Hear 3D sounds on your ordinary earphones!

Check this amazing websites where all you have to do is just sit back keep the volume full and hear the sounds which go all in 3 dimensions around you..


The Matchsticks:




This is really amazing.. The good thing is that you can hear them on you ordinary earphones or headphones. You can hear the person walking all around you and shaking the matchsticks.


Amazing Barber Shop:




This one is also a real 3D immersion sound called the virtual haircut. It feels like you are getting a real haircut. WOW!



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jj-momscashblog said...

Very cool indeed. Wow is right it's amazing what the sound coming out and how it makes you feel. Loved it! jj

Bob Matharoo said...

@jj-momscashblog ...YEAH it feels so real...:)

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