When to use JPEG & GIF format for images on Web


These little but powerful tips can help your Weblog to load instantly & with maximum Compatibility with all the browsers. It discusses when to use GIF & JPEG image formats for the images which you use on your Website layout & Posts.


Use JPEG Formats :


  • When uploading Photos , Wallpapers & sceneries.
  • For applying Backgrounds of usually 1024 x 768 sizes.
  • When you need high quality & don't care about the Loading time.
  • When you need to make buttons & tabs with images.
  • For images which contain many colors, as JPEG can store more than 16 million colors on one image.


Use GIF Formats:


  • When you want upload those images which have only some lines & contain one color type within large area.
  • You need to make Thumbnails, like avatars .
  • For images with less colors, GIF can store only 256 colors.
  • When you don't need quality in your images & wants them to be loaded as fast as possible.




  • JPEG should be used when Quality matters for you.
  • GIF should be used when you want web pages to load fast.



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