IT services in New York by iCorps


July 30 2008


logo IT or Information Technology may be called as the buzz word of the 21st Century. It is the one of the fastest growing sector in the business world today. IT deals with information computing ,database management, network engineering & many others professions which come under the shadow of computers. Many big companies are searching for young & intelligent IT professionals for their companies.


iCorps Technologies is a well established & reputed company providing IT services in New York , USA. It is one of the largest IT consulting firms up to date in US. The company aims at providing best solutions for different business. iCorps also provides remote IT services under one roof to help you get maximum out of your business.


iCorps is managed by certified consultants which are technology experts & provides you the best services.

IT services in New York which are being provided by iCorps include:


  • Security Management for your systems
  • Software & Hardware at good costs
  • Wireless Access of systems
  • Application Development for business
  • Help & Support for Desktops


iCorps has partnership with best companies of IT Sector which includes MICROSOFT, APPLE CONSULTANTS NETWORK, BLACKBERRY & many others. The customer services are best among the available IT outsourcing companies. The experts at iCorps tweak up your business & make it move on path of efficiency & maximum performance.


The skill & advanced management at iCorps can take your business to the new levels.

Google updating Page Rank - July 2008


images Well the time has come again & Google is set to update the page ranks of Web sites. Last year when I started my blog I was able to reach Page Rank 6 which was for a short time & it dropped to 4 . Google updates the page rank to refresh the Webs site database but unfortunately many sites have to suffer as they see dropping in their higher ones to lower .


Anyway, its also said that this update may bring smiles to the owners of the sites which were earlier penalized by Google in its last update.


Like most of the guys I have worked a lot on my Blog's back links number , SEO & traffic. Lets keep the fingers crossed & hope for the best..


God Bless.. All the best to all ..Praying

WidgetBox Widgetizing the Blogosphere




Ever thought of converting your blog into a widget ! which can be embedded by the other people on their blogs but at WidgetBox dot com you can create a widget of your blog for others in easy & simple way.


I too created a widget of my blog which today have 33 subscriptions, which means this Works!! & I would recommend it as it's really worth trying. When you build your widget then a code to be placed on your blog is given. After you place the code the visitors on your blog can subscribe to your widget.


wbx-pbadge14 WidgetBox not only offer this, you can get & create widgets of many kinds like games, news feed , visitor counter, translator & many more under different tags . You can also place the code of the widget on your blog which will help bring more  subscriptions. The widgets created with WidgetBox are compatible with most of the Blogging Platforms like MySpace, Blogger, WordPress,etc.


Here's a Screen shot of my widget :




One important thing to be noted is that always give specific tags to your widget which helps in better SEO & will give you more subscriptions & traffic to your blog.

How to search if your Blog is listed in AWESOME BLOG LISTING !



AWESOME BLOG LISTING which is taking place on my blog has now more than 500 blogs listed . It has come to my notice that many people are putting their links for listing even if their blogs are already listed.


So finally I have come up with solution which can help you find if your blog is listed in AWESOME BLOG LISTING or not .


Here's how to check it ;



  • Press Ctrl + F ( for Firefox, Opera & IE 6 or above ) .


  • A dialog box appears asking to search for words on the page.


  • Then type in your blog address in 2 different ways to check your blog listing





  • If your blog is listed in the AWESOME BLOG LISTING then you can reciprocate me by placing blog badge on your site.


  • If your site isn't listed then put your blog in Shout Box at AWESOME BLOG LISTING page, your blog will be added & don't forget to reciprocate me by placing new! blog badge on your site..


Here's the New! AWESOME Badge code :


<a href="" target="_blank"><img src="" border="0" alt=" My Blog listed at AWESOME BLOG LISTING "></a>

Preview : My Blog listed at AWESOME BLOG LISTING

Featured Status at EntreCard.. YES ! it works!!


featured-dreadbob I was wandering on Entrecard to find something to boost my ad sales on Entrecard. Then in the Shop there, I found a lot of things which you can buy at the cost of your Entrecard Credits.




I entered the Upgrades Section where I found Featured Status item . It costs you around 750 Ec .


What does Featured Status do then??


When you buy it your Blog gets covered by Gold Border which helps attracts buyers to buy ads from your site..Your Blog remains like this for 1 week.




