How to Create Web 2.0 logo in 2 Minutes! Photoshop Tutorial from SMB

Check out this video tutorial I made to help you Build a Logo for your Blog..Hope you find it useful..


The tutorial covers the following main things to help you build a beautiful & impressive logo :


  • dreadbob-web-2.0 Using Gradient overlay on Text


  • Duplicating the Text Layer afterwards.


  • Rotating the Duplicated text layer vertically.


  • Reversing the gradient overlay on rotated text layer.


  • Then converting the text layer into Smart shape for further again using Gradient overlay ' Foreground to Transparent ' to give a Reflection effect.


  • TADAAA!! your Logo is ready!!



With this method you can create a Professional looking logo in just 2 Minutes only ! ....


Here's the video:



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Pamela Kramer said...

Nice tip! I love photoshop tips.

lankapo said...

wah so easy ,,thanks bro

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