Build your own WAP site!

WAP Sites are those site which are specially made to load on Mobile Phones. Having your own wap site sounds good!. The sites look very small when loaded in IE or any other browser for example :- check out the . is a site where you can create your own tiny wap site easily in minutes. To make it first of all you need to create your account on the site, then you can get your own site under the format . After that you have to tag your site under any section like music site under 'Music & Radio' . To make your site you don't even need to know any language like HTML or XHTML . The site is build under a WAP site maker online which has a very friendly user interface. The site is given small space of about 1.0MB which is enough to hold about 20 small software of mobile phones & other stuff.

The site also offer a lot of downloads like java games & software. Build your own site at . Enjoy!!

Bob Matharoo

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Anonymous said...

TagTag is a decent WAP builder,but there are a lot more on the market that are better and let you have unlimited memory space. I won't say what they are here- don't want to be biased and all that, but if you do a Google search you will find at least 2 others (and really namely 1) that fit the bill better.

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