CSS Text Wrapper for HTML Text any Shape !


CSS Text Wrapper is a tool that can be used to give any shape to your HTML text. The default shape we have is Rectangular but with this tool you can give Zigzag , curves & many others.


The shape is given by moving the Green buttons in the text body. With this tool you can give your text a new & impressive look which is also very beautiful.


For wrapping the text you have to DO:


  • Write the text
  • Chose width & height of text area.
  • Chose a desired Preview style by modifying some of its settings like Text Align , Font Family, Font Size, URL of Image.


When you have finished wrapping your text then you have to chose a method of applying it to your website, which includes 3 options:


  • Method 1.  Inline CSS/XHTML : This is a easy , you have to copy the code & paste above your Text Content, but this method is bulky & slows down the speed of you site.
  • Method 2. XHTML w/ Classes : You need to have Style sheets for applying this method.
  • Method 3. Javascript: This is the method i recommend everyone, because this is not heavy & loads up easily , you just need to put JavaScript file in to your site.


Here's a screenshot of an example created with this tool:




Click Here to go to CSS Text Wrapper ! . Thanks to Idea Shower for this great tool.


Enjoy Wrapping your text in to figures you like!

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