What are Do-Follow links and No-Follow links



Making a blog popular is really a hard job and it needs a lot of effort. And if you have been trying to improve your blog’s traffic and visitors, then you must have heard the Do-Follow and No-Follow links on many websites and you might be wondering what the heck are these terms made for, even I was not aware of these strange words but believe me understanding them can help you get a lot of unique traffic to your blog.


There are 2 types of links Do-Follow Links and No-Follow Links :


Do-Follow Links: The links we generally use but are unaware of them are Do-Follow links.


For example this link Google is written as :


<a href="http://google.com">Google</a>


These links are pretty normal in use.


No-Follow Links: These links are also very similar to the normal links but have one small difference in writing their HTML code which is the rel=”nofollow” attribute.


For example this link Google is written as a No-Follow link as :


<a href="http://google.com" rel="nofollow">Google</a>


You can see that Do-Follow link and No-Follow link look same except for the rel attribute used in No-Follow link.


What are really Do-Follow and No-Follow links?


The more you have do-follow links to your blog from other blogs and blog directories, the more your website becomes popular and stands a good chance to get a higher Page Rank from Google. If a blog has page rank 6 and t has your blog’s link which is a do-follow link then your website is getting a piece of his Page Rank Cake too! and the value of your link in the Search Engines increases which helps in driving more traffic to your blog from Search Engines because these links are visible to Search Engines.


However no-follow links are just the opposite of Do-Follow links, these links don’t give any benefit to the website to which they link to. So you cannot expect any Page Rank increase or traffic increase from these links. They are only confined to single website and are not crawled by the Search Engine Spiders, which simply means that these links are not visible to Search Engines. So No-Follow links are of no use to your blog if you are doing a SEO of your blog.


So if you want to increase visitors and traffic to your blog then you should consider getting a backlink from Do-Follow websites.


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Interesting Pictures said...

or declare your blog as a do-follow and visitors will flock to your blog and give comments. more comments means more traffic

best seo training course mumbai said...

I totally agreed by you as it important to have both do follow and no follow link from other website for so and get more traffic on your own website as Google believe it is relevant and doesn't vain it.

abhi said...

Thank you very much for this great tip

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