Serious about Savings then visit WaMu

May 28, 2008



WaMu is a Bank for all those who are earning & are serious about their savings for securing their Future. The Bank has many branches all over the United States & help customers to their best. The bank deals with the customers just like friends & all talks are made clear to the point in straightforward way. It is the bank which pioneered first Home Loan in 1890 & this shows that the WaMu bank  has experience of more than 100 years dealing with it's customers.


The Bank provides you a Certificate  of Deposit (CD) which help you meet  Saving goals thus empowering your future. The bank offers many Savings Accounts for its customers, which are as follows:


  • Online Savings
  • Statement Savings
  • Traditional CD
  • Online CD
  • Liquid CD



Online Savings : This account offers customers online services which help them manage their savings on Internet. No matter where you are, you can get access to your savings account anywhere in the world. It uses advanced technology which safeguards the information of customers.


  • WaMu Free Checking is another account which provides free checks, free check safekeeping.


Statements Savings : Its a basic Savings Account which comes with WaMu Free Checking service giving dual benefit. Moreover you can also get Online statements or on Monthly base.



Traditional CD : The account allows you to select high Certificate of Deposit interest rate & helps users add more funds to their CD. The users can also adjust high interest rate with Bump Rate Feature. All this is accompanied online by the users.


Online CD : With this account the users get High Certificate of Deposit Rate. It gives you Personal Online Banking feature & online account statements.


Liquid CD : This is the ultimate saving account which offers the users high CD rate, unlimited add on deposits & easy dynamic access to the account.


All these Savings Accounts are better based on providing the users maximum comfort & help secure their future needs in an easy & manageable way.

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