again then set the above value to 0.
In case you dont have Explorer in the above entries then you have to create them.

Note: Please have a Backup or save a Restore Point in your Computer before applying the Hack..

Share,Chat,Read & Blog on


19 May,2008
re you getting bored of writing on your blog continuously? Yes, many of you will be, as this is the problem which most of the bloggers often face. In addition to this many of have some questions & personal problems which we want sometimes to be shared with the world. The solution for these type of problems these days are Forums.

All of you might have heard this word on net, but what is forum? It's a community space where users share their views , post articles, have debates & blog. is an all in one site where you can Blog, share your views , get latest news & lot more. With a vast number of users you can easily get answers to your questions , chat & make friends through Forum easily on this site. Here's what this site offers its users :

  • provides you a free blog where you can post your diaries, photos & anything you like to have on your space & share with friends , family & forum members.
  • The features like upload Photo, Video, Podcast directly on your blog helps build good audience.
  • The best thing which i liked about blogging on this site is that even if it's your first post you start getting traffic & audience from the very first day , as your posts are displayed on the website for other members to watch your content.
  • The website also allows you to comment on other blogs & share your views easily by allowing you to participate in the Forum .
  • Forum is also one of the the best offerings of as you can expose your content to large audience. If you have questions to ask then these forums can easily serve your purpose. You can post your content under any category which includes Entertainment, Lifestyle, Politics, Religions & Beliefs, Writings .
  • The Forum are very useful for professionals like software developer as they can share their new tools to the world & painters can show their paintings to other people. These forums not only help in sharing but also help in the improvement of their works.
The advantage of the forums on is that it is one of the most crowded forums available on Internet with most users ever online= 12,390 at the same time !!. Join click here!

Adobe Photoshop Express goes Online !!


Well guys, adobe has taken an excellent step towards online image editing tool for worldwide users. Adobe Photoshop Express version is not yet equal to desktop version but whats more important is that you can access it no matter where you are in this big world , you just need is a good PC & an Internet connection.

So what's more in this Website Version Photoshop! lets take a brief look : 
  • The site offers you a 2 GB space for your account which is enough for anyone to share photos on net.
  • If you use Picasa Desktop version then you must give this a try too! as it features even more tools for editing your pictures online.
  • When you have created your account & uploaded a pic , then you get an option of 'Edit photo' following this you will get some options in front of you, like Basics ,Effects & Tuning.
  • For example under Basic settings you get options for improving the exposure of your photo, if you get some red eye in your pics then don't worry there's a Red eye removal tool also.
  • Features like auto correct, saturation helps the users to smoothen their images easily.
  • The thing which i liked the most was Touch Up feature which was just same as the healing which we sued to ave on the desktop versions & this feature helps to remove any irregularity in the image.
  • Even more options such as Soft Focus, Highlight, Sharpen & Hue , Sketch, Pop Color, Tint, Distort options are also there under Tuning & Effects options respectively.
  • I think all these tools are sufficient for styling your images for web & sharing with others.

This online version also help you build your blog type homepage like which can serve as good way of doing photo blogging.
Just visit Adobe Photoshop Express & start editing & sharing today!.

How to Modify Ad codes for embedding in Blogger Templates


Blogger ad code converter is a tool tat help you to modify your adcodes of Adsense, Chitika , ADbrite, & many others to directly embed inyour new xml templates without giving any errors.
You just have to paste your adcode in the box & it modifies the code for embedding in the template..

For example if you need to embed adsense 468x60 block into your blog template then you first go into change layout & add javascript or choose adsense.... blah! blah! blah! blah! & if you put the code to embed direclty into your template by going under Edit Template section , then you will always get XML error!! about  characters like '> < 'to be converted into xhtml entities which needs a xml knowledge & of course some time.. To escape from this you can just directly put the code into the box & modify it for your use.. & get your ads embedded in the templates permanently by default. Click here ! for more

Awesome Blogger Templates / Themes ( Part- 4)

Check out these new Blogger templates :


Business Blue Template




Opera Mini 4.1 out of beta now available for download !!


Opera has released there popular browser for Mobile Phones the Opera Mini 4.1 bringing it out of beta. This browser is available for download from the website. The browser is packed with a lot of functions which gives the users a better performance on the move.

Here's what you will get in the New version of Opera Mini :--

  • Upto 50% faster performance then the earlier version.
  • You can now just input the text you want to search on webpage & find it easily
  • The New Auto-complete address feature allows you to type webpage address fast.
  • One of the Coolest feature in the opera mini is that now you can download & upload files from your mobile to websites.
  • With addition to download feature a new feature of Save web page is also there for offline view.
Moreover the earlier features like Sync bookmarks and Speed Dial, view pages in Landscape mode & many more are still there.

To download for your compatible handset Click Here!

How to Increase your website's Alexa Rank ??


Alexa came into scene in 1996 & has become quite popular these days. This site ranks the website on the basis of traffic which comes to your site. Lesser is the rank of your site more is the traffic to your site. You just have to enter your site address in the bar & you get various statistics of your website . These days various advertising companies like & categorizes website on the basis of Alexa Rank , if the site has good alexa rank only then it will get offers for selling links on their website. 

To improve your site's Alexa Rank consider the following points:
  • Always post genuine content on your blog & never try to copy from other websites.
  • Try to have a good layout design on your blog , so that each & every component on your blog should be aligned perfectly & therefore can be indexed by the Search Engines easily.
  • Use good Keywords in your posts so that your blog get a good page rank.
  • Add a section of Recent Posts on your blog so that earlier posts on your blog does not get hide & you get maximum exposure of the keywords in their titles through the search engines.
  • It is also said to install Alexa Bar in your browser & Alexa rank button on your blog to get a good alexa rank for your blog.
  • Install Digg Buttons & Bookmark buttons on your blog so that your blog posts get added to sites like StumbleUpon, Digg, MySpace,Furl, etc. because these site are very easily indexed by search engines which in turn help your blog posts to be indexed as well & finally results into increasing your blogs traffic. Visit to get your button.
  • Add your site to various blog directories, websites , refer to Increase your Blog's Readers & Traffic ! for a list of directories where your blog must be added.
  • One of the most important tip is that never leave your Blog idle always update it regularly because whenever you leave your site idle the rank begins to sink, the same happened with me , my alexa rank reached 6 lac mark but when i left my website idle for few months it slipped to a mark of 17 lac !! .. So always update your Blog regularly...
All these steps will not only improve your Alexa Rank but also your overall performance of your Blog!!

Nokia 810 supporting Wimax Released...


Nokia 810 is an Internet Tablet, which is supporting latest internet technology that is Wimax saying good bye to the Wimax. This device also has a good Megapixel camera & a VGA camera in front which serves as Webcam . With a 4.1 inch touch screen (800x480 Res.) the surfing of web will definitely be a nice pleasure for anyone. This device would increase your weight about 226 gms more ha ha :) . The inbuilt keyboard can be useful for Chatting & typing. This device could be yours for $500.00 . Accd. to me if Nokia also added feature of Mobile telephony in this device then it could easily give a tough competition to Apple's iPhone.

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