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May 26,2008


You all know how there's a Blog Revolution going on all over the Internet. Every Blogger is searching a magical way to promote their blog to get readers attention & of course, to Earn Some MONEY $$ .


You all must have heard the word Blog Roll. Yeah that's right it's a one of the most popular, genuine & a Cost Free  way to promote your Blog. You just display other peoples blog on your site & they give a free link back to your site too!!.


Well, guys this is a Manual Work & one have to edit the list to add new links to your Blog Roll.


How would it be, if you don't have to that day after day & You get tons of Traffic for Free! ?


Then here's a new service for all which is being offered by 23Blogs.com - FREE Blog Roll TEXT Link Exchange.(1:10) ,

A free automated Blog Roll service for Blogs. The website gives you Blog Roll Widget to display on your site. This Blog Roll widget contains 10 blog links which automatically gets updated from time to time.


What's Special ??

When you signup with 23blogs.com, you add up your Blog to get listed randomly & earn 1000 credits just for signing up & placing the widget on your site. After your widget is placed your site gets appearing randomly on the widgets of other Blog who have added this Blog Roll widget to their Blogs . In this way the Blogs start cross promoting each other.


When someone click on any of the Blog listed on your Blog Widget, you earn 10 credits which means that your Blog will be shown on 10 Blogs who are using the 23Blogs.com - FREE Blog Roll TEXT Link Exchange.(1:10)  widgets on their site. So, more the credits you more your Blog will get rolled on other 10 different Blogs, WOW!!. You can also earn credits if you refer other to this site for sign up. Your site will be displayed on those blogs which comes in the Category you chose like Technology.


The 23Blogs.com - FREE Blog Roll TEXT Link Exchange.(1:10)  widgets are available in 15 different styles & you chose them according to your Weblog color.


Embedding the Code:


  • After your Blog setup is complete , 23blogs.com gives you a JavaScript code.
  • Just copy the code & open your Blogger account.
  • Then click on Edit Layout
  • Following it click on 'Add Page Elements'
  • Then Chose Edit HTML/JavaScript .
  • Paste your Code
  • Save the Template.


After this your Blog Roll will be displayed on your site & you will  start getting traffic. HURRAAAAHHH!!!


Your Blog Widget would look something like this :



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