Why Blogger is better than Wordpress


Blogger is better than Wordpress!


If you are thinking to start a new blog then choosing a good blogging platform matters a lot. The two most popular ones are Blogger and Wordpress. Today almost all of the blogs chose either Blogger or Wordpress for their website.

Since I have been with blogger since 2007 when I started this blog, I must say that if you are new then Blogger is the one you should go for. Its simple and quite easy to manage. But you must also be thinking to go for Wordpress right? So here’s a quick comparison of why to chose blogger over Wordpress.

An easy way to check how secure is your Password !


How strong is your Password ?


Are you worried if someone might hack your password which you are using for your Facebook, GMAIL,etc.


Here’s a cool website called HowSecureIsMyPassword.net which can help you to see how strong your password is. So all you have to do is just type in your password and it tells you instantly how much time would it take to hack your password. The longer the password more Strong it is.


So how strong is your password?


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Idea swap gives you funny and sometimes great ideas!


Idea Swap


I just came upon a great funny website called ideaswap which can help you discover what next you can do, if you are idle or have nothing to do in your life lol.. Just click on swap again button and it will give some crazy ideas which you can consider to do or not to do Open-mouthed smile. Sometimes it shows some real things which you never thought of and you can think of trying.


The ideas shown randomly are added by people like you and me. So go ahead if you have some real weird things to share.


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Where to get cheap ticket deals of a favorite upcoming game or show


Am I going to get tickets ! for the show! ?

Suppose you have been eagerly waiting for your favorite game or a concert show, then you would definitely not like have some nasty surprises like Tickets sold out! or high ticket prices!. But what if it happens then its for sure that you are definitely going to feel bad.


But don’t worry guys, I just found a cool website which is definitely going to save your day, because you will be able to book the ticket right  from the comfort of your home. So it means that no more standing in queues and waiting to get the tickets and that too just before the show!. I know that nobody would like to stand, wait and take risk for your lovely day.


acheapseat.com is a great place to buy cheap tickets..Its called ACHEAPSEAT.com, it’s a great place to find some cheap and reasonable tickets for an upcoming game, shows, concerts and more of your favorite singer and band. They have tickets of almost all kind of shows and games, like NFL,NHL, NBA, Boxing,etc. Here are tickets of some of the games & shows you can find on this website :


  • Avril Lavigne Tickets : Just click and get the ticket deals for the famous singer Avril Lavigne’s latest upcoming shows in Kamloops, Kelowna, Edmonton and various other Canadian Cities.





  • Barry Manilow Tickets : Get tickets for the Barry Manilow’s shows at Las Vegas, Windsor and many other venues.



Finding cheap ticket deals

It is pretty easy to find great deals on this website, for example if you are looking for a game of NHL then just go to NHL games and there you’ll find the team you are looking for, just click on it and then they will show you the games of that team and the ticket prices. When you buy ticket they also show you the layout of rows and seats on the map which is also useful. So go and grab the tickets for cheap prices before they are sold out!.


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Why Apple iPhone 5 may have the same design as iPhone 4


iphone 5 ?The rumors of next generation of iPhone after the iPhone 4 have been surfacing all over the internet for quite a long time now. Now there’s news that a new device which may be iPhone 5 was spotted and it might have screen like HTC’s EVO mobile device and the design is also different and not the same as iPhone 4 or iPhone 3GS. But all these are just rumors and nothing is confirmed from a credible source.


So, why Apple iPhone 5 might have same look as iPhone 4, the answer lies inside the video of the apple’s new iOS 5 which is to be launched in September 2011 soon. As everybody is saying that apple will launch iOS 5 loaded into their next generation iPhone which may be iPhone 5.


Well if you have watched the video of iOS 5 then you must have seen that they are saying that you will be able to click photos with the volume buttons which I guess indicates that if Apple will be showing up their new iPhone 5 with iOS 5 then we can expect the design to be same as only then iPhone would be able click photos that way.


Click photos with Volume buttons on iPhone

With iOS 5 you can click photos from you iPhone 4 via volume buttons


However this is just my small point of view which I think indicates that the next iPhone will have same design as iPhone 4, but just like everyone else I am also expecting it to be different and with some new cool features because that’s going to be my next phone! cheers..


