Now Facebook Chat on Skype !

Now Skype has integrated the Facebook Chat inside it which allows you to chat with your friends through the Skype application. Its available as a beta version from the skype website but we can expect full release soon. You can have a glimpse of Facebook Chat on Skype by downloading the Skype 5.5 beta version. Enjoy!..


jj-momscashblog said...

Hey Bob, Just wanted to let you know that I find Facebook so very hard to keep up with especially with running a blog and all that one has to do to try to keep in the spotlight (so to speak). I realize we need our social networks in order to stay on the radar, however I must admit I don't do as much work as half of the bloggers or website owners. And I find socializing hard to keep up with. Now with Skype installed to talk with people on Facebook?? I'd really get absolutely not one damn thing done!!lol Thanks so much for all the info that you bring to the table and especially your tech. tips...great blog. thanks jj

Bob Matharoo said...

@jj Yeah! its hard to keep up your blog on Social Networks like Facebook, even I made my blogs facebook page now.. but I think its quite important to do so these days because Social Networks has a great potential to bring good amount of visitors to your blog..

I will post something regarding Social Networks soon..

Happy Blogging :)

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