How to Modify Ad codes for embedding in Blogger Templates

Blogger ad code converter is a tool tat help you to modify your adcodes of Adsense, Chitika , ADbrite, & many others to directly embed inyour new xml templates without giving any errors.
You just have to paste your adcode in the box & it modifies the code for embedding in the template..

For example if you need to embed adsense 468x60 block into your blog template then you first go into change layout & add javascript or choose adsense.... blah! blah! blah! blah! & if you put the code to embed direclty into your template by going under Edit Template section , then you will always get XML error!! about  characters like '> < 'to be converted into xhtml entities which needs a xml knowledge & of course some time.. To escape from this you can just directly put the code into the box & modify it for your use.. & get your ads embedded in the templates permanently by default. Click here ! for more

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