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Learn and practice HTML in real-time on web


Real-time HTML editor


HTML is one of the first steps towards learning some basic computing. Back in old school days it was the first thing which I learnt and I guess many of you too!. But at that time all we were taught was just the introduction and some other basic things. Today HTML is quite popular and is the foundation of Internet today.


Practice makes you perfect, and if you want to learn HTML or any other Computer Programming language then you need a good tool to practice. I found an amazing tool yesterday while I was going through some random sites, it’s a real-time HTML editor.


Go to http://htmledit.squarefree.com/ and you’ll see that the screen is split to 2 parts, editor and preview screen. The amazing thing about this web app is that you can instantly view the HTML you code in real-time on the preview screen below the editor. While you type the HTML code in the editor, the preview of the code is shown instantly on the screen below.


Though you cannot use it to create new webpages but it’s a great tool to preview how  your HTML tags and code works instantly. I have checked it on Mozilla Firefox 5 and I hope it works on almost all other browsers.


So go ahead and learn HTML the easy way.


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Creating safe grounds for play and sports using rubber surfaces


Making a playground safe and healthy is really a big job because if its not safe then no one of them would ever like to enter the playground and arenas. There are a lot of ways by which we can make it safe like by using good quality equipment such as slides. But the most important thing which needs to be taken care of is the ground because it is what causes injuries, so it requires a big attention to make it safe.



RubberRecycle mulch is a great way to make the ground safe for kids. It consists of rubber chunks and shredded rubber which helps in making the ground soft and safe. Whenever any one falls, they will fall on this rubber which act as cushion to absorbs the shocks and helps prevent injuries. It makes the ground fun to walk and play as it is just soft and stretchable rubber.


Arena Footing

In arenas of Horse Riding, Surefoot Arena Footing by RubberRecycle helps in reducing the strain on horses during races. It also helps in reducing the maintenance costs of ground by reducing the dust and helps in improving the appearance of the arena too!. Arena Footing is non toxic and offer lifetime guarantee


Playsafer Rubber

Playsafer Rubber mulch is another great product to help make the ground surface safe for children. The rubber mulch is non staining and does not attract & breed insects. The playsaer rubber is economical and meets all the safety guidlines .


Available in different colors

It helps in reducing injuries and is a great product for making playgrounds safe and beautiful as it is available in many vibrant colors to chose from. So just by using Recycle rubber which is eco friendly we can help in making our grounds more fun and safe too.


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MIT Student creates a simple Gesture Control System


Tony Stark in Iron Man2 using Hand Gestures

Tony Stark in Iron Man2 using Hand Gestures


Do you remember Iron Man 2 in which Tony Stark uses Hand Gestures in air to create and design his robot suit. Though it has not become reality yet but many companies are researching on this great technology to bring out the best way to make it possible. Researchers are trying to use many sensors and other high tech devices to do this, but Robert Wang a student at MIT has showcased his very simple way to implement Gesture control system which only uses a pair gloves and a webcam which tracks the hands. This make the technology inexpensive and simple.


Robert Wang showing his 3D Gloves

Robert Wang showing his 3D Gloves


The gloves are colorful and weird looking but there lies the concept because the color patterns are processed by the computer software and helps computer in recognizing the 3D shape of hand. When the gloves are worn then the person can move and change the objects on screen.



If research continues at same pace then get ready to see this technology being used in games and many other applications real soon in future.


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Google Plus to rival the Social Networking leader Facebook


Google Plus


Everybody knows that when it comes to Internet then only one company seems to be dominating and that is Google. They have grabbed almost all the internet cyberspace with their vast range of products like Gmail for Emails, Google Docs for Documents, Picasa for photos, YouTube for Videos and many more.


But Social Networking is one that has questioned Google’s abilities to launch a successful project that could beat and stand against the undisputed leader of Social Networking today that is Facebook. Google launched Orkut but it didn’t became world’s favorite in front of Facebook and was only constrained to two large markets India and Brazil only. And now it seems Google has finally stepped in by launching Google Plus which is going to be a Social Networking platform to rival Facebook. But again the question remains same “Will it be successful?”.


