Some Cool Ajax Scripts for your Blogs. is a great mine of Small & light ajax scripts for your weblogs. These scripts can be embedded into the Site layout which can make your Blog eye catching & beautiful. The scripts aren't heavy so that they can't even hamper you Blogs loading process.


Here are some cool scripts from the MiniAjaxs inventory :



Heatmap Script : It displays a heat map of your site in the sense that where there are  clicks, the places get colored red, green & blue.





Reflection.js 1.6 : It gives reflection effect to your images. All you have to do is just enter the URL of image in the box & you get the image with reflection in the coded form which you can save & use on your Weblog!




Slideshow Alternative : With this script you can show your image Slide Show with cross fade effects.




TJPzoom : It allows you to Zoom on the images & view them with more clarity. The zoom moves wherever you move the cursor on the Image.




Loupe.js : You can add a magnifier Lens to your web page & zoom on the content. This is really an amazing script you must watch its demo.




Browser-based instant messaging client : This helps you to embed an Instant Messenger to your Web site & let's you chat.



This is not the end of scripts , you can get many more at .


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