Creating safe grounds for play and sports using rubber surfaces


Making a playground safe and healthy is really a big job because if its not safe then no one of them would ever like to enter the playground and arenas. There are a lot of ways by which we can make it safe like by using good quality equipment such as slides. But the most important thing which needs to be taken care of is the ground because it is what causes injuries, so it requires a big attention to make it safe.



RubberRecycle mulch is a great way to make the ground safe for kids. It consists of rubber chunks and shredded rubber which helps in making the ground soft and safe. Whenever any one falls, they will fall on this rubber which act as cushion to absorbs the shocks and helps prevent injuries. It makes the ground fun to walk and play as it is just soft and stretchable rubber.


Arena Footing

In arenas of Horse Riding, Surefoot Arena Footing by RubberRecycle helps in reducing the strain on horses during races. It also helps in reducing the maintenance costs of ground by reducing the dust and helps in improving the appearance of the arena too!. Arena Footing is non toxic and offer lifetime guarantee


Playsafer Rubber

Playsafer Rubber mulch is another great product to help make the ground surface safe for children. The rubber mulch is non staining and does not attract & breed insects. The playsaer rubber is economical and meets all the safety guidlines .


Available in different colors

It helps in reducing injuries and is a great product for making playgrounds safe and beautiful as it is available in many vibrant colors to chose from. So just by using Recycle rubber which is eco friendly we can help in making our grounds more fun and safe too.


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MIT Student creates a simple Gesture Control System


Tony Stark in Iron Man2 using Hand Gestures

Tony Stark in Iron Man2 using Hand Gestures


Do you remember Iron Man 2 in which Tony Stark uses Hand Gestures in air to create and design his robot suit. Though it has not become reality yet but many companies are researching on this great technology to bring out the best way to make it possible. Researchers are trying to use many sensors and other high tech devices to do this, but Robert Wang a student at MIT has showcased his very simple way to implement Gesture control system which only uses a pair gloves and a webcam which tracks the hands. This make the technology inexpensive and simple.


Robert Wang showing his 3D Gloves

Robert Wang showing his 3D Gloves


The gloves are colorful and weird looking but there lies the concept because the color patterns are processed by the computer software and helps computer in recognizing the 3D shape of hand. When the gloves are worn then the person can move and change the objects on screen.



If research continues at same pace then get ready to see this technology being used in games and many other applications real soon in future.


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