Everything You Need To Know About ! SPAM !

I wanted to start with this topic because i myself was considered Spam by One person on Mybloglog.com & i was frightened from this word & was curious to know & tell you about this.

Before I talk about SPAM, I would like to mention about the consequence of not knowing what is SPAM.

The Consequence

If you do not know what is "spamming" and if you are, by any way, involved in online business, you will hamper the growth of your business or will damage your reputation and shutdown your business one day.

Even if you are not involved in a business online, but have some business dealing with someone through internet (as a customer or a subscriber), without the knowledge of what is spam, you could put them in trouble (unknowingly)!

Well, I know you are surprised to know this! Finally It can even lead to Heavy Fines
or Penalties & you would have no choice but to Pay for your unknown crime. Many People have already been Fined & their accounts had been closed due to Spam.

Well i am not one of Them.. :)

What is SPAM?

In simple terms I would define it as "providing irrelavant (commercial) information to someone (or a group of people) when he/she has not requested you for such information".

If you are one of them Plz leave it Today as Now you know it's Consequences.

So, I hope you found it Interesting &
pls don't forget to leave your Comments about this Article.

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cotojo said...

Hi Bob,
Interesting article on Spam, and don't we just all hate spammers. Hope you don't mind me linking to this as I have an article on Fighting Spam at http://cotojo.wordpress.com

Have a good day

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