Why and How to use labels in Blogs

How to on Using Labels in Blog


Labels are great way to sort and mange the posts on your blog. When I started this blog, I was also not aware of what is the use of labels and how to use them.But they are one of the essentials in your every blog post. If you are also not using them then trust me you are missing a big thing in making up your blog.


Why and How to Use Labels ?


As the number of posts grow it is very difficult to show them up on your main blog page because your blog becomes to bulky to be opened up by a browser, so here comes the labels. They allow you to put different posts under different categories with specific words you choose. So whenever a person searches for any keyword on your blog then the posts with the same labels or keywords are showed up in the search results. This lets the viewers surf your blog in a very easy manner. For example the person search for posts related to Apple on your blog then all the posts with label apple are shown in the results.



Using Labels in Blogger blogs:


  • Open up your blogger account on blogger.com
  •  newMake a new post.



  • Now after you finish writing your post, put the labels in the field “Labels for this post:”
  • Then click onpublish publish post.


Setting Labels in Blogger blogs:

  • After you have logged into your blogger account



  • Go to Page Layout.


Click on Edit.

  • Under Blog Posts click on Edit.


Check the Labels..

  • Make sure that labels is checked so that the labels are visible in your blog posts.


  • Save and exit.



You should also show up the labels in your blog through tag clouds, i have found an amazing flash animated tag could @ bloggerbuster.com you can use it easily and it looks beautiful too!.Always try using main keywords for labels like technology for gadget articles, news for latest news posts and so on. So if you are not using labels then start using them now.


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Fyzal said...

yes.. i must agree with this.. labels are very important..

some people just don't care how vital the label is.

Fyzals Territory

Kytro said...


El Nino said...

Correct Bob, i also using Label to categorized my post in Blogger.

But do you know how to make one label as sub other label automatically?

Computer (main label)
- Memory (sub label)
- Processor (sub label)

i cant find how to make that automatically :( so temporary i have make it manually through HTML widget..

Bob Matharoo said...

I think it's not yet possible to make sub labels in blogger, let's wait and see if the feature comes onto blogger platform..Until then continue using simple labels, they are really useful.

Good luck!


jj-momscashblog said...

Very informative post Bob, but what about if you are using Wordpress? Do we have labels available in WP? I really don't think I've heard of them, but I'm not a real techi so I may be wrong. Any clues to help? Thanks jj

Vernz said...

Great Info Bob, but how do I put a link to my banner that will direct me to another site?

thank you for being my loyal dropper.

Bob Matharoo said...

@vernz, to do this you have to put the img src tags inside the hyperlink tags. for example (a)(img src)(/a)...

Vernz said...

Bob thanks for taking time to visit me and inform me about my query thank you ...

see you again

Warren said...

That's a good tip, I should start using it myself. Thanks.

suroz said...

I haven't knew how important label is. This is a great post. Thanks.

Axeman said...

you could use labels as categories as well as tags....

i use labels as both

interesting though

Raj said...

Nice Article..Thanks

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