Recent Comments Widget for Blogger !!


Just like the WordPress blogs where plugin of Recent Comments on Blog shows off the latest comments on any of your Blog posts, now Blogger also has the same thing which is quite easy to embed.


All you have to do is fill the form at Blogger Buster :


  • Widget title : which should be Recent Comments
  • Blog address
  • No. of Comments to display : put the number of comments to be displayed on the widget.
  • Show comment date : Tick to show or Cross if you don't want to display the date of comment.
  • Show post title : Tick to show or cross if you dont want to show the post title. ( My recommendation : Cross it )
  • Set the summary size  of the comment to be displayed on the widget.


After this you can click on Apply & then your widget will be ready with settings defined by you. 


Thanks! to Blogger Buster for this awesome widget..

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