Who's Paying Just For Search! ?

Hey Bloggers! I have found a cool Search Engine paying for Search! Seems Crazy..but it's True.. The Site is called Slashmysearch.com I have collected following information about the Search Engine

Use SlashMySearch.com as your primary search engine and earn money!
All pages and features on SlashMySearch.com count towards your activity.

>3 levels of commissions! Refer other people and earn even more money.

>Income potential of $180 per month while doing what you normally do on the internet. This is with never referring anyone.

>Earnings could increase to $500 or more per month when you refer other people.

>Search the web, shop and use the unique, powerful features of SlashMySearch.com while you make money!

>Instead of purchasing advertising, we choose to reward you for using SlashMySearch.com.

>Only a minimum balance (earnings) of $20 to get paid!

If you have enough time than please Watch this Video:

Hope you liked this Offer ....

Happy Money Making

1 comment:

dave said...

Hi Bob,

I joined using your link - when i am in my member page there is no search facilities - i have to go to the site to do a search - is this how it should be done? If it is, how will the system know the search was done by me and credit me for my activities?

Thanks in advance.


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