Google Plus in final phase


Right now the project google plus is in final beta phase and will be soon available to all and you will be able to login using your Google Accounts.


Google Plus is going to have something called Friend Circles which will allow you manage your friends list better and it is also going to have chat plus video calls which is definitely going to make Facebook add the feature of Video calls.  Just have a look at this video and take a look on the Creativity of what Google has to offer:



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How to check which Adsense ads are displayed on your blog



Adsense Sandbox

AdSense Sandbox is an amazing tool by Digital Inspiration which helps you to know which type of Google Ads will be displayed on your blog using your keywords and geo targeting.


You just have to put your blog url or the keywords on which you want to see the related ads, you can also choose any Country if you want to filter the results by any particular location like you may choose India and then it will show only those ads targeted in India.


My blog's ad preivew in sandbox

Here’s a small preview of my blog’s ads


It’s a great tool to manipulate and preview the ads shown on your blog, because you can change the ads by just modifying the keywords. It shows you all type of ads like image, video and textual ads of all sizes, based on your query.


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What are Do-Follow links and No-Follow links




Making a blog popular is really a hard job and it needs a lot of effort. And if you have been trying to improve your blog’s traffic and visitors, then you must have heard the Do-Follow and No-Follow links on many websites and you might be wondering what the heck are these terms made for, even I was not aware of these strange words but believe me understanding them can help you get a lot of unique traffic to your blog.


There are 2 types of links Do-Follow Links and No-Follow Links :


Do-Follow Links: The links we generally use but are unaware of them are Do-Follow links.


For example this link Google is written as :


<a href="http://google.com">Google</a>


These links are pretty normal in use.


No-Follow Links: These links are also very similar to the normal links but have one small difference in writing their HTML code which is the rel=”nofollow” attribute.


For example this link Google is written as a No-Follow link as :


<a href="http://google.com" rel="nofollow">Google</a>


You can see that Do-Follow link and No-Follow link look same except for the rel attribute used in No-Follow link.


What are really Do-Follow and No-Follow links?


The more you have do-follow links to your blog from other blogs and blog directories, the more your website becomes popular and stands a good chance to get a higher Page Rank from Google. If a blog has page rank 6 and t has your blog’s link which is a do-follow link then your website is getting a piece of his Page Rank Cake too! and the value of your link in the Search Engines increases which helps in driving more traffic to your blog from Search Engines because these links are visible to Search Engines.


However no-follow links are just the opposite of Do-Follow links, these links don’t give any benefit to the website to which they link to. So you cannot expect any Page Rank increase or traffic increase from these links. They are only confined to single website and are not crawled by the Search Engine Spiders, which simply means that these links are not visible to Search Engines. So No-Follow links are of no use to your blog if you are doing a SEO of your blog.


So if you want to increase visitors and traffic to your blog then you should consider getting a backlink from Do-Follow websites.


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Now Facebook Chat on Skype !


Now Skype has integrated the Facebook Chat inside it which allows you to chat with your friends through the Skype application. Its available as a beta version from the skype website but we can expect full release soon. You can have a glimpse of Facebook Chat on Skype by downloading the Skype 5.5 beta version. Enjoy!..

How to enable Mobile Blogger Templates for Blogger blogs


Mobile Template version of my blog

Blogger has launched a new feature for blogger blogs with which you can give a different view of your blog to the mobile web users. Now you can enable the mobile template for your blog which shows your blog in a more simple way without any big images, animations and advertisements on mobile devices.


You don’t have to make any changes to your current blogger template, all you need to do is enable the setting on your blogger dashboard.


Here’s How to do it:



  • On Dashboard screen click on Settings




  • Go to Email and Mobile Tab.


Settings>Email & Mobile


  • Under Mobile Template choose Yes and you are set.


Click on Yes and enable Mobile Template


  • You can also preview how your blog looks in the mobile template version by clicking the mobile preview or by scanning the QR code with your mobile camera.


