How to protect your Blog Content

imagesEvery blogger has his or her own writing style which he/she wants never to be copied by others. But many out there exploit other peoples content by simply copying the whole matter from others blogs to theirs. This not only affect the SEO of a blog but also the reputation of blog is affected as the copier write their own name in the end & show them as their very own creation.


Although the problem is not solved completely at present but you can follow these tips & can prevent those suckers! Devil from stealing your content :


Copyscape : Copyscape is a web site where you can get badges for your blog that gives warnings to others & can help prevent copying of your blog. You can also search for copies of your web pages at Copyscape & can sue the copier. Moreover the banners can really help you

Page copy protected against web site content infringement by Copyscape

defend your site a lot & make the people prevent & think before copying material from your blog. Here's how the banner looks after installing on your site....



MyFreeCopyright : MyFreeCopyright is very much similar to CopyScape. But I would say that this is more real than the CopyScape as you manually create your account , configure your blog by entering the url & then a badge with unique code is given to you for embedding on your blog. I have one at my blogs footer just like this ; Registered & Protected .


Look at the image below which explains the MyFreeCopyright method more clearly :




About Page of your Blog can also help you save content of your blog. You can set rights for your blog & can give a do's & dont's list on your Blog.


No Right click Method: This method involves disabling right click on Web Page. All you have to do is add a small code inside body tags of HTML code of your blog. This prevents users from selecting & copying text & images from your Blog. Read More at


Link Back requirement : You can set a simple requirement in about page or at front page of your blog that " users copying anything from this site must give a link back to their site in the end of their copied material " . This line can help you gain popularity & you can get full benefit if someone copies anything from your site.


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Gopinath's "Artickles" said...

Wow! Great post. Useful Information as usual! Creative content needs protection. Bloggers will greatly benefit from the protection offered from these features. Thanks once again.

admin said...

Wow Great Post tq very much

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Is said...

The keyword here is ettique. Many ways to steal the content even though you had disabled the right click and I'm very sad if this happened to me.

Gizmo Reviews said...

It's a dilemma for bloggers. We protect against stealing from our blog but we offer our content through RSS and email subscription.

Carol said...

wa,.this is great! I will learn it!
thanks alot for sharing! :)
hope can learn more from you !

ankur said...

well i use copyscape on all my websites.


katreena said...

great post..thanks for sharing this nice stuff. i found an ebook too which also explores on copyright.check out

WebpageLottery said...

This is exactly what I have been looking for. To protect my website. Thank you.

afzal patel said...

keep it dude! really great article.i am always worried about my blog content.I find a solution.thanks for your help!
afzal patel

Druv said...

Epic post, keep up the good work.

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