Adobe Photoshop Express goes Online !!

Well guys, adobe has taken an excellent step towards online image editing tool for worldwide users. Adobe Photoshop Express version is not yet equal to desktop version but whats more important is that you can access it no matter where you are in this big world , you just need is a good PC & an Internet connection.

So what's more in this Website Version Photoshop! lets take a brief look : 
  • The site offers you a 2 GB space for your account which is enough for anyone to share photos on net.
  • If you use Picasa Desktop version then you must give this a try too! as it features even more tools for editing your pictures online.
  • When you have created your account & uploaded a pic , then you get an option of 'Edit photo' following this you will get some options in front of you, like Basics ,Effects & Tuning.
  • For example under Basic settings you get options for improving the exposure of your photo, if you get some red eye in your pics then don't worry there's a Red eye removal tool also.
  • Features like auto correct, saturation helps the users to smoothen their images easily.
  • The thing which i liked the most was Touch Up feature which was just same as the healing which we sued to ave on the desktop versions & this feature helps to remove any irregularity in the image.
  • Even more options such as Soft Focus, Highlight, Sharpen & Hue , Sketch, Pop Color, Tint, Distort options are also there under Tuning & Effects options respectively.
  • I think all these tools are sufficient for styling your images for web & sharing with others.

This online version also help you build your blog type homepage like which can serve as good way of doing photo blogging.
Just visit Adobe Photoshop Express & start editing & sharing today!.

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