Featured Status at EntreCard.. YES ! it works!!

featured-dreadbob I was wandering on Entrecard to find something to boost my ad sales on Entrecard. Then in the Shop there, I found a lot of things which you can buy at the cost of your Entrecard Credits.




I entered the Upgrades Section where I found Featured Status item . It costs you around 750 Ec .


What does Featured Status do then??


When you buy it your Blog gets covered by Gold Border which helps attracts buyers to buy ads from your site..Your Blog remains like this for 1 week.




And today I bought 1 for my blog too!. Now if anyone searches blogs in Blogging Resources section for dropping or buying ad, they will see my Blog just like this;



               { this Pic is just after I bought Featured Status }


It costs 750 Ec .The Golden border makes your blog look different in the crowd of blogs & thereby results in attracting buyers to buy ad on your blog.




I think this has really affected my Blog because now its been 3hrs after I purchased the item & not it costs others 256 Ec/day for advertising on my blog. Hope the number will increase soon!!. Result is here ---->







Does Featured Status Work??


YES it does till now as you can see my blog jumped from 64 to 256 Ec/day after I bought the item .. lets see what is the maximum  I can achieve during this week.


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michaelwong38@gmail.com said...

Hi, was wondering if you'd like to exchange links with me?
If yes, please leave your blog url as a comment at:
I'll link to you first, then when you have time link back k?
Thanks, Michael
BTW--I'm michaelwong38 on digg. If ever you want something dugg, just send me a shout anytime.

Anna said...

I noticed all the different colors that mean different things on Entrecard. Until now, though, I didn't know what featured status was or how blogs got to be featured. Thanks for explaining it. I hope it works out well for you.

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