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entrecard-dreadbob It emerged just a few months ago & today its being used by thousands of Bloggers because it helps you get that thing which every Blogger needs ! , YES Entrecard.com really Works even though its free!!. I first saw it on famous Blogs like JohnChow.com,at that time I was not aware of its use . Today its been 1 month since I joined Entrecard last month I know what it has done for me!. It really helped me increase my Alexa Rank as my traffic was increasing from 17 Lac to about 5 lac now, all just in 1 Month !! .


What's Entrecard??


Even if you dont know the Entrecard thing then Let me explain it to you; Its all about dropping you Entrecard at other blogs & getting other people Entrecards dropped your Blog. When you signup with Entrecard, you create your Blogs Entrecard. Then you have to place the Entrecard Code on your Blog & then you are set for Dropping..


The ads slots are of  size 125px X 125px on which ads are placed after ads are bought from you or you buy ads on other blogs.




Then What?


When you drop your Entrecard on other Blogs & others drop on your Blog, both these actions earn you Credits.


What to do with Entrecard Credits ?


The credits you earn are used for Advertising your Entrecard on other Blogs. When someone click on that Entrecard it lands to your Blog & you get visitors.


Building your Entrecard


  • Beautiful & Attractive Entrecards attract others to Advertise on your Blog & the chances of rejection of your Blogs Ad on others becomes very less.
  • Try to give a look to your Entrecard that perfectly explains your Blog.
  • Entrecard.com has Shop section where you can order others for the cost of Entrecard Credits to make a Hot looking! Entrecard for your Blog.


Popularity on Entrecard


If your Blog has a Good popularity on Entrecard then number of ads bought from your Blog is considerably High.


How to increase Popularity 


  • Regular dropping on blogs helps you catch eye of the others & they finally started buying ads form you.
  • Being a permanent Buyer of ads on other blogs.
  • Recommendations, you can ask people to recommend your blog for advertising to others. The Recommendation statement is shown on your Blogs profile page &  helps you to acquire visitors attention & force them to buy ads on your site..
  • When the number of ads sold on your blog increases the Popularity of Blog improves & attract more & more people to buy ads on your blog.


Pricing of Ad on your Blog


When someone buys ad on your blog then he has to pay the amount in the form Entrecard credits.


The pricing depends on the number of ads on your Widget, here's the pricing model :



Ads waiting on spot





2 EC



2 EC



16 EC



256 EC



1024 EC

                                                                        EC = Entrecard Credits


Selling on Entrecard


You can also sell links on your Blog , graphic designs of Entrecard & much more through Entrecard & all you cost others is Entrecard Credits .


If you want to sell something on Entrecard for Entrecard Credits, then just send Entrecard team a message through Feedback which you can see on bottom of your Dashboards Screen. Just write them what you are selling & for what cost with complete details & the Entrecard team will contact you through your Email if you qualify.




" Entrecard has really changed the way Blog Advertising takes place on Internet "


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