7 Simple Steps To get TRAFFIC to your BLOG

In order to increase traffic to your Website or BLOG you must follow these 7 simple steps:-

1. First of all you must stick to your topics this will show your knowledge about the topic & people will always be attracted towards your site in search of the information regarding the particular topic .

2.Then you should update your blog Everyday or with a gap of some days this will show your sincerity towards the topic & would help to establish your Site or Blog in that particular Field.

3. The 3rd thing usually seen in most of people is that they get frustrated of not getting Comments or Replies to their posts & finally the stop writing. But this should not happen because whenever we are writing or Updating our Website our Rank on many Popular search Engines continue to increase & we start getting traffic within 1 to 4 Months.

4. You MUST use Pinging sites such as
i) http://www.pingomatic.com/
ii) http://www.pingoat.com/

whenever you update your Blog .This will help in Better Rankings in Search Engines like Google.

5. You Must give Powerful comments on the Blog or Site of others & always put a link to Your site .This will impress the owner of the site & the other people commenting on the sites . This will help to increase traffic to your Site.

6.You Should make your own communities at sites like http://www.mybloglog.com/ when other people will join your community it will help in greater traffic to your site & don’t forget to join the communities of other people.

7.The last step is that You should Never leave the Spririt & should Continue writing & Finally you will be able to get the desired amount of traffic & will be able to generate $$Revenue$$ from your site...

By : Bob Matharoo


BillyWarhol said...

I don't like that Ad redirect when wanting to comment*

other than that some Good Tips!

Cheers! Billy ;))


Rcube said...

Great tips. Where are you from; your English seems a little bit.....off, otherwise not too shabby.

Hey just so you know, I almost didn't post because of the ADD Redirect.

Michael A. Setyaputra said...

haha.. yeah, you should get rid of that ad, Bob.

Anyway, it's a very nice post. I agree that the amount of comments should rise after some months. My blog now receives only 4 comments at most :( But this is my first month, so I wouldn't worry too much about it, right?!

Hey, any chance that you'd want a link exchange with my blog?

Michael Setyaputra

May Ong said...


Very well put and said. It also expresses similar feelings and experience for me.

I posts many but received few comments also.

By joining MyBlogLog helps me out quite abit.

May Ong

Lee said...

Hi BOB..

Your article is useful for the new blogger like me.
I like it.



anjali said...

Good information I liked it ! I'll follw your tips. Visit mine


My Surfing Notes said...

You said it as it must be said.
Blog is the spaces to sharing.
Traffic come by sharing it self.
Blessed job Guys.


GigaBytes said...

Participate in forum discussion will also get some traffic.

Anonymous said...

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Abis said...

Can any one tell me what do the pinging sites do?

Kalpana said...

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Dhaniswor said...

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Jess Sophia said...

I want more tips!


elisa said...

Thanks for the tips... they seem too simple but I guess they are worth trying!

What does Pinging do?

Thanks again

roslimh said...

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All the best.

BlogUser said...

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ASGHAR ALI said...

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ASGHAR ALI said...

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queenmadison said...

thanks those tips really can help.
i hope you will also visit my site! and oh as you've said on your post, please comment. lol! thank you so much....

Diday said...

great info. im still exploring my blogger's trail blog and tried different online earning but don have much traffic

Natalie said...

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Senyor said...

Nice tips.


Gman said...

Thanks for the advice, I will try that.

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