Why Apple iPhone 5 may have the same design as iPhone 4

iphone 5 ?The rumors of next generation of iPhone after the iPhone 4 have been surfacing all over the internet for quite a long time now. Now there’s news that a new device which may be iPhone 5 was spotted and it might have screen like HTC’s EVO mobile device and the design is also different and not the same as iPhone 4 or iPhone 3GS. But all these are just rumors and nothing is confirmed from a credible source.


So, why Apple iPhone 5 might have same look as iPhone 4, the answer lies inside the video of the apple’s new iOS 5 which is to be launched in September 2011 soon. As everybody is saying that apple will launch iOS 5 loaded into their next generation iPhone which may be iPhone 5.


Well if you have watched the video of iOS 5 then you must have seen that they are saying that you will be able to click photos with the volume buttons which I guess indicates that if Apple will be showing up their new iPhone 5 with iOS 5 then we can expect the design to be same as only then iPhone would be able click photos that way.


Click photos with Volume buttons on iPhone

With iOS 5 you can click photos from you iPhone 4 via volume buttons


However this is just my small point of view which I think indicates that the next iPhone will have same design as iPhone 4, but just like everyone else I am also expecting it to be different and with some new cool features because that’s going to be my next phone! cheers..


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inkjet said...

I can't wait for iPhone5! I'm sure even there's no changes on the appearance the performance and the features are upgraded.

Bob Matharoo said...

Yeah, its definitely going to get an upgrade on Hardware, may be A5 processor and higher video RAM...lets hope for the best... :)

Go Green! said...

I'm very excited for the iPhone5! I thought it was coming out in July : ( .

Bob Matharoo said...

@go Green!

Yea everyone was expecting it to be released during WWDC annual conference of apple, but no news of iPhone was revealed there.

But the word on internet is that Apple is releasing it in September 2011...lets hope its launched out in September...:)

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