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Do you know today most of my blogs traffic come from 3 main sites Entrecard, MyBloglog & BlogCatalog. BlogCatalog contributes about 35 to 45 per cent of my blogs traffic. When I joined it I found it very similar to MyBlogLog but as I went inside the deep world of BlogCatalog I found that it has many more great things which can help your blog make a boom in the Blogosphere !.


Lets have a look at the features of BlogCatalog & see if it's worth joining for you ? So here is what you can do at BlogCatalog :


  • It's a social networking site like MyBlogLog & you can make good friends there.


  • Groups : Just like MyBlogLog's communities you can also create your own groups. I too have a one it's called the Blogger Unit Big Grin.



  • There are many groups on BlogCatalog which can help your blog get a lot of exposure
      • If you are on Digg then you can ask for Diggs to your posts .
      • You can get your blog faved on technorati & make a large fan base.
      • You can exchange blog links with others.
      • Get your posts Stumbled on StumbleUpon.
      • Entrecard users can get drops on Entrecard groups.


    • When ever you ask for anything there at BlogCatalog always reciprocate too! so that others always give you what you need.


  • When you register your blog at BlogCatalog directory your blog starts getting ranked based on the star rating . Mine is ranked at 64.4 out of 100 at present .


  • BlogCatalog has a Google Page Rank 7 , so getting your blog listed there is worth it.


If you want success in your blogging then I think BlogCatalog should be one of the first ingredient of your Blogging career. If you spend even half an hour daily on BlogCatalog then I think you really can get good number of unique visitors to your Blog.


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Amrit said...

Hello bob
u always have something new to tell ... very informative post ..
thankz 4 sharing

Marky said...

Hi Thanks for the tip! Can you teach me where to get and HOW to install that icons of TECHNORATI, STUMBLEUPON and etc., so my readers can easily bookmark my posts? THanks!

HAVENLEI said...

Wow!You are so helpful!Thanks!!


some one told me that blog catalog is blowing up online

Matthias said...

MyBlogLog violates AdSens TOS. MBL publicly releases your AdSense Click through Rate (violation og section 7, TOS). See this article for proof.

Homemom3 said...

Thanks for the tips, for me Digg has never been a winner but those others definitely are. I think it depends on what you write and who you know for certain topics. LOVE stumbleupon though. Great article.

Narmadi said...

Thanks for sharing..

haxe doku doku said...

thanks for your hot tips and i'll try it right away

JayEl said...

thanks for the tip...

xrangemedia said...

Hi mate, thanks for the information, its really helpful. I am looking to increase my blog traffic by trying everything I can think off and also learning from other bloggers. You have said to spend and hour daily, would you be more specific plz. If your are interested in exchanging links, then please leave me a comment/request on my Request for Exchange Link section @ Jay

Darmawan said...

I agree, BC is a great community for bloggers around the world esp to increase their own traffic

Bla3 said...

Great post! Thanks for sharing all these useful tips and valuable information!

Anonymous said...

We will look into MyBlogLog and BlogCatalog although I'm a real big fan of being found on search engines as opposed to other means.

For our sites, thankfully, I receive 80% of my traffic from Google, Google Image, Bing, and Yahoo - and wish it were closer to 95%.

I find search traffic more likely to read my articles, in detail, and create better conversions for PPC and PPA campaigns.

What do you think?

Josh said...

A great post must known to bring visitors to blog

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