After a snow storm in Kamloops,BC


Last night a snow storm hit Kamloops,BC and it snowed all night long and when I got up in the morning, what I saw was a beautiful scene all around Smile. The whole town was covered in a belt of thick snow. Here are some random pictures I just clicked:




Read less and Understand better!



I have been researching on this thing a lot and whether people like to read articles on websites to understand something. And I have to conclusion that most of the people on Internet are lazy. By saying lazy I mean that guys on Internet want to understand and learn things by spending less time and easily. Hope you guys got me. Open-mouthed smile.


So why am I Telling you this?


Simply getting to the point, If you blog then try to write less to explain something to your readers that is use less words and say many things. If there is a lot of text on your Blog then its very difficult to get some precious new readers for your dying blog Disappointed smile.  Writing more confuses the readers a lot and they get frustrated and bored easily, then all they do is leave your website ASAP!!.


Here’s the simple solution! to this problem :


‘’Always write precisely what you want to say in your blog and avoid using some hard vocabulary .’’


In my opinion this helps to give a better start to your new blog and help maintain your readers if your blog is getting old.


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Apple launches Slimmer and Faster iPad 2 with Camera!!


Ipad 2, Thin & Fast!!


It looks like the all the apple products are on diet this is why they are releasing new thinner products. Today on March 02,2011, Apple did it again as they just came up with new Apple Ipad2 which is twice as fast (This is what apple always do with their product line every year, you must be sick of listening to this statement but its good! Open-mouthed smile). This line is always there when they launch their new products.


So what’s NEW!


  • Its now supporting Facetime which means YES! its has Camera


  • Support for HDMI Video Out  letting you watch high definition videos on Big HD Screens.


  • They have also upgraded the processor with new Dual Core Apple A5 chip which makes it twice as fast than the previous one. So this lets you run the applications an games even more faster.


  • Available in both White and Black Models.


  • Price is same as the previous models starting from US $499.


It will be available in US on March 11,2011 and Canadian Stores and other countries on 25 March,2011… 


Click on the image below to check out the Specifications on…


Check out the Specs...



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