Google may shut down in China !

Google Recently Google made it clear that they may shut down their Chinese version soon. According to Google, the reasons behind it are Hacking attacks over Gmail accounts of Chinese human rights activists and the Google itself through some kind of malware. These activists are from US, Europe and China itself. It is also said that similar attacks were made on many other organizations in China. As a safety guideline Google asked its users to not click on suspicious links in their emails.


After considering the scope of attacks which are being made from last one year , Google came to the conclusion that the target of these attacks is to limit the free speech on web. The Search Engine Giant has decided to not to censor the results in coming days which means defying the Government of China. So this may ultimately lead to shutting down of operations of Google from China.


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Fyzal said...

it seems something really happened in China.. i just wondering would google will suffer a lot of loss if they didn't shut the Chinese google? Google is already very rich.

Fyzals Territory

2012 Doomsday Predictions said...

Google will lose its market share greatly if it quits from China.. China has billions of people online there

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