Revealing the Google Adwords.....

What is behind the ‘GOOGLE Adwords’?

Adwords is keyword based advertising programstarted by Google . In this program the advertiser chooses certain keywords which are related to his/her Website. When a Google
user searches that word the Website of the Advertiser is shown on the page at Right Side Column or the top of the Page. In Adwords we generally bid for the keywords. We set the
cost per click (CPC) of the Keywords , the higher we pay more often our ad is displayed in Results & more the traffic we get to our Website…

How to Start?

This Program offers 2 editions :--
1. Starter Edition.
2. Standard Edition.
1. Starter Edition is for those advertisers who have single service or product. This Edition is generally for Beginners. The sign up process for the Starter Edition is easy & simple.
Here you fix your monthly Budget & pay Google in your local currency or
in US Dollars.

2. Standard Edition includes all the features as provided in Starter Edition & in addition to
this it includes a number of tools. Here ads can be given in Multiple Regions or In multiple Languages whereas in Starter you can give your ad only in one Region or Language.
The most god advantage of the Standard edition is that you can set the pricing of your
Keyword & hence your money is spent in proper & strategic way.

Finally I Would like to say is that the Google Adwords is the Prefect Solution to increase the selling of your Product or For increasing traffic to your website hence making it Popular
& EARNING Money…
By : Bob Matharoo

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