Embed Flash Games in your blog !!


Blogs can be made even more entertaining & addicting with Flash games. Games not only attract visitors to your Web site but also force them to spend more & more time on your Blog. Blogging with these flash games helps you interact with your visitors in an enjoyable way, as both share each others score, experiences & ask for help like when they get  stuck at any level & want some cheat codes !! smile_wink


Owensworld.com is one of the flash game sites which allows you to play on the site. Moreover the thing which is interesting is that , they allow you to paste those games on your own site too! The site offers Hundreds of games under many categories like:


  • Action
  • Adventure
  • Fighting
  • Strategy
  • Driving & more...


Embedding the Games


The way to embed to these games is very much similar to embedding a video.


  • Copy the code of the game.
  • Go to your Blogs settings & under ' Edit layout' click on the Add a page element.
  • Now click add a JavaScript/ Html code & paste the code.
  • You can also add these games into your Blog posts ,by just copying & pasting the code.


Here are some more site which offers free flash games for Blogs :



So have some games on your site & let your visitors enjoy your blog..

Happy Gaming! smile_teeth


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Slav said...

Thank you for this post!not only explaining how to do it but also giving useful information about sites that might be related.
I see some more interesting posts on your blog that I will definately check out!

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