And today I bought 1 for my blog too!. Now if anyone searches blogs in Blogging Resources section for dropping or buying ad, they will see my Blog just like this;



               { this Pic is just after I bought Featured Status }


It costs 750 Ec .The Golden border makes your blog look different in the crowd of blogs & thereby results in attracting buyers to buy ad on your blog.




I think this has really affected my Blog because now its been 3hrs after I purchased the item & not it costs others 256 Ec/day for advertising on my blog. Hope the number will increase soon!!. Result is here ---->







Does Featured Status Work??


YES it does till now as you can see my blog jumped from 64 to 256 Ec/day after I bought the item .. lets see what is the maximum  I can achieve during this week.


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Recent Comments Widget for Blogger !!



Just like the WordPress blogs where plugin of Recent Comments on Blog shows off the latest comments on any of your Blog posts, now Blogger also has the same thing which is quite easy to embed.


All you have to do is fill the form at Blogger Buster :


  • Widget title : which should be Recent Comments
  • Blog address
  • No. of Comments to display : put the number of comments to be displayed on the widget.
  • Show comment date : Tick to show or Cross if you don't want to display the date of comment.
  • Show post title : Tick to show or cross if you dont want to show the post title. ( My recommendation : Cross it )
  • Set the summary size  of the comment to be displayed on the widget.


After this you can click on Apply & then your widget will be ready with settings defined by you. 


Thanks! to Blogger Buster for this awesome widget..

Cadillacs taking the Luxury to new heights - Cadillacs Harrisburg PA


July 20, 2008


cadillac logo dreadbobCadillacs are one of the best luxuries cars in the World. Now this brand is owned by the General Motors. The company has proved their mettle in US & Canada where Cadillacs are really very popular not only because of their performance but also because of their look of which Americans are fans. But now the brand is not only Popular in North America , but also in many other countries. at present their slogan  Life. Liberty. And The Pursuit. adds 5 stars to its reputation & style & defines the Cadillac to the full.


The Cadillacs cars inventory includes Escalade, CTS, DTS, STS, XLR and SRX models. Sutlif Cadillac Auto Group is one of the leading sellers of Cadillacs all over the United States. Sutlif was chosen by GM to open Hummer franchise & now they are now really proud to present all New Cadillacs Harrisburg PA . In Pennsylvania Sutlif Cadillacs has a big inventory of new Cadillacs to chose from.


Some of the New Cadillacs Harrisburg PA :-


cd dts dreadbob

Cadillac DTS : You get performance as well as comfort whenever you go on drive on this luxury sedan.






cd sts dreadbob 

Cadillac STS : Its Seville Touring Sedan , luxury car which also gives you more torque & tighter suspension.





cd cts

Cadillac CTS : This mid size car is an affordable luxury sedan which also does not put load on your wallet.







Cadillac Escalade : This SUV is perfect for family needs, business. It has a lot of space & luxury interiors & the style needed to impress any babe.. he he .





cd xlr dreadbbo

Cadillac XLR Roadster : This is the 2nd sports car of Cadillac first one being the Cadillac Allanté, produced from 1987 to 1993. It will turn heads from the country club to the upscale restaurant valet. This sports car gives hard competition to the Chevrolet Corvette.



cd srx

Cadillac SRX : Its a mid size crossover SUV which is the compact form of SUV which can serve as family car perfectly.




The aim of the Sutlif Cadillac Auto Group is to satisfy their each & every customer. They can help you get any model of you favorite Cadillac.


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What if Einstein helps you in Advertising of your Blog! look & decide ;)


Here's a photo of what Einstein taught in his Physics class.. he just told the students about $ Secret Money Blog $ ( joking Big Grin :)




Thanks Mr. Einstein Laughing .. hope students are using my Money making formulae's in Physics these days...  Applause

Google Adsense Referral closing down, Welcome Google Affliate Network!



Google has decided to shut down their current Adsense Referrals Program as they have tied up with Doubleclick. Now Google is almost ready to launch their new program called Google Affiliate Network.


I came to know this from a mail from Google team which says that the program is down & the new one will be launched soon!. Here's clip of their mail :





Thank you for participating in the AdSense Referrals program.
We’re writing to let you know that we will be retiring the AdSense
Referrals program during the last week of August. We appreciate
your patience during this transition and here are some alternative
options to consider:


    * Google Affiliate Network: As part of the integration of
DoubleClick, the DoubleClick Performics Affiliate Network will now
operate as the Google Affiliate Network for advertisers targeting
users located in the United States. Similar to the AdSense
Referrals program, the Google Affiliate Network enables publishers
to apply for advertiser programs and get paid based on
advertiser-defined actions instead of clicks or impressions.


