How to Add Digg! Button To Your Blog Posts..

3 Comments is a very interesting website helping Bloggers post their Articles on .
This website helps to bring traffic to Blogs & other websites. You too can be a part of it.
To do so you will need to place their button on your Site.

To get started you just need to have a Digg button on your every blog post
just like this one --->

This question had been arised by a number of Bloggers, that

How they can Add this Button to Every Post Of Blogger?

To Add the button you just need to follow these very simple steps :-

1. Open your Blogger account, then on dashboard screen click on Layout

2. Then Click on Edit HTML Template Tab

3. Now in Edit Template Code Section click on 'Expand Widget Templates' & after that search
the following code in the html section:

4. Now right after this Code Place the following Digg Code :

After this Click on 'Save Template'.

5. Finally there will be a Digg button on right side of your post, just like the one below..

Use of this Digg Button:-

This Digg button will allow your users to put your Post on increase your site's Popularity and you will be able to Earn more from your site.

By: Bob Matharoo.

Powerful Adsense Secret You Don't know About!


Today more than 65% Bloggers are using Adsense for making Money through blogging.
Now i am gonna tell you a Big Secret of Adsense..

Do you know which Adsense Ad block is Most effective in getting Clicks?

Well most of you would be thinking that 468 X 60 sized ad block is the Best.
But sadly you are wrong! because according to my new statistics this ad block is so common that most of us ignore it. I found this ad block on about 75-80% Sites.

What i found interesting with my experiments was that a square ad block above your
Blog posts is most impressive & gets maximum clicks on a Blog.This is because when a site is opened a visitor at first sees the top of the Blog where posts are made & if a visitor watches your Ads then the chance he would click on the ads is near about 75%.

The Size of ad block you should try are given below:
1. 336 X 280 Large Rectangle ( My Reccomendation)
2. 300 X 250 Rectangle ( My Reccomendation)
3. And Don't forget to use some Skyscrappers on Right or Left Side of Your Posts.

That's all me & my friends Found..Hope you find it useful.


Is Ur Blog's Link there in this Above 100 List..?



Thanks Once Again!

Increase your Blog's Readers & Traffic !


Hi! to All my Dear Friends,
I have prepared a list of Some Websites on which are very helpful to every Blogger interested in having visitors to his Blog..

What you Have to Do?

It’s a very easy Task.. You Just have to Register your Site or your Site Feed on most of the Sites listed below. The main thing which you will do by registering is Putting your links on the these sites. Register one by one & note down on how many sites you have Registered yet.

What will happen after that?

If you have Registered to Feedburner or any other site like that which tells you the current number of readers of your Blog then you will see a gradual increase in the Readers & your Traffic will increase Continuously . Registering on these sites also increase the reputation of your Site in the Blog Market.

Here’s the list & Start Registering Now!

1. Newsgator
2. Yahoo
3. Bloglines
4. Myblog2u
5. Feeds AOL
6. MyBlogDirectory
7. TheFreeDictionary
8. Blog Skinny
9. Top Blog Area
10. Excite Mix
11. Feed Lounge
12. Netvibes
13. Bloggernity
14. Blogarama
15. Blogcatalog
16. Blog Top Sites
17. Digg
18. Icerocket
19. Blogflux
20. 2RSS
21. 5StarBlogs
22. Citypages
23. MyBlogLog
24. Bumpzee
25. Addurlblog
26. All-Blogs
27. Blogbar
28. Best Blogs
29. Blogbib
30. BlogBunch
31. Blog Burst
32. Blog Cave
33. Blog Charm
34. Blog Code
35. Blog Digger
36. Blog Explosion
37. Blogflare
38. Blog Pulse
39. Blogrunner
40. Blogsrater
41. Blog Street
42. Blog Universe
43. Blog Woods
44. Feedage
45. RSS Feeds
46. Spot Plex
47. My Feedz
48. Feeds 4 All
49. Feed Base
50. Secret Money Blog :)

Some sites will also give you Code of Chicklet of thier site like this

don't forget to put them on your site , so that Readers can Subscribe to Your Feed.

Finally see how the Number of Visitors & Readers of your Blog increases.

NOTE: Hey Guys If you know some sites which are not listed here,pls tell
me i Will add them as soon as possible & your Comments would be appreciated.

$ Happy Money Making $


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