7 Simple Steps To get TRAFFIC to your BLOG


In order to increase traffic to your Website or BLOG you must follow these 7 simple steps:-

1. First of all you must stick to your topics this will show your knowledge about the topic & people will always be attracted towards your site in search of the information regarding the particular topic .

2.Then you should update your blog Everyday or with a gap of some days this will show your sincerity towards the topic & would help to establish your Site or Blog in that particular Field.

3. The 3rd thing usually seen in most of people is that they get frustrated of not getting Comments or Replies to their posts & finally the stop writing. But this should not happen because whenever we are writing or Updating our Website our Rank on many Popular search Engines continue to increase & we start getting traffic within 1 to 4 Months.

4. You MUST use Pinging sites such as
i) http://www.pingomatic.com/
ii) http://www.pingoat.com/

whenever you update your Blog .This will help in Better Rankings in Search Engines like Google.

5. You Must give Powerful comments on the Blog or Site of others & always put a link to Your site .This will impress the owner of the site & the other people commenting on the sites . This will help to increase traffic to your Site.

6.You Should make your own communities at sites like http://www.mybloglog.com/ when other people will join your community it will help in greater traffic to your site & don’t forget to join the communities of other people.

7.The last step is that You should Never leave the Spririt & should Continue writing & Finally you will be able to get the desired amount of traffic & will be able to generate $$Revenue$$ from your site...

By : Bob Matharoo

Don't Ever Try To Cheat GOOGLE............

Why You Shouldn’t Cheat AdSense
If you applied for AdSense account with intention to cheat and earn fast bucks, I hope by now you have understood that you shouldn’t.
Why? You say. Google is so rich, losing some pennies won’t hurt.Well. Probably. But when I say you shouldn’t, trust me. You really shouldn’t.
These are just some reasons:
1. You can’t cheat Google
Every once in while, someone will comes out with ingenious idea of how to get more money from AdSense in less than honorable ways. He will announce to the whole world, posting in every forum and tell people how smart he is. His idea is always untraceable by Google, it is always original, and it always gives easy money.
What he doesn’t know is, few months after that, he will get caught by Google, always. And his AdSense account will be disabled. Always. And he is banned from ever applying for AdSense account again. Always.
Google is a giant, with 2005 revenue of almost US$ 10 billions, and profits of more than US$ 1 billion. A large chunk of this comes from Adwords / AdSense advertisements.
More click fraud means less trust, less advertisers and less money, to the extent that if unsolved it will bring collapse to pay-per-click advertisement business. Now. Do you think Google will let you jeopardize their billion dollar business model?
They have money and ability to bring together many of the the smartest and brightest engineers and scientists on earth, has been doing that and will continue to do so. How smart do you think you are that you can outsmart collaborative effort of the brightest brains?
You might be able to pull through for two or three months, but eventually the fraud detection algorithm will catch up and you are caught. And you get banned from Google AdSense, among other things.
2. Cheating = stealing
No matter how you want to justify, face it, cheating is stealing. You are not only stealing from Google, but also from Adwords publishers. Majority of these are are not big companies, but small webmasters depending on Internet to make a living.
Moreover, even if your morality (or lack thereof) permits stealing from your own fellow, bear in mind that stealing is illegal. Regardless of whether it is done offline or online, a crime is a crime. You might get jailed for that.
In fact, Google has started to bring AdSense fraudsters to court a few months ago. Some were jailed, and some others were fined heavily.
3. It is just too easy to earn more, legally
Let’s say you managed to cheat AdSense undetected. You don’t use clickbot or proxy or click-ring or paid clickers. You managed to somehow get the clicks from distributed IP. You don’t use pop-ups, spyware, adware. You are careful that your CTR does not exceed 10%. Still, your earning is limited. There is a cap you can’t cross, else you will invite unwanted attention to your account.
With so much effort to cover your traces, actually you will get better result if you concentrate your effort to improve the website.
Write more contents, submit articles, improve on your search engine optimisation, improve adsense placement, and you can get the same earning or even more. Sure it will take some time, but this is legitimate.

Deciding the Topic

If you are new to Blogging or are still floundering abut for a topic to blog with, remember thet your topic should be something that you are passionate about,you are an expert in or some research & write about . Your visitors, in all likelihood , will be just as intrested as you are .
You must also try to make the topic as broad as possible to give you wide choiceof visitors.
with narrow topic it may be difficult. Only that topic should be chosen which deteeermine your abilty to turn it into a revenue source.
Hope you will Stick to your topics like an Adhesive.

Bye bye

What is RSS?

RSS is often used to provide items containing short descriptions of web content together with a link to the full version of the content. This information is delivered as an XML file called RSS feed, RSS stream, or RSS channel. An orange rectangle with the letters XML is often used as a link to a site's RSS feed.More recently, use of RSS has spread to many major news organizations, including Reuters and the Associated Press. Under various usage agreements, content providers allow webmasters or other websites to incorporate their "syndicated" headline or headline-and-short-summary feeds.RSS is widely used by the weblog community to share the latest entries' headlines or their full text, and even attached multimedia files.A program known as a feed reader or aggregator can check RSS-enabled webpages on behalf of a user and display any updated articles that it finds. RSS saves users from having to repeatedly visit favorite websites to check for new content or be notified of updates via email. It is now very common to find RSS feeds on most major web sites, as well as many smaller ones.Feed Readers or News aggregators are typically constructed as extensions to a web browser, as extensions to an email program, or as standalone programs. Some programs now also have native support of RSS and/or Atom, such as Mozilla Firefox, Mozilla Thunderbird, and Opera. RSS support will be available in the next version of Safari.Web-based feed readers and aggregators such as found on My Yahoo, Yahoo!'s user-customizable Web page, on Retronimo or on Bloglines, require no software installation and make the user's "feeds" available on any computer with Web access.Some aggregators syndicate (combine) RSS feeds into new feeds, e.g. take all football related items from several sports feeds and provide a new football feed.

Boost Your Ranking At GOOGLE

Hi friends you all must be frustrated of not getting any TRAFFIC on your BLOG.
In order to Get Traffic first of all you must selct a desired word which perfectly
describes your BLOG. For Example you choose ' Money ' .
After this you must have this word in most of your POSTS i.e. word 'Money'
should come in most of your Posts.
When one would Search word 'Money' on GOOGLE then your blog can acquire
higher positions. Hope this would work perfectly.
Bye bYE



An Affiliate is a partner that works with the advertising programs to dispay their ADVERTISEMENTS OR ADS on his /her website or BLOG .
Affiliate programs are quite different form programs like GOOGLE AD-SENSE .
Here the person is paid in form of CPA that is Cost Per Action rather than CPC
that is Cost Per Click or CPM that is Cost per thousand impressions.
In CPC System the person is paid for a specific action taken by the User after the click of the Ad it could be something like registering for free on Web site or more complicated like buying a product. These programs help in earning money & money .

I have found some very useful affiliate programs for Bloggers the given below:

1} http://www.affiliate-program.amazon.com/gp/associates/join
2} http://www.shareasale.com/
3} http://www.bravenet.com/webtools/affiliate/index.php
4} http://www.clickbank.com/promote_products.html

So what are you waiting for go toany Affiliate Program Provider & start earning money today.

Note: For more information on Affiliate Programs or any other topic passed before just E-mail me at : crown_of_punjab@yahoo.com.

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