& BLAH! BLAH! BLAH!......



If you are currently running their referral ads, then remove it from your site as their will be no conversions now . I have removed my one referral ad of 'Download Manager' when I came to know about this, as they are of no use now & are just occupying Web site space..


Google Affiliate Network will be better than the Adsense Referral program as this is what Google is saying.


Let's hope it'll BE the same what Google says & the publishers like us will be able to earn better.


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I got my FREE Ubuntu CD , Hurry! you Get it too!




In April I came to know about the Free Ubuntu CD from Internet & I ordered the CD as they were saying that they are shipping the CD anywhere in the World for FREE!! .


It took about 70 days or 2 months for the CD to reach me as they already said. But to much of my surprise they Really ! sent me the CD free of COST straight from Netherlands( I think! Thinking ) .




The CD contains Ubuntu Operating System which is a Linux based OS. The OS gives you free tools which can help you surf the Web, Create Documents , Spreadsheets & many more tools which normally we get from Windows. The OS perfect for Home, Education use & for Business needs too! as its written on the CD pack. I'll definitely give it try it when my PC needs windows to be reinstalled he he! Laughing


If you don't wanna spend money on expensive Windows or Mac then its a free alternative for those two..




They are offering free Ubuntu CD in 2 versions :

  • Desktop Edition ( I ordered this one! Happy)
  • Server Edition


Hurry! Get your Free UBUNTU CD... click here!! paid $ Secret Money Blog $ $107.50 Yeppii!!



My $107.50 check!! from


I was so Happy! Big Grin to see my mailbox as it was having my first check from, a company about which you all know, if don't then read here! .


I signed up with a few months ago, but I didn't gave it attention as I was busy with my Grade 12th exams. But after I started blogging again from May then I decided to check this site. I started taking review offers from ReviewME from about 20th May .


I earned just $22.50 in last 10 days of May 2008. The minimum amount to get paid by check was $25.00 , Oh! Man I missed that. So my payment was on hold. But in June I made around $85 from sponsored reviews & the net balance reached $107.50 ... he he Money Eyes ,  I had crossed the threshold payment value of $25.00 & I was eagerly waiting for my little sweet check to come & to announce it on my Blog.


Thanks guys for making my Little Blog, a little Popular... & thanks too!! Star



How to Create Web 2.0 logo in 2 Minutes! Photoshop Tutorial from SMB


Check out this video tutorial I made to help you Build a Logo for your Blog..Hope you find it useful..


The tutorial covers the following main things to help you build a beautiful & impressive logo :


  • dreadbob-web-2.0 Using Gradient overlay on Text


  • Duplicating the Text Layer afterwards.


  • Rotating the Duplicated text layer vertically.


  • Reversing the gradient overlay on rotated text layer.


  • Then converting the text layer into Smart shape for further again using Gradient overlay ' Foreground to Transparent ' to give a Reflection effect.


  • TADAAA!! your Logo is ready!!



With this method you can create a Professional looking logo in just 2 Minutes only ! ....


Here's the video:



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When Advertising got Free! & Effective - Thanks! Entrecard


entrecard-dreadbob It emerged just a few months ago & today its being used by thousands of Bloggers because it helps you get that thing which every Blogger needs ! , YES really Works even though its free!!. I first saw it on famous Blogs like,at that time I was not aware of its use . Today its been 1 month since I joined Entrecard last month I know what it has done for me!. It really helped me increase my Alexa Rank as my traffic was increasing from 17 Lac to about 5 lac now, all just in 1 Month !! .


What's Entrecard??


Even if you dont know the Entrecard thing then Let me explain it to you; Its all about dropping you Entrecard at other blogs & getting other people Entrecards dropped your Blog. When you signup with Entrecard, you create your Blogs Entrecard. Then you have to place the Entrecard Code on your Blog & then you are set for Dropping..


The ads slots are of  size 125px X 125px on which ads are placed after ads are bought from you or you buy ads on other blogs.




Then What?


When you drop your Entrecard on other Blogs & others drop on your Blog, both these actions earn you Credits.


What to do with Entrecard Credits ?


The credits you earn are used for Advertising your Entrecard on other Blogs. When someone click on that Entrecard it lands to your Blog & you get visitors.