What’s different in Mobile Template


The mobile template for blogs just only shows up the posts and the comments from your blog, so that the blog can be easily viewed in any mobile browsers like Iphone Safari, Android and others.


So whenever someone open your blog from Mobile device, they will see the mobile version not the original version. Remember, No other links, buttons, ads and any other stuff on your blog are shown up in mobile template except those mobile adsense ads which are shown on the top. The full original desktop version can also be viewed by clicking the Web Version link below.


The mobile templates loads up real fast on mobile browsers and it makes the blog to be read easily on small screens of mobile devices.


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Google Doodle shows the longest Lunar Eclipse



Google did it again!, this time telling us about the Lunar Eclipse. If you are wondering how the Lunar Eclipse is looking then go to Google now!, you can view the live video of the Eclipse at Google’s YouTube Channel LIVE!. Thanks to GOOGLE! for that amazing view.. CHEERS! :) .

How to add +1 button to blogger blog posts


New Google +1 Button

The new Google +1 button can be seen on many websites and blogs these days and is becoming quite popular on Blogger as well as Wordpress blogs. The button is like other Digg Buttons and Reddit buttons we see on many other blogs.


How it works


Learn what is the this +1 button all about


Every time you press the +1 button, 1 is added to the count which shows that it is being liked by other bloggers over the web. You will need a Google Account to be able to click on +1 button.


How to add +1 button to Blogger blogsTall Google +1 Button


  • Login to your Blogger Blog


  • On Dashboard screen click on Design

click on Design tab



  • Now click on Edit HTML on top tabs.
    Click on Edit HTML to see the HTML code


  • Click on Expand Widget Templates to show up the complete HTML template code.

Expand your Template to view the full code


  • Now find the </head> tag inside the HTML code of your blog and place the following code just before this tag:


    <script type="text/javascript" src="http://apis.google.com/js/plusone.js"> {lang: 'en-US'} </script>


  • Now again find <data:post.body/> and paste the code below to display the button on left or right of post body by changing the value of float:left or right.

    <div style='float:right'>

    <g:plusone size="tall" expr:href="data:post.url"/>


  • Click on Save Template and now you can see a +1 button on your posts.


  • You can also choose other different +1 buttons like small,standard just click here


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Google gets a Guitar Doodle in remembrance of Les Paul



Its like everyday google changes its logo to something new if it’s a festival or to remember a person, incident which you don’t even remember but Google does. Sometimes I miss Google’s original logo lol hehehe Smile. Google got another interesting doodle, this time it’s a guitar to mark the birthday of Les Paul an American jazz and country guitarist, songwriter and inventor. Learn more about him, click here


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Where to buy kitchen equipment for your new House or Restaurant


June 9, 2010




Are you looking for furniture and other stuff for your new house but are confused where to look for it. Then Tigerchef.com is answer to your question. It is often very difficult to find an all in one store which have all the things which you need at one place, but finally an online store like Tigerchef.com is here to help you out. You can search and buy most of the common restaurant equipment from this online shop and get them delivered at your doorstep.


What does the online store have in for you


Tiger Chef is the largest supplier of restaurant equipment and the kitchen accessories.Currently they have more than 15,000 items and more are added every week.  Tiger Chef has everything from kitchen equipment like utensils to every restaurant equipment like Refrigeration & Freezer, Disposables and much more, all this at great prices upto 70% off. It is offering more than 250,000 unique items through direct sales. 


1579_hp_cat 1225_hp_cat



You can find restaurant equipment such as :


  • Bakery, Banquet, Bar Supplies,Barbeque Supplies
  • Buffet, Catering Supplies, Chef's Accessories, Disposables
  • Food Prep, Furniture & Signage, Giftware, Refrigeration & Freezer
  • Residential, Restaurant Equipment, Smallwares
  • Specials, Tabletop, Transport & Storage


All the categories of above restaurant equipment has further sub categories to choose from. Tiger Chef helps you find the product you need in an easy way as the navigation is easy on the online store.




Tiger Chef allows you to use Credit Cards without any risk as its an authorized Verfied merchant.




