Apple launches Slimmer and Faster iPad 2 with Camera!!

Ipad 2, Thin & Fast!!


It looks like the all the apple products are on diet this is why they are releasing new thinner products. Today on March 02,2011, Apple did it again as they just came up with new Apple Ipad2 which is twice as fast (This is what apple always do with their product line every year, you must be sick of listening to this statement but its good! Open-mouthed smile). This line is always there when they launch their new products.


So what’s NEW!


  • Its now supporting Facetime which means YES! its has Camera


  • Support for HDMI Video Out  letting you watch high definition videos on Big HD Screens.


  • They have also upgraded the processor with new Dual Core Apple A5 chip which makes it twice as fast than the previous one. So this lets you run the applications an games even more faster.


  • Available in both White and Black Models.


  • Price is same as the previous models starting from US $499.


It will be available in US on March 11,2011 and Canadian Stores and other countries on 25 March,2011… 


Click on the image below to check out the Specifications on…


Check out the Specs...



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