Powerful Adsense Secret You Don't know About!

Today more than 65% Bloggers are using Adsense for making Money through blogging.
Now i am gonna tell you a Big Secret of Adsense..

Do you know which Adsense Ad block is Most effective in getting Clicks?

Well most of you would be thinking that 468 X 60 sized ad block is the Best.
But sadly you are wrong! because according to my new statistics this ad block is so common that most of us ignore it. I found this ad block on about 75-80% Sites.

What i found interesting with my experiments was that a square ad block above your
Blog posts is most impressive & gets maximum clicks on a Blog.This is because when a site is opened a visitor at first sees the top of the Blog where posts are made & if a visitor watches your Ads then the chance he would click on the ads is near about 75%.

The Size of ad block you should try are given below:
1. 336 X 280 Large Rectangle ( My Reccomendation)
2. 300 X 250 Rectangle ( My Reccomendation)
3. And Don't forget to use some Skyscrappers on Right or Left Side of Your Posts.

That's all me & my friends Found..Hope you find it useful.



ferrari said...

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A Yustiawan said...

Interesting information!!

Mike said...

There's no way in hell you're going to get a 75% click rate. You're obviously exaggerating.

You're right that the 336 x 280 banner is the most profitable format, but Click rate depends on many factors not just placements. If you manage to get a 5-7% CTR it would be great. Going above these margins on a high traffic volume would make you a genius ;)

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