Building your Entrecard


  • Beautiful & Attractive Entrecards attract others to Advertise on your Blog & the chances of rejection of your Blogs Ad on others becomes very less.
  • Try to give a look to your Entrecard that perfectly explains your Blog.
  • has Shop section where you can order others for the cost of Entrecard Credits to make a Hot looking! Entrecard for your Blog.


Popularity on Entrecard


If your Blog has a Good popularity on Entrecard then number of ads bought from your Blog is considerably High.


How to increase Popularity 


  • Regular dropping on blogs helps you catch eye of the others & they finally started buying ads form you.
  • Being a permanent Buyer of ads on other blogs.
  • Recommendations, you can ask people to recommend your blog for advertising to others. The Recommendation statement is shown on your Blogs profile page &  helps you to acquire visitors attention & force them to buy ads on your site..
  • When the number of ads sold on your blog increases the Popularity of Blog improves & attract more & more people to buy ads on your blog.


Pricing of Ad on your Blog


When someone buys ad on your blog then he has to pay the amount in the form Entrecard credits.


The pricing depends on the number of ads on your Widget, here's the pricing model :



Ads waiting on spot





2 EC



2 EC



16 EC



256 EC



1024 EC

                                                                        EC = Entrecard Credits


Selling on Entrecard


You can also sell links on your Blog , graphic designs of Entrecard & much more through Entrecard & all you cost others is Entrecard Credits .


If you want to sell something on Entrecard for Entrecard Credits, then just send Entrecard team a message through Feedback which you can see on bottom of your Dashboards Screen. Just write them what you are selling & for what cost with complete details & the Entrecard team will contact you through your Email if you qualify.




" Entrecard has really changed the way Blog Advertising takes place on Internet "


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Why Nissan Cars are worth buying! - Nissan Dealer MA


July 06 2008



Nissan Cars you all must have heard the name of this Car maker & most of you must be a Fan like ME! of its legendary cars like 350 Z. Nissan is an Japanese brand which is today one of the most successful multinational car maker. It came into existence in 1914 under the brand name of Datsun. Then Nissan was founded in 1933 & today its the 3rd largest Japanese car manufacturer. Its main office is in Tokyo. Nissan is very much popular among people in United States & many more countries.


If you are an American then you must know the value of Nissan Car, the power , the response & the comfort which is under these cars is simply unbeatable. Framingham Nissan Dealership is one of the Nissan Dealer in States. Nissan Dealer MA can help you get NEW & used Nissan cars & you can have a test drive of the cars too. They provide Nissan cars from Luxury Sedan to SUV models at great prices. They are Nissan dealers for Framingham, Massachusetts, along with Natick, Marlboro, Milford, Needham, and Wellesley




Here are some cool models of Nissan at Nissan Dealer MA :



Nissan Altima : Its a sport sedan car with high torque & tighter suspension for greater grip on road. This is definitely the ultimate Sprots sedan from Nissan.




Nissan Sentra : The car is known as 'Bluebird Sylphy' in Japan. Its a small compact sedan from Nissan. You can get luxury as well as Performance from this car. When you are driving you know who's the boss!




Nissan Armada : The car was also fromerly called Pathfinder Armada. This is a SUV which is perfect for family trips. The car is highly spacious as well as stylish.




Nissan Xterra : Its a Compact SUV from Nissan which is perfect for buisness needs & it adds a style statement to your life too!




Nissan Z : If you love Speed then Nissans Z series is what you are looking for. they have perfect combination of Speed & beauty.




Nissan Murano : Its a compact SUV which is spacious too & perfect for work & trips. The car looks as if its gonna fly like those in Star Wars.. Its really a beauty.


All of us know the strength & power of Nissan Engines is awesome which is responsible for their success in whole World . The VQ engines, of V6 configuration have remained continuously featured among Ward's 10 Best engine for 12 years.


Framingham Nissan Dealership is owned by shaker family & they are leading retailers of Nissan since 1947. At present they have 8 Franchises in 6 Locations across 3 States in US. At Framingham Nissan Dealership you can schedule your Nissans Service easily with online reservation tool. Nissan Dealer MA treats customers to the full & consider them as most important person in dealership, this reflects their devotion to their work in a beautiful way.


If you are in need of your Nissan then Framingham Nissan Dealer MA is great way to get Nissan Cars , SUVs & trucks.

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