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There was once a time when very few people had their own Blog Or Website but these days about 60% of Internet users have their own Blog or Website & this %age is rising day by day. This change has brought a revolution in the Internet Market. Then after this many Sites were started to help the Bloggers convert their Habit of Blogging to a Profession which allowed them to Earn heavy MONEY with their Blogs. A similar site came into existance called Text Link Ads which is helping millions of people to earn money through their Website or Blog.

How 'Text link Ads' Works?

This site provides a publisher program for Bloggers in which they have to place Ads of Text Link Ads. When an other person sees & clicks the AD then the
the owner of Website or Blog earns $25 if the person further joins their program.

Signing IN?
Click http://www.text-link-ads.com/?ref=68358 & then following page will be opened & then click on Create Publishers account . Then give your setting & you are ready to go!!


May Ong said...

Hi Bob

This is May Ong, visiting your blog. Come and visit mine and leave me a comment, please.

Liked this idea of making money and will do just that by registering with them.

May Ong

jayr said...

Hi, i have already have publisher account with Text Link Ads, where do i can get my referral link? :)

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