paid $ Secret Money Blog $ $107.50 Yeppii!!


My $107.50 check!! from


I was so Happy! Big Grin to see my mailbox as it was having my first check from, a company about which you all know, if don't then read here! .


I signed up with a few months ago, but I didn't gave it attention as I was busy with my Grade 12th exams. But after I started blogging again from May then I decided to check this site. I started taking review offers from ReviewME from about 20th May .


I earned just $22.50 in last 10 days of May 2008. The minimum amount to get paid by check was $25.00 , Oh! Man I missed that. So my payment was on hold. But in June I made around $85 from sponsored reviews & the net balance reached $107.50 ... he he Money Eyes ,  I had crossed the threshold payment value of $25.00 & I was eagerly waiting for my little sweet check to come & to announce it on my Blog.


Thanks guys for making my Little Blog, a little Popular... & thanks too!! Star




Richard McLaughlin said...

be careful, Google does not like pay per post and can 'punish' you for doing it.

anurag said...

i am from india i cant create login
becz **State (USA only):
can u tell me how can i

Bob Matharoo said...

No Anurag your are Wrong !! anyone from any country can sign up with Reviewme .. you dont have to select any state of USA.. just give your state name under Province........hope u understand it now!! .. province means same what state means if you are non US...

dreamwalker said...

Hi, there. I am quite new to ReviewMe and I am not sure about their reliability. There seems to a lot of opportunities but I am picking through them. Do you think they are worth writing for?

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