Apple iPad revealed! Is it really worth it?

Steve Jobs showing the iPad. Finally on January 27 2010, the much hyped Apple tablet which was already named by the people as iSlate, iTablet,etc was launched in San Francisco, USA. It’s named as Apple iPad very similar to ipod, where ‘o’ is replaced with ‘a’. Everybody was eagerly waiting for Steve Jobs Apple CEO to come on stage and announce the magical product with his amazing and beautiful presentation skills. And yes everybody was delighted to see another revolutionary product from Apple. Many websites like Gizmodo were broadcasting the event live and web got flooded with news of Apple iPad. Apple iPad is very different from the Kindle by Amazon as there are many comparisons made between them.


The Apple iPad is going to be available after the end of March.Though this tablet is not a full fledge PC, but its being called as a bridge between Smart phones and laptops which is true. It looks like a stretched and a fatty version of iPhone on high protein diet he he :) lolz. Here are some important facts about the device, you should know about:


 Slim and light weight  iPad onscreen keyboard  


  • First of all a 10 inch glossy screen which is just like the one we see in the iPhone, with superb response and multi touch enable. It has 178 degree viewing angle.
  • 0.5 inches thin and weighs only 1.5 pounds.
  • Apple Ipad will come in two Versions, One with Wifi(will be available worldwide) and the other with Wifi plus 3G(will be available in selected countries only).
  • Flash storage with capacity ranging from 16 GB, 32 GB and 64 GB.
  • 1Ghz A4 processor.
  • Accelerometer, Proximity and Ambient light sensors, Digital Compass, similar to Apple iPhone. iPad running iBook application
  • Apple IPhone OS 3.2
  • Built in Speakers, 3.5mm headphone jack and sim card tray.
  • It will run all the applications which is said to be around 1,40,000 !!.
  • Good Battery time of upto 10 hrs(on web surfing).


What is MISSING ! ?


  • A Camera , how could they miss that????!!
  • The web browser Safari is not Flash enabled yet, you will not be able to view many flash enabled websites.
  • No USB ports.
  • No Multitasking.


Price ranging from US$499 to US$899, is it really worth it?, you decide.


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Shreyas said...

Thanks for sharing this powerful information.That's very helpful and interesting.

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Rob said...

I've been wondering about the iPad, so this was a nice summary about it. Thanks.

JPowell said...

I had been debating getting an iPad but the last line of your post "no multitasking" pretty much just made my decision for me!

I wanted to get it so I could work around the house without being at my computer, but if I can't multitask with it, there's no reason for me to pick one up.

Love the blog Bob!

J. Powell
Earning At Home

jj-momscashblog said...

HI Bob, I've been wondering about this new idea from Apple and was hoping to hear more about it from someone who was in the no. I guess that would be you with all of your credentials that you have. I see that some things that you mentioned that I think would of been better also if they had put them in. The price seems a little steep right now, but maybe it will go down? Thanks so much. JJ

fenshim said...

This is another great Apple product after iPhone!!Wow!

jj-momscashblog said...

I would love one especially if it's like a laptop. I would like the usb in case I need it for other hook ups.Excellent post with great info. and a really great review. Thanks so much Bob. jj

Praveen said...

I'm disappointed that the iPad has no camera.

Apple has never been good in Camera even in iPhone with just 2 mega pixels.

I don't know when they are going to improve...

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