I got my FREE Ubuntu CD , Hurry! you Get it too!



In April I came to know about the Free Ubuntu CD from Internet & I ordered the CD as they were saying that they are shipping the CD anywhere in the World for FREE!! .


It took about 70 days or 2 months for the CD to reach me as they already said. But to much of my surprise they Really ! sent me the CD free of COST straight from Netherlands( I think! Thinking ) .




The CD contains Ubuntu Operating System which is a Linux based OS. The OS gives you free tools which can help you surf the Web, Create Documents , Spreadsheets & many more tools which normally we get from Windows. The OS perfect for Home, Education use & for Business needs too! as its written on the CD pack. I'll definitely give it try it when my PC needs windows to be reinstalled he he! Laughing


If you don't wanna spend money on expensive Windows or Mac then its a free alternative for those two..




They are offering free Ubuntu CD in 2 versions :

  • Desktop Edition ( I ordered this one! Happy)
  • Server Edition


Hurry! Get your Free UBUNTU CD... click here!!

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