In case you have some difficulty finding a product or any other query then Tiger Chef’s online customer support is there to help you. The Tiger Chef also have their blog which gives keeps the customers updated with anything new and gives tips on buying the best.


Become an Affiliate


You can earn money with your website if you become a Tiger Chef Affiliate as you get a share of every sale made from your website.

How to recover data from a crashed hard drive, Getting data back from Abyss!


Head Stuck! on platter


Just a few days ago my laptop hard drive crashed and  I already knew all my data is gone for ever. My laptop was making a ticking noise from last few months and I had a small feeling that this was going to happen with my laptop and finally it did happen!! Sad smile. So then started the quest to find a way to recover my data from that crashed hard drive. I searched a lot on the web and found that it was possible and it can be done by simply enclosing the drive into an external hard drive case which makes hard drive to be able to connect via USB port to a PC. But this was not all because my had drive was making a strange noise when it was there in the laptop, so I was sure that its going to be a mechanical fault.


Operating System not found !

Operating System Not Found! error during boot time


As I was browsing and searching on web for a solution I came across an interesting page Lazy (Men's) Electronics: Recovering Data from Hard Drive Failure . This person was also having the same problem as I went through his page, I got an idea of that it might be the problem with my drive too. When I opened my drive I found that fault was due to head stuck on the platter of hard disk which was not moving even when the platter was rotating. This was why the hard drive was making such a strange noise and my laptop started showing an error message ‘Operating system not found’ at boot time and my laptop was dead. It was not able to boot and load Windows. So I also checked the bios to verify if my drive was being detected and what I found was no drive detected which made me worried as all my data was gone.



Buying a new Hard drive to replace the faulty drive:


Seagate ST9250827AS

Failed Seagate Momentus ST9250827AS 250GB 5400.4 RPM

Seagate ST9500420AS

My new Seagate Momentus ST9500420AS 500GB 7200.4 RPM


To bring my laptop back to life, I researched over web and found that the same Seagate Momentus 250GB 5400.4 RPM drive was costly at around $85 and slower than Seagate Momentus ST9500420AS 500GB 7200.4 RPM which was faster, so I ordered the 500GB one  for my laptop for around $72 on Amazon.ca . I also made sure that the new drive is compatible with my laptop motherboard which is an Intel PM45 Mobile chipset and found that it supports higher capacity drives. The drive came within 5 days and YES! it was compatible with my laptop and got installed successfully.


Now the only thing I wanted was my data. So I ordered a USB enclosure from EBay just for $4.00 and got it shipped from Hong Kong. It took around 20 Days to ship to Canada and I waited patiently for it.


SATA USB 2.0 Enclusure for 2.5" Hard Drives

USB 2.0 Sata Enclosure for Laptop 2.5” Hard drives.


Data Recovery:


Now after it came I started the operation Data Rescue :


First I loaded the drive into the USB 2.0 2.5" SATA HARD DISK DRIVE Enclosure and then plugged it into my laptop for recovery but again the same sound came and now there was only last option left for me that was to open the drive and to see if the head was stuck on the platter. Then I opened the drive which had some 7 small screws with a T7 Screwdriver .


Removing Screws

Opening screws of the hard drive


After I opened the drive my guess was right the head was stuck on the platter and I just carefully moved it into its resting location.


Head Stuck on Platter & its original position

Image showing Head stuck on platter and its resting location


With my fingers crossed, I put it back into the USB enclosure and son of a GUN! there’s the data!, my laptop detected the drives. So I started copying the data as soon as possible because I knew its going to be dead soon as the drive was making ticking sounds. So I waked up until 2:00 AM to recover all of my data and then I decided to turn off the computer after I was done. I was able to copy about 90-95% data from my drive, some of the data got corrupted. But luckily all my important files were intact and were copied safely to my new drive.


Next morning when I waked up and again tried to connect the drive to get some songs and other stuff, the drive finally gave up.


My Seagate Momentus ST9250827AS Head fail


So how much did I Save! $$


I found that if I wanted to get my data recovered from a professional company it was going to cost me more than $1000! and the price of new drive is not included.


However I got the recovery done for just $4 which is the cost my USB enclosure from Ebay